Poor Fergie, she's been such a fashion victim the last few years. You've got to have confidence to pull off a look like hers, but I think she's suffering from "Too many trends syndrome". I could go over the list of DON'TS here, but I think they are pretty obvious, feel free to point some out.

She's improved her style so much the last year, less messy and more sophisticated, but still keeping in mind her unique sense of style.


I love Nicky Hilton's casual style, it's absolutely perfect! I'm after her sunnies, does anybody know what brand they are? I can't say much about Paris, I'm just not a fan of her super girly style, since I'm a tomboy at heart, but do think the dress she's wearing in the first picture is super cute.

Ps. I got a message left on my blog a while ago from somebody at Stylemob about their poor voting system and how discouraged I think everybody feels so I thought I'd share if you haven't already seen it. I see that they have implemented their "style council" I haven't used it and I'm not exactly sure what it's about yet or how it improves the site.

"Hi Jennifer!My name is Chris and I am from Stylemob.com You are right about the voting. We are in the process of releasing a huge update this next week that will give everyone their own StyleCouncil. We have a more complex voting system that we will be rolling out but it needed to wait until we did this major release.We hope you keep checking back in the following weeks. Chris"

Mahalo fashion world,

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coco said...

i really dont like the way fergie dresses
she seems to take everything way too far
and the hiltons are not much better
although they can have their fashion moments

Jennifer said...

^ that's exactly right, she takes things way too far. I'm not a fan of Paris but Nicky CAN DRESS.

dianabobar said...

fergie is trashy!
still is.
i think it's in her look, in her face and will never change. maybe if she'd change her hair color?

punky said...

I found you on stylemob.
cute blog, would you like to swap links?

glamour girly said...

Oh, I love Paris's dress in the first picture, too. Fergie is just interesting to me. I still don't really know what to think, but she's not AS bad as she was...


Kaye said...

I've never really noticed Nicky I guess- partly because she fades in comparison to Paris' er... interesting adventures. And then, because I dont really like one Hilton- I automatically assume the worse of the other!! Yes yes... quite terrible of me I know.

Fergie to me is very much this street creature- she kind of fits into the role of a booty shaking, midriff baring hip hopper... so its a bit awkward seeing her in the more feminine red carpet clothing! Not that she should be wearing those trashy outfits to the awards though! Heh...

Leslie said...

Fergie is going to be sorry when she looks back and see pictures of herself 30 years later.

carina said...

I don't like fergies style...

-S said...

fergie scares the hell out of me. the girl dresses like a stripper, and she needs to lay off the botox. AGE NATURALLY!

The Stiletto Effect said...

hi :)
i used to like her style (a looooong time ago haha) but now she looks so strange (tacky/bimbo style).
Oh! and her face? my god she looks ackward!
great post!

Seraphine said...

Don't ever wear coveralls. Especially don't *try* to make them cool by rolling up the legs hiphop style, or dangling a strap. It looks like one should have wheat in their teeth and hair to complement the look.

Emily ♥ said...

I think that Fergie can dress nicely, but sometimes she just over does it. But I do think that the Hiltons have great casual clothes... without looking like they tried too hard.

Barb. said...

i really don't like Fergie's style..! bye

Kira Fashion said...

I just love Fergie!
Her colthes usually are so cool!

she has a great body and a great personality too!

a kiss

add to "link me link you"! I already linked you :)

Calleth said...

Hm, you're right Fergie has improved tremendously but I still don't think she has good style... nor does the Hilton-sisters, but Nicky is way better than Paris!

Juliet said...

fergie is ... walkin dissaster. don't like her style, i think she is trying something same as Gwen Stefani, but she just can't pull it off.

fashionistakay said...

Glad Fergie has become more elegant in style.

Bella said...

Oh Fergie...try something that couldnt be in Nike's slutty little sister brand...and I actually saw Nicki Hilton in LA once and she looked pretty good, but the Hiltons really arent my favorite..

Jennifer said...

dianabobar - it is a shame about her face, she needs to keep her makeup natural to draw less attention to it. But the girl has a hot bod and she can sing, god can't bless you in all areas!

punky - I linked you ages ago, I love your site, thanks for linking me back!!

Leslie - Seriously hehhe

Kira Fashion - I've linked you back hun!

Juliet - you are so right, only gwen can pull off her style, you've got to have that vibe about you!

Bella - wow that's soooo cool that you saw them, I think nicky is beautiful, but no they are not my favorite, MKA all the way!

Kaye - I'm not a big hilton fan but Nicky is growing on me.

Anonymous said...

fergie has great abs... but she's usually a hit or miss(hehe... 'miss' most times...) i'm actually not a fan of nicky hiltons fashion sense.. almost all her clothes look alike to me... or paris's now i think about it

akayla said...

I saw a girl wearing that shirt today! It's really cute in person.