I wasn't able to watch the MTV movie awards cause I don't have cable here in Australia, (me and my boyfriend just download all our favorite shows), but I'm hoping I can watch it on the MTV web site soon. That didn't keep me from catching all the fashions though, so here is my take on the weakest and best dressed.

Um, what was Eva Mendez thinking? This dress could have been okay if she had a bright colored bag with her, preferably in green. The whole outfit just looks washed out and from the 90s. Here is Heidi Montag from The Hills, showing off her new breasts in the tackiest way she could. I'm counting the days till her and Spencer split up. She use to be such a pretty girl, shame.

Jessica Alba looks adorable and this red puffy dress, it's perfect for the MTV awards, casual but not drab. I hear Paris is officially in the big house, at least she worked it out for the MTV awards though to me it doesn't matter what Paris wears she aways comes off trashy instead of classy even when I know she's trying.

I like Posh's outfit, it just seems very 'her' you know what I mean? And well you can't argue with that. Cameron looks adorable but I'm surprised her dress didn't drag up and reveal her bum, it's totally something that would happen to me. I'm always amazed at how these celebs can get away with making these outfits look so comfortable and wearable.

Ashley Tinsdale from High School Musical looks cute and youthful and it seems like this dress is really her style. I thought LC from the Hills was one of the best dressed there, she looks amazing in that white dress and the side swept hair, she really has grown into her style.

Jessica Biel and Fergie kept it plain and simple. I'm not sure if I like the top half of Jessica's outfit and I wish she had paired it with a gold clutch and maybe even put her hair up. I think Fergie pulls this simple look really well, she looks adorable.

Mahalo fashion,

Commetn Credits: emma, pinup_girl, Missx, .m, helen, The Stiletto Effect, Shaz

Photo Credits: Fabsugar.com


coco said...

i liked camerons look and i think eva looked so stunnin thou her dress was gross

glamour girly said...

Oh, that red number on Jessica Alba is the cutest! I also love the white dress on LC and the black on Cameron.

YES, Heidi needs to scrap Spencer. He drove me up the wall!

molly said...

i erally like posh's dress, and fergie looked great

heidi actually makes me feel a little nauseous...ick

.m. said...

cameron diaz looked gOrGeOuS!

The Stiletto Effect said...

Cameron looks great :)

pinup_girl said...

Great coverage! Your blog ROCKS!

Elle said...

that t shirt worn by jessica n pax is I'm pretty sure by Doe you can try: www.80spurple.com, www.shopintuition.com, or revolveclothing.com (sp?)
hope that helps!

Jennifer said...

Ohh thanks, i'm gonna go check out the link right now:)