I won this 'Vintage Chanel' bag one eBay today, I was so excited, but I have one small dilemma I CAN'T FIGURE OUT IF THE BAG IS AUTHENTIC OR NOT ugh. The problem is that the label inside the bag says "Les galleries Lafayette" and anybody that has ever been to France or Paris knows that Les galleries is a major historical retailer/mall so if the bag was counterfeit why would they put that instead of Chanel? Is it possible that Chanel use to sell its bags under the Lafayette brand name? Either way I'll love it just the same, but I'm having a hard time figuring it out. PLEASE HELP!

I love the new Prairie dress trend, especially the Chloe one that Gemma is wearing in the first picture. If I could have clothing from any brand it would be Chloe, it just makes you feel like a floaty princess.

Today, Zoe Kravitz style! This girl and her dad really know how to dress and I think it's so cute that they are always together. You don't see that kind of father daughter bonding enough, she's clearly got her parents personality (Her mom is Lisa Bonet from the Cosby show). I think everyone better watch out for her, she's got a new movie coming out and with everyone getting sick and tired of Lindsay, Brit and Paris she might be the newest one to take us by storm!

How cute is this modern 60s look in the first picture? Normally I wouldn't think this color coat would be really attractive but Zoe makes it really stand out.

Loving the black pencil skirt with the white top, a casual outfit, but she still manages to make it look rocked out with her jewelry.

She really makes the high waisted jean trend work, she looks cute in the third picture with her mom.

Mahalo fashion,

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Shaz said...

This girl is cool, but then again with a dad like Lenny Kravitz it's hard not to be cool! I'm a big fan of high waisted clothes, i think their really flattering as long as you don't get a camel toe or a massive wedgy at the back. love her style post more on her in the future!

Jennifer said...

^ I will try but the pictures of her are few and far between! :(

coco said...

i love zoe
i did a post on her a few months ago and now the word has spread baout her and i feel very proud lol
not that i really had anything to do with it
i once bid on a chanel bag but then found it was fake before i won
real chanels should have a black and gold code in the corner of the lining apparently

glamour girly said...

That Chloe dress is adorable, and so is Zoe Kravitz. Love her white shirt, pencil skirt outfit!

carina said...

I loove chloe and gemma

Susana said...

Thank you for commenting on my post about fake designer stuff. And I totally agree with you.

I dont know if that Chanel is real or not :( really cant say. But its cute anyway :)



Susana said...

One more thing: its Su from The Stiletto Effect

thesil said...

Hi Jennifer!First of all, sorry for my English, I´m Spanish. Well, I think that your bag is authentic because I can see the logo of Channel outside. In Spain, for example, there is a shopping centre called "El Corte Ingles" which sells lots of brands putting its own name as a label. So I suppose this is the same case.
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Kisses xxx

alluretone said...

i love that dress on Gemma! as for the bag, i have no idea if it's authentic or not, but it looks cute anyways.

Jennifer said...

thesil - No worries you have a great blog! Yeah I know what you mean I guess i'll never really know for sure heheh!

Susana - Loved your post on the stiletto effect!

coco - I'll look for the code when I get it though it's possible that the vintage ones might now have it! I'm going to have to look for your post on zoe!

To The Max said...

Love the Chanel bag. It's hard to tell fakes from the real thing - I bought an LV bag last year and had the same problem - if your're happy with it that's all that matters - enjoy!!!!

.m. said...

love zoe! there aren't enough pics of her though, i agree!

rollergirl said...

J'agree, Zoe is hot and we need some new style icons. I like Clemence Poesy (from Harry Potter) also...

molly said...

oooh shes soo pretty! and has amazing style

Iheartfashion said...

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your bag is probably a fake. It should have Chanel on the inside, not just the double C logo on the front. I've been to the Galleries Lafayette, and don't remember if they carry Chanel, but it would have a serial number and "Chanel" and "Made in France" inside.

Jennifer said...

^ Galleries Lafayette (if you went to the big one, there is a smaller more department store one)
would defenitely carry chanel, they carry everything. I just thought because the bag was vintage maybe they use to sell them under their label but I'll see more when i receive the the bag, if it's fake i'll love it the same:)

SET said...


Jennifer said...

^ Serioiusly.

selinaoolala said...

hiya, is the bag from lovelovelovela? shes such a cute seller!! anyway i messaged her because i was watching it and yes it's fake, but hey no one knows that when you're wearing it!

Jennifer said...

^ It is, thanks for the tip off!
ahh well as I said, I'll love it just the same even if I know it's not real chanel, and your right nowobody knows when your wearing it. It looks pretty genuine from the outside.

Anonymous said...

Hey babes,
I have been doing my research on Chanel bags today. Because I have a vintage Chanel bag that happens to be the same one as Mary Kate Olsen; I only found out. I previously thought it was fake cause there is no serial number inside. But if it was created prior to 1990s it will NOT have one. Only within the 90s and onwards a boom in faux bags, hence the use of serial numbers.
Also a real Chanel bag has "Chanel Made in Italy" imprinted inside in matching colour/fabrication to the rest of the bag. They are NEVER made in France, this is a misconception, they are always made in Italy.
But that's enough said. Just so you and I both know for future reference when we purchase vintage Chanel. Oh and P.S. the dust bag (if it comes with one) should always be black with white Chanel written on it.
Hope you love your bag regardless; if you use something enough it is worth it!
Cheers, Karina. :)

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Thanks for lettin me know, very informative!