Sportsgirl has got to be one of the most popular and fashionable stores over here in Australia. Unfortunately I haven't been able to do as much shopping there as I would have liked because of their exuberant prices. They remind me a lot of H & M but without the low prices. * Prices in Australian Dollars

1. Jacket - 169.95, Tunic - 99.95, Socks - 12.95, Bow heels - 99.95, Necklace -19.95
2. Jacket - 99.95, Shift - 99.95, Bangles - From 9.95, Ankle boots - 159.95
3. Coat 189.95, Pleated top - 49.95, Necklace - 24.95, Cuff - 19.95, Ankle boots - 159.95
I really love the multi colored Jacket in the second picture!

A collection of some of my favorite shift dresses, I love all the patterns and how colorful they are. My favorite has to be the one Mary-Kate is wearing in the 4th picture! I hope shifts don't go out of style along with leggings and skinny jeans they should be here to stay!

Mahalo fashion,

Comment Credits: glamour girly, Fabi, Jessica


glamour girly said...

I also want the shift dress to stay, and Mary-Kate's is my favorite, too! The second goldish one is pretty, too.

Fashion Lolita said...

i liked the same dress most as well.

molly said...

shifts are a lot more timeless than leggings, so i think theyll be good


coco said...

i loved this post
all the pictures were just amazing

a lice said...

Great blog!

Kisses from Portugal!:)

Gaven said...

Hi Ladies,

I just found your blog whilst surfing through Google. I'd like to add that I'm a collector of Sportsgirl bags. Yes, seems a little unusual but there used to be many a variation on what is now similar to you all. Please take a look at my website for further info http://home.exetel.com.au/sportsgirl_bags/

What I'm specifically looking for is the LARGE Sportsgirl plastic carry bag (that you get with buying something) buth the old style as well as the current.

I'd love your help & look forward hearing from you soon if you can!

Jennifer said...


there are no ladies here just me Jen in case you haven't noticed.
I checked out your site but I can't help you as I throw away my bags and I haven't been in australia that long so I would not have anything old and of value to you.

Gaven said...

Hi Jen,

Thanks for replying. I knew it was just you, but I was also referring to others who have posted on your blog. Thanks for your help and your reply.

Jennifer said...

No worries, wish I could help but I don't even shop at sportsgirl that much cause it's so expensive;)
Don't hesitate to come back to Mahalofashion.com


brony said...

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