It's winter here in Australia right now, so winter fashions have definitely peaked my interest the last month. Contrary to what most people might think I find it easier to be stylish in the winter and to come up with great outfits because your able to layer as much as you want without worrying about being too hot or sweating like a pig! I'm so happy I'm able to express myself now beyond the cami, shorts and sundress look!

Stripped shirts seem to be everywhere lately, I really love this bold and stylish look so much that I went and invested in a brown and black shift dress number this last weekend.
A lot of people thought Lindsay Lohan's midriff bearing top by Alice + Olivia was a little tacky but I thought she did it in a cute and tasteful way. I think Kate moss wears it the best, this is totally how I would picture myself wearing it, just cozy and comfortable with jeans.

That's Daisy on the far left, Gavin Rossdale daughter & Gwen Stefani's step daughter , the one he didn't know he had till the DNA test came through a few years ago. I've seen a couple of pictures of her and I think she has great style, she definitely gets it from her father. Her scarf is on my must have list!

The middle picture of Lindsay Lohan's is one of my favorite outfits from her, she looks chic and mature which I guess is a rare thing in her case. I wish I could find a stylish jacket like one of these at an inexpensive price. I love Keira & Sienna's jackets, she's totally rocking those Ugg boots. I don't know why everyone wanted Ugg boots to die off, there so cute, comfy and functional especially for where I'm from in Canada. I was happy to have a pair of comfortable no fuss boots that I could wear on those gloomy winter days!

I'm selling a Marc Jacobs dress combined with a See by Chloe Tshit on eBay if anybody is interested. Click here

Mahalo fashion,

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Emma said...

fabu post, i love keira knightley

pinup_girl said...

Great post and pics! You know your fashion!

missx said...

I officially love your blog, and thanks for the comment on mine!

I bought a striped sweater like Kate's in a grey and white, I thought it would be more flattering...

.m. said...

true it is soo much easier to look stylish in the winter, especially for people like me who love to wear grey and black.

Helen said...

Gosh i start stop staring at the size of Nicole Richie's Chanel 2.55 in that first row of pics. It's HUGE.

I'm tempted to get a leather jacket for winter, but I can't seem to find one I like... Urgh.

The Stiletto Effect said...

I really love this post, its sooo my style, love it!!!!

Shaz said...

It's nice to see a blog from Australia, someone that in the same seasons as me! i love stripes, i don't classify them as a trend anymore, i think it's become apart of my style now. I feel so neat and put together in them. And Lindsay looks so good in that outfit!!!

Jennifer said...

^ I'm only in australia till november october and then I return home, it has been amazing though and yes it's nice to find people that are in the same season as yourself everybody seems to be worshiping the sun right now!