This is the hotness known as Camilla Belle, you might recognize her from the Vera Wang ads. She's absolutely stunning and she has the most amazing style!

That white dress with the stars on it is so stunning, I nearly gasped when I originally saw this picture. Purple really is her color, I've been really drawn to it lately.

I adore the middle dress, it's Zac Posen (I'm assuming). Mary-Kate Olsen wore the same dress in the last picture.

She pulls off the sophisticated look so well in the first picture, and the Jean Paul Gautier dress in the last picture is enough to knock anybodys socks off, it's one of the most beautiful gowns I've ever seen in my opinion.


I know this is random but does anybody know where I can get the same shirt as Pax and Jessica?

hahha who would have thought that I would like anything that this walking mess known as Britney Spears has on? Her sunnies and that "fuck" ring are way cute.

Mahalo fashion,

Comment Credits: Coco, glamour girly, molly, .m, the stiletto effect, pinup_girl


kara said...

I believe they at least used to have the CG shirt at Kitson.

coco said...

i love her in the second look in the top row
that chloe dress is divine

Tru said...

I actually saw an indetical shir to that in a delias or alloy catlog...hope that helps

discothequechic said...

Yes, I've noticed Camilla's style before and thought its rather good! Its quite versatile but she always chooses great evening dresses.

S xx

Alison said...

Camilla is so gorgeous and talented! she like the total package

oh and that dress that was in my last post if from old navy lol

Barbara said...

hey ! nice blog. Bye!

To The Max said...

Love your blog - welcome to Down Under!!!

molly said...

shes so beautiful

sharon tates death was sort of a result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time but its a LOT more complicated than that
im assuming you werent really very very interested which is why i'm not going to blabber on with the whole story
they just wanted to kill someone white and rich