I decided to dedicate this post to my future husband and the father of my children Marc Jacobs. (Even though he doesn't swing that way) Here is a peak at his spring/summer line for Marc by Marc Jacobs. I think it's adorable and so cute, he really loves using ruffles I've noticed that in a lot of his clothing.
I've been searching for some of this stuff on eBay because frankly it's cheaper and I don't live anywhere near a Marc Jacobs store but it's been pretty sporadic. I would gladly give up one of my arms for the dress on the top right :) That red head model on the left side looks like she's about to be sick, they should put me in the pictures instead hahaha! One can dream... *Prices in American Dollars

1. 228 2. 360
3. 328 4. 348

Mahalo fashion,

Comment Credits: Bella , glamour girly, pinup_girl, sara, Shaz


glamour girly said...

I am in love with the bottom left outfit. Delicious. I actually love this model, but I am sure you would still blow her out of the water. America's Next Top Model, here you come!

Fabi said...

I love that dress, too! and I love that MJ uses alot of ruffles, makes everything so feminine!!

Jessica said...

that marc jacobs dress on the top right is one of my favorites from that collection. I love the shape and the detail.