Today Mischa Barton style! I'm not a big fan of Mischa's acting cause I don't think she's good at it, though I do believe that she should continue modeling. Mischa is all over the shop with her fashion, she gets it right most of the time, other times it's over the top. The woman is a self admited clotheshores!

She took a risk with the leopard leggings but I think she pulled it off, I love her shoes. I think Mischa has some of the best beach cover ups, she knows how to do it bright and colorful!

The last dress Mischa is wearing is so Jackie O, she looks stunning I think it's one of her best outfits.

I'm itching to get a powder blue jacket like she's wearing in the last picture.

Her Gucci bag in the last picture is amazing, too bad it cost 5000 $

I wish she had worn bright turquoise jewelry in the first picture, she looks a little washed out.

That last shot is from a photo shoot, I can see that it's not normally her style but I think it's so cute!

That peacock top is amazing.

Yellow looks great on her and the velvet shorts int he first picture give the outfit a nice punch.

I want the plaid shorts she's wearing in the first outfit. Brocade outfits are getting really popular, she's rocking it in the last picture.

Who knew an all red lace outfit could look that good? I'm glad that she's wearing a one piece swim suit in the last picture, not all swimwear has to be a bikini!

Mahalo fashion,

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Carolina Lange said...

I agree with you, she is not a good actress, but she really knows how to dress! She has a great style! love that peacock top!


I was never and will never be a fan of Mischa Barton. She dresses no different than a Sienna Miller or the stupid Olsen Twins. She has a stylist, so who knows if she really has style or not. I wish stylist got more props!
For real personal style check out

Peace and Blessings,
Eddie Nicole

pinup_girl said...

Her acting? Not so great, I agree. But what she lacks in talent, she makes up with killer style.

.m. said...

I'm not a big fan of Mischa either, but she is really pretty and should be a model, quit trying to 'act' Mischa! :P

Forever 21 is coming to Young St. and Dundas!! Yay! I really can not wait, it may even overshadow H&M!....for a couple weeks after the opening anyways. Don't worry, I'll keep you up to date on whats going on in Toronto AND Ottawa since I go to Carleton U!

glamour girly said...

O, i love that white dress in the middle on the second row of pictures. uber-cute.


molly said...

i cant stand her acting, but i must admit, sometimes i see her wearing pieces that i covet

Jennifer said...

Vanity pages - I understand your opinion, though I think sienna, misha and the olsen twins have different styles. I believe the olsens are genuwine with their love for fashion. Mischa claims that she only has a stylist for events, but yeah the stylist should get more props...but what can you do it's hollywood?

.m - Your at carlton? haha I know a lot of people there but I think there just graduating this year, people I went to high school with. yeah keep me up to date on the latest in otown and tdot! Mischa does need to quit trying to act!

Pinup_girl - her lindsay and nicole richie would not be half the celebrities they are now if it wasn't for their style!

Jennifer said...

Vanity pages - I forgot to mention that I already know "thesartorialist" website that your talking about. And I'm going to assuming that you dind't mean anything offensive.

Little Miss Sunshine♥ said...

i like... love the way your posts are. how you profile a famous person's fashion : )

Karinaxoxo said...

I luve her red carpet outfits - not so much her casual wear.

To The Max said...

Mischa is a lightweight actor I agree but you have to hand it to her she has PR down to a fine art. The Sartorialist is a great blog - he really captures the essence of "real" people especially women.

The Fashion Economist said...

I'm a first time visiter here, but I must say, your blog is very inspiring!
Love your pictures of Mischa. She has a great style.

Jennifer said...

^ thanks for the blog compliments ladies xoxo

SET said...