The whole retro trend is really popular right now, thanks to 'Hipsters' and popular sites like Thecorbrasnake and misshapes. I love this trend, it's like a mix of all decades, but I don't think I could ever fully pull off this look. You don't have to go vintage shopping anymore for great pieces (though still enjoyable), you can get them at your local store. One of the best places to shop for "modern' retro stuff here in Australia is General Pants Co. The prices are a tad expensive, but some of the pieces are worth it, prices in AUD.

1. 49.95 2. 49.95 3. 59.95

1. 39.95 2. 69.95 3. 89.95

1. 128.95 2. 109.95 3. 129.95 4. 89.95


Fabulous street style, note the Mexican dress trend.


I actually bought this bag on eBay, I think I got a good deal on it compared to what others are going for. I'm such a sucker for buying this bag, but apparently there are fakes being spotted everywhere already.


Some more swimsuit ideas for my trip, does anybody know where I could find one like Paris'? I absolutely adore the first one.


The Hills premire party, doesn't Lauren look fabulous? I love this dress on her, it's all perfectly coordinated, how chic.

If it was me I would not have chosen the dress that Audrina is wearing, but I do know that it's her style and her personality helps to pull it off. It's all in how you carry the clothes. I wish she could look straight in the camera for once, every picture I see of her she's rolling back her eyes.

YUK YUK YUK. Heidi is so gross and so is Spencer, she didn't use to be so _________ , seems like Spencer has brought out the inner trash in her.


is the new face of Chanel
! She has a 40s beauty vibe about her, and I think she's perfect for these ads, but I don't get the whole bowler hat over the boobs thing, odd but eye catching.

Wow pregnancy is really suiting Nicole well, she's filled out and she's got her boobs back! I still want all her clothes even though she's pregnant.

Mahalo fashion,

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Ps. Thank you guys for all the love on my blog xox


Shaz said...

General pant's always have some pretty cool street style pieces, but most of the time i don't find the quality worth the price. And if i do buy a top or something from their everyone knows were i got it, or they have it or the top is so out there that it can only be worn once or twice without getting tiring.

Paris always looks good in swimsuits, but this is probarbly about the 6th cut-out swimsuit i've seen her in. She seems to need 100 pairs of everything...sunglasses, swimsuits, men! lol

miss fashion said...

i like the whole retro look with some trendy pants.
look at delias for some cut out swimsuits. i saw some in their catalouge, and they are probably on sale by now.
wow. i love lauran conrad. and i totally agree with you about heidi. i have to say shes pretty, but very shallow.

Carolina Lange said...

I love retro looks! Your pics are great!
And the streed style dresses are all so cute!
Keira for Chanel, she looks amazing!

sara said...

yet again, another fab post! The retro tanks are so cool, I am in love with them.

Lauren looks really pretty, and I like that she put her hair in a pony tail, makes it a little more casual. Audrina's look is probably something I would naver wear, but you're right it realy suits her.

GROSS! Heidi looks so bad there, that dress is awful and the shoes don't go. Spencer is bringing out the trashy in her, there's got to be a reason she got a boob job . . .

Wow, Nicole actually looks pregnant now, good news for the baby.

x sara o

robot-walk said...

those retro tops are great <3 And I like those ads a lot, keira is perfect for chanel!

fashionista said...

keira is absolutely fabulous for the chanel ads- she's a perfect face. i love lauren's dress- she has great style.

penelope said...

i love the cute rio bird top!!! haha. but hate d sleeves! as for lc's dress, i love the cute.. but not the color. aww; tt's just me=p
fab post!!!

anyhow thanks for d comment(: great tt u love andrew gn too!!!


Jo said...

mexican dresses are just fantastic!!!

dusk&summer said...

Did you hear Spencer and Heidi on the radio? They were bashing Lauren and just being plain trashy and annoying. I can't stand them, Lauren later said nothing bad about them. She took the high road, Team Lauren!! lol

hannah said...

i adore audrina's and lc's dresses. those are gorgeous.

G.G. said...

Nice post! They have a few cutout swimsuit at the YOOX 70% off sale online, but I think they were all solid colors.

Anonymous said...

im a bigger fan of the retro dresses than i am of the shirts... i know some people that can pull em off.. dont know that i'd try though. with regards to the paris bikinis.. i know marciano has a sort of orangy-red leopard print one.. and guess has a more goldish leopard print one that i actually prefer... well i'm speaking canadian mall guess and marciano...

i love laurens outfit... gorgeous... nicole looks great pregnant.. great writeup jen

jadorevogue said...

I loved both Lauren's and Audrina's dress, suit both of them really well. I agree with you on Heidi...I never liked her in the first place.
As for the Chanel ads, Keira looks amazing, love her hair.
I'm a big fan of Nicole Richie and I think she's just glowing in this pregnancy :)

PS. Love how you have so many topics in your posts!

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

yes i do love retro

stilettostetico said...

Je ne sais qui est exactement Heidi Montag mais c'est une "Beauté Blockbuster"(spécialement en Bikini . . .) : Superficialité synonyme d'Efficacité . . .
Dans un registre beaucoup plus classieux, Keira Knightley est tout simplement une superbe ambassadrice pour Chanel.
ps: Merci beaucoup d'etre passée sur mon Blog.

Cordialement, Antoine.

Flashy_Shades said...

what a post! can't get over how great kiera looks

Emily ♥ said...

God. I love Mahalofashion so much :D
I really like the retro tanks in the 1st row.
OMG, I absolutely cannot wait for The Hills' season premier.

Who's That Fashionista? said...

Fakes for I am not a plastic bag? That sure is desperate.
Keep looking on the internet for the right bathing suit. you will find it.

Romeika said...

I like that blue dress with the patterns, i'd sure wear something like that. And Nicole looks amazing! She has never looked so great, pregnancy definetely suits her:-)


Kat said...

Love the street style and all the vintage inspired pieces. Keira looks so flawless and glamerous in the shoot, although I will always associate Coco Mademoiselle ads with Kate Moss.
Lovely post:-)

.m. said...

audrina was probably blinded by the flashes! have pity on the good girls :P

Chic Looks said...

I agree with the you on the idea of covering Kiera's boobs with the hat, I dint get the point either, however just like you said there's still something quite eyecatching about it.

Anonymous said...

Lauren and Nicole look great.

Heidi looks like a skank. But when your boyfriend is your pimp...,

cotton candy said...

I love those tops , very unique and bright and lovely. especially the third one on row 1 and 2.

and wow, keira for chanel. i never imagined her to be a spokesperson for it because keira is such a retro/vintage girl from my pov but she looks lovely in the ad doesn't she?? =]

Calleth said...

I love those tops! Keira Knightley (weird with the bowling hat though, as you said) and Nicole looks good, but I don't think Paris's military swimsuit looks good..

pamela dorian said...

i like the retro shirts you have on here from australia. You are also right about miss richie. she is looking good as a mom to be. she definitly is not a britney spears...hopefully!