Today I've decided to examine what happened to Britney Spears, personally I think she's either got physiological issues or this is just a huge publicity stunt to keep her in the news.

BEFORE. So many people were jealous of her beauty, she was every guys dream girl, hot bod, hot looks and a hot wardrobe.

DURING. After her split with Kfed she started ignoring her kids and partying a lot with Paris Hilton and we started to wonder "what is going on with Britney Spears?"

AFTER. Rehab. When she was done partying, drinking, getting tattoos and shaving her head Britney was starting to look much better with a slew of cute summer dresses, it seemed like rehab had done her good. I almost purchased that MJ one she's wearing in the middle!

NOW. that the effects of rehab are long gone, Britney is trashier then ever and starting to party again. She needs to cover her lady bits.

THE UGLY. This is like the worst of the worst, I don't even know where you can get clothes that bad. You can go to the salvation army and not even find clothes that are THIS bad. This has to be a joke, she use to know how to dress well and now all of a sudden she does not?


After all that bad fashion from Britney, I figured I would provide us with some good fashion relief. Trend alert: Shiny, glittery, metallic gowns

Kate Hudson looks stunning in this shift dress it reminds me of the one from FCUK but with vertical stripes instead of horizontal.

Mahalo fashion,

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dianabobar said...

that is so true!!!
you are so so so right!
love your blog and you are so right when you comment on celebs style! keep it up!

Shaz said...

Thank you! finally someone thinks britney needs to cover up her private bits. I looked at the first few pics and she looks absolutely gorgeous, but now, shes really lost the plot and her fashion sense.

I was going to get that FCUK dress but they were all sold out when i went, but i found myself a much cheaper version in another store so i was content :)

Jennifer said...

^ I'm tempted to get the fcuk dress here i've seen it in the stores but it's very expensive and i don't know if i want to spend the money on such a glittery dress that I can only wear on special events. Yeah she use to look so gorgeous...shame. But if proves that anyone can go from ordinary to stunning if you have the right makeup, clothes and photographer I mean look at her now she looks (worse)just like another person walking down the street.

Tru said...

I really don't know what happened to miss. spears but I hope its solved soon

coco said...

my theroy is she was always nuts just before she had people looking after her
now shes older she doesnt want that
and her true stupid side has come out

Alison said...

oh britney britney britney *shakes head in disappointment*
it seems like so long ago when you were actually cool and fashionable(ish)
I know that most people think of you as a lost cause, but I still have faith

ps. i LOVE the shiny dress trend, so glam

molly said...

its probably because she used to have a stylist and now we see the "true" her

ooh thats what coco said

The Stiletto Effect said...

Yes sure consider yourself TAGGED :D

We'll add you to "tagged bloggers" on the post

Su and Cris

Fashion Lolita said...

I'm also sad about britneys case. I've never been huge fan of hers but it's stil sad to see someone dress that bad.

the gowns looked amazing.

Jennifer said...

I agree with you guys, she probably had people watching her every step, and since she's now 'broken free' she's acting a fool.

SET said...


Geisha said...

Since your blog is awesome, I'm tagging you!
If you don't know about the game go to my blog:



Anonymous said...

Britney is a mess. Needs to get her s**t together and grow up.

LADY said...

Sigh. Britney. Her body was so amazing - you have to feel sorry for her though. She is just a wreck, no one has ever really been there as a stable influence.

And yeah - how is it possible that she dresses SO badly?

Jennifer said...

^ yeah I know, she's obviously not all there in the head, some say she is bi-polar. She got her body back for a while but all those fraps and mcdonalds runs seems to be taking a toll again.

Seraphine said...

My opinion of Britney is shaped by what I see and hear in media. My impression is she is immature and unequipped emotionally to handle adulthood. She being a mother, I hope she finds her inner self sooner rather than later.

Carolina Lange said...

Kate Hudson looks amazing with dress!

Jennifer said...

Seraphine - i don't think she should have her kids until she gets it together!

Carolina Lange - I agree, she does look AMAZING!

Romeika said...

I totally agree with you. I've been a Britney fan ever since her beggining in 1999 and it breaks my heart to see her in this awful condition. Not that she had a great style before, she had made fashion mistakes, but at least she was beautiful, had an amazing body and always looked sexy in her clothes. Now she looks so trashy. I am sure it's bad influence of that awful ex-husband of hers. Things started to get this bad cause of him.

And then she starts hanging with Paris Hilton..:-S I just hope that soon she will be focusing only on her kids, her career (that is completely stucked) and get a personal stylist. She needs help.

Jennifer said...

^ I've never been a fan of her but she did have the whole package and now it's sad to see her falling apart so badly.

Anonymous said...

i tink britney is jst too comfortable,a few weeks in d slums shld straighten her out.

Anonymous said...

Britney is nothing more than an attention seeker. Take the cameras away for six moths and lets see what happens to her.