Vanessa Carlton on a photo shoot for her new Album and she looks fantastic, I love her outfits! I've always been a fan of her music, I don't think she gets enough credit for what she does. She's got a great version of "Paint it black" and I also like her song "Private Radio".


I'm going to Thailand in October, and the weather will be warming up in the coming months in Australia so I'm starting to look at my swim suit options. I'm tired of feeling like I have to Parade in a Bikini, what ever happened to the one piece? I think one pieces are more fashionable they come in so many variations and cuts. At least this way I have something to hide the bits I'd rather not expose to the world ;)


I think it's funny that Rihanna is coming out with her own line of umbrellas, was it really necessary? There not even that nice, but I sure hope they are good quality, you wouldn't want the pink one written "Rihanna" on it getting turned inside out in a storm ella ella ella. This whole celebrity designer cult thing is just getting too much.

Mahalo fashion,

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Kat said...

Rihanna has her on umbrellas now? Wow that is lame! I love 50s style one pieces and ya, they can be really fashionable.
Oh, I checked up about Brigitte Bardot. You were right, she is a figure of much controversy these days. Not cool.

penelope said...

the pictures were fab!! loved d 1st swim suit!! totally cute!!
thailand's amazing!!! d shopping there's fab!! and i think d umbrella line is.. plain.. unneccesary!!

anyhow, thanks for d comment;


glamour girly said...

Love all those swimsuits! Have fun in Thailand!

Juliet said...

i should have guessed this umbrella thing. though the shape does look good i would never want to have any celebs name written on any part of my wardrobe.

juliet xxx

sara said...

Wow I haven't listened to
VC in so long, but I'm not that big of a fan anyway.

THAILAND sounds like so much fun! And you totally don't have to wear a bikini, you could go with a simple black (very slimming) or white cabana one pice with a big old floppy straw beach hat, and great sunglasses, really a perfect look for the beach!

RIHANA umbrellas that's kind of lame, i guess.

x sara o

thanks for the comment

fashionistakay said...

I agree.why must so many celebs be designing or having a team do it for them under the celeb's name? I've heard so much stuff about how becoming a designer is hard and the world of fashion...and celebs can just push in instantly?!Don't get me wrong there are a select celeb designers that have good taste. But its one of those things where just becuase you can doesn't mean you should.
p.s.I love Vanessa Carlton. I have her Harmonium CD. White Houses has always been a fav. of mine.

chandra said...

i don't think rihanna actually designed the umbrellas. they're rihanna inspired. they were designed for her and now the company that designed the umbrellas are selling them under her name because of the song. at least that's what i thought. anywho, i agree with the celebrity clothing lines. EVERYONE has one now. it's pretty sad.

one pieces are so much nicer than 2 pieces. 2 pieces are pretty much about the print, while one pieces are about the shape and cuts.

alexgirl said...

That Rihanna umbrellas thing is totally hilarious. What was she thinking?
I'm not a huge Vanessa Carleton fan, but she has a good voice, and she does look adorable in those pics. Esp the white dress.

Who's That Fashionista? said...

I think it is funny how you mentioned she is coming out with her own umbrellas. "Was it really that necessary?" Some people will do anything to make money.
Anyway...Thailand...I have always wanted to go there. What are you going for?
I am feeling the one pieces with cutouts but the whole messy tan line thing makes me nervous.

Who's That Fashionista? said...

Geesh I just realized you are about 17 hours ahead of me...weird...

miss fashion said...

mm i want a rihanna umbrella. it said that she used it in her umbrella video.
mm- wanna exchange links?

Jennifer said...

^ Sure, I'll have to set it up when I get in from work:P

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous you are going to Thailand. Have an awesome time.

Amy said...

hey! thanks!
vanessa looks amazing!
but the rihanna umbrellas are kinda weird lol theyre on sale hahah

Miss EsTher said...

I love the first pictire of vanesa she looks so stylish... love the pic..

what about the umbrellas of rihana thats sooo dumb.. but well Im sure someone will buy it :p

Secret Agent said...

Ohh man.. I cannot stand Umbrella (the song)... it's horrid and should burn in hell(a) ella ella eh eh eh!

Wouldn't you have the neatest tan lines with the middle suit?

Those umbrellas look tacky. Do they really need to have RIHANNA written on them?

Vanessa Carlton...hmm... "making my way downtown walking fast, faces past..." that's all I can think about when people say her name.

Kira Fashion said...

Rihanna´s umbrelas! so nice!

great outfits from the singer!

a kiss
Your blog is great!


jadorevogue said...

I love your blog! The posts are always interesting.
I was wondering if we could exchange links :)

Emily ♥ said...

Oooh! I love Vannessa Carlton's music and style.

Haha. I find it funny that Rihanna made her own line of Umbrellas. The song is very annoying. :D

I really enjoy reading your posts, btw!

Dani said...

jen, you are hilarious! I hate that Rihana song and I simply can't believe shes actually launched a line!!!!
One piece swim suit is very sexy! I like the second and the 3rd one looks nice two.

Carolina Lange said...

Vannessa Carlton has a beautiful voice and a great sytle.

Carolina Lange said...

And what was Rihana thinking?!

starbucksweetie said...

Lauren Conrad (of the Hills) is wearing the middle swimsuit on internet ads.

Secret Agent said...

Hey! Well.. starbuckssweetie just wrote what I was going to write lol. LC's wearing the middle swimsuit.

cotton candy said...

omgosh. vanessa carlton has a new album? ooh....and i love what she's wearing in the first pic.

Aisha said...

you're going to thailand? ohmygod i'm so jealooous!

Yeah i think one-piece swimsuits with different cuts are so pretty too (=


Diana Coronado said...

Rihanna and umbrellas ??
Uhhmm, that's mmm... who's gonna buy them ??

Diana Coronado said...

i don't know but she's amazin'

Shaz said...

OK she was being literal when she sang "you can stand under my umbrella ella ella...how lame can she get

nic said...

Ya, Lauren Conrad wore that blue (middle) swimsuit on her photoshoot for The Hills Season 3!