Kinda a quick picture post, my evenings are so short these days!

I'm not ashamed to admit this, I'm obsessed with these girls...I have been since the full house days, there's something about them. Anyway I thought these were great pictures that showcased their individual style.


Whitney and Lauren from 'The Hills' at a teenvogue photo shoot, their outfits are amazing!!


I've been liking Jessica Biel's style lately, though I think it's unoriginal she does dress quite nicely. So style points for her!


Mahalo fashion world,

Photo Credits:
Teen Vogue - Photos of Lauren & Whitney


dianabobar said...

Whitney and Lauren from 'The Hills' outfits are designer outfits. It's not hard to pick great Oscar de le Renta (or whatever.) dress and pair it with a pair of $800 heels...it's important to have style when you don't have so much money...

Anonymous said...

I love the show The hills. I don't care if it is staged.

Jennifer said...

dianabobar - I agree, but I still think the photoshoot was beautiful and colorful

atlanta social - I love it too, I hope there some truth to the show, what can i say I like to see the good in things!

Kira Fashion said...

You are not alone about the Olsens!!!
I just love them styles!!!
But, my favorite is Ashley...there is more the same with me ;)

If you want, i have a lot of pics of them in my fotolog...go there!


many kisses

glamour girly said...

Oh, I love the Hills! I also love that raspberry dress on Lauren. Jessica Biel is great - I aspire to be as fit and svelte as she is someday!


Seraphine said...

Music Downloads: Something you mayn't have but is awesome:

Blue by A Perfect Circle
Tourist by Athlete
Fallen by Babydolls Closet
System by Chester Bennington
Counting Blue Cars (Acourtic)
by Dishwalla.


*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

ooh i love the hills when i get round to watching it

sara said...

The Olsen twins have got some great fashion items.

I'm so glad Whitney will be on the cover with Lauren, though I wish it was just Whitney, I like her so much more than Lauren.
You're right they have such cute outfits, but then again when has there ever been a bad outfit on the cover of teen vogue?

sara said...

Music Downloads:

Mika (Grace Kelly, Relax take it easy) , counting Crows (Hangin Around, Round here, Mr. Jones), Madonna (Hey You, Ray of Light) , Duran Duran (I just died in your arms tonight, ordinary world), Bon Jovi (its my life), David Gray (Babylon), The Bravery (An Honest Mistake, Time Won't Let me go), John Lennon (Hey Jude, Imagine), Cranberries (zombie, dreams, linger) . . .

sveetcouture said...

jessica biel & LC have to be the most boring people on the face of the earth.
jessica seems to have a good stylist though. and i looove laurens purple marc jacobs (i think) dress paired with dr martens! but personality wise i still think they're both unbelievably boring

for music, i'll just tell you what i've been listening to: fergie (her album is so cheesy i love it!!), maroon 5 (i like their new album), coconut records (!!!!), amy whinehouse T.I. & the yeah yeah yeahs. oh and the soundtrack to hairspray. you should download girl talk!! it makes me dance!

Secret Agent said...

The girls of The Hills are hot hot hot. But, I'm definitely more grooving for Heidi... wow.. I said "grooving." Anyways, I see you like MK. So you're into that heroin-chic hobo look? Very cool, very cool haha..j/k

Good music: Well, I'm currently married to the new Rooney album (Calling the World). Very upbeat and good. Good for workout music (you're trying to eat healthy and become more fit right?--I'm assuming since you have a blog about your diet--I'm not saying you need to lose any weight!)


Romeika said...

Beautiful girls' festival on this post, huh? I adore the second picture on the first image. Love the vintage sunglasses + red lipstick + red nails. Lovely.

-S said...

i must say i was disappointed with the new teen vogue. it seemed as if both whitney and lauren wore the same dresses, or the same styled dresses in every shot.

SET said...


Dani said...

Love The Hills.
As for the twins, they are the best. Always.

Dani said...

Love The Hills.
As for the twins, they are the best. Always.

Diana Coronado said...

Love The Hills!!

CHIC NOIR said...

I can't lie, I love love love the Olsens too. Although they are very famous they still manage to have a type of rare mystic about them.