Since it's summer in North American and I'm dearly missing it here in Australia I decided to brighten up my mood by focusing and summer clothing! The following are from American Eagle. I think it's such a a great place to get well priced summer basics that will not fall apart and last you a long time! I have to say I wasn't too thrilled when I was going through their web site at their selections. Though they had some good pieces, it seemed to lack in spunk and creativity that AE is normally known for. * Prices in US Dollars

1. 29.95 2. 24.50 3. 34.50
4. 19.95 5. 11.95 6. 39.50
(Clockwise from top left)

I have to say I love the denim mini, it dawned on me not long ago that I don't even or have ever owned one! I know it's weired...I guess you can't win them all, I'll get one for sure next summer season. I really adore the yellow and white top, and it's a bargain at 11.95, plus the multicolored plaid top, plaid is all the rage this season.

1. 39.50 2. 49.59 3. 34.50
4. 19.50 5. 34.50
(Clockwise from the top left)

I am so after that white bag, I've been obsessing with sling/messenger bags lately. That last pair of shorts is amazing, AE makes great denim pieces.

I don't like Lindsay Lohan one bit, I mean I did when she was in parent trap, but she's changed a lot since those days. Anyway I think she's got some of the best summer style so I've included many of her pictures. Summer must: Anything with suspenders, short dresses

I've got that same dress as the girl in the middle from H& M, I wore it religiously last summer! Summer must: Comfy nice fitting wide strap tank, shift dress and a large bag

I've always gone gaga over the middle picture of Lindsay Lohan wearing that floaty top, I have no clue where it's from, but it's stunning! Summer must: Fedora Hat, Light fitted blouse

Everyone looks good in the Ron Herman sweats they just have such cute 'Californian' designs.
Summer must: Vintage dresses Kristen Dunst style!

The Mexican print dress looks really cute on Tyra, almost vintage but I'm not sure if it is or not.
For a while Brit Brit came out with a slew of cute dresses, I wish she could have kept that look and just rocked the short hair instead of those hideous extensions that make her look even more stupid, did she do them herself? That tank the girl is wearing in the middle picture is a total DIY job if you know what i mean. Summer must: Mexican print dress

That dress in the middle is one of my favorites, you can't see it in the pictures, but it's got tiny gold threading going through it as well, I'm a sucker for anything rainbow or multicolored. Summer must: Graphic Tees

I like the way Kate Hudson is casual but still creative with her outfits giving it a bit of a twist like wearing this tank over a strapless dress. How yummy are Lindsay's flats in the last picture? Summer must: Bright flats, high waisted shorts

The colors of the dress in the last picture are a bit dark, but the lace details and the length make it a perfect vintage (I'm assuming) dress for the summer. Summer must: Bright cardigan ala Ashley Olsen for the cooler days

Mahalo fashion,

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Stockholm street style, Mystylediary, Adorevintage


Sonia Luna said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog! Love your blog, a real good read!

The Stiletto Effect said...

love denim pieces too (its kind of an obsession) :)

fashionistakay said...

that first dress even though its gray, is very cutsey. I like it!


omg i loved your post- LOVE IT!

Secret Agent said...

I really dislike the Eva Longoria & Mischa Barton BEBE ads, I don't think the photography was that great. But I really the Rebecca Romijn ones.

I also like AE very much but I don't buy much of their clothes because once you buy something from AE, you'll see 20 other guys/girls down the street wearing the same thing, Though I do think AE's clothes are nice and well-priced (perfect for someone under a budget).

Anyways, thanks for visiting my blog. I'll come by your blog more often now. See ya around!


Secret Agent said...

Also, I just wanted to say, you have some of my favourite celebs here...they hot! Your blog seems pretty cool (even though I don't know much about fashion haha).

Romeika said...

Ow, i LOVE summer time...I grew up in a city where it's summer almost the entire year, i love the sunshine, and just hanging around wearing light clothes, and i love summer dresses!

I really liked the hat Lindsay Lohan is wearing..

Oh, i have linked your blog on my page, if you don't mind. I'll be off for a week, but when i'm back i'll come here more often.

Thanks for the visit!

discothequechic said...

I like the American Eagle plaid top, reminds me of Mary Kate's one.

As for the celebrity style photos, I could look at them all day!

After resisting the fedora for quite some time, I actually quite like it, so thats on my holiday wish list...

S xx

coco said...

i like the red shirt in the first section
and all the celeb pictures you have used are very cool
love your blog

Barbara said...

nice post ;D Bye

Dani said...

Hi Jeniffer,
Thanks for your visit. I really liked your blog, the celebrity photos are great. I love the checkerd (?) shirt with the denim mini skirt (American Eagle).
Have definitely added you as a favorite, and will visit you more often.

Jennifer said...

discothequechic - that top reminds me of MK aswell I have one similar but not as nice as the american eagle one!

Romeika - Thank you for linking my page, Lindsay has the best summer style.

Secret Agent & Dani - Thanks for visiting my blog and the compliments!

SET said...


Jennifer said...

^ thank you!!!

laura emily said...

there are some gorgeous items here! i love them! thanks for commenting on my blog too :)