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Onwards! I've noticed quite a bit of discussion regarding the the Prada turban and Arafat scarfs and I thought I would give my input.

With stores like H & M & Top Shop are trying to make the Turban mainstream my personal stance is that I would never wear one, I would feel like I'm offending people from Hindu and Islamic decent that use this as a religious tradition. I do however think it's fine for it to appear on runways as a one off, but I hope I don't start finding people walking down the street wearing pearly bright orange or pink ones. Remember this is my own opinion.

I love the look of an Arafat scarf, but I still don't think I could bring myself to wear it, much like the Prada turban I feel that it is a sensitive issue, and apparently so does UrbanOutfitters because they pulled them off their shelves once they realized what a hot controversial issue it was. Wearing them is suppose to make a strong political statement that people are not aware of, I don't know much about this to get into a debate so I will just leave it at that.


I thought you guys might enjoy this, they are a indie girl group hailing from California called 'The like'. I don't know much about their music, but what I do know is that they have a great sense of style!

I'm obsessed with the girl on the Lefts multi colored dress!

I had a grey and white shirt like the girl on the right, but it doesn't fit me anymore!

High waisted shorts, a must for the North American summer season.

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Photo Credit: thesartorialist (Arafat Scarf),The Like Myspace

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Shaz said...

I don't think i will ever wear a turban although i have seen a girl wearing a purple one at the shops. It is a really hard look to pull off. I really love the way the Like dress, so funky, then again i love how alot of Indie groups and those who listen to indie music dress, wish i was that cool lol. You have a Great blog too!

Jennifer said...

It's a very tough look to pull off and I guess you have to have the confidence, it will probably blow over soon so why bother?
Indie groups rock ;)

Little Miss Sunshine♥ said...

i agree, i wouldn't wear a turban, but they look so cute on prada's new-ish line on the models!

glamour girly said...

I love your acceptance speech:). That is great. I also would not be able to pull off these two trends... I just wouldn't feel comfortable. I'll let the models and celebrities go for it. I also adore the multi-color dress and Like's fashion choices. Cute!


Fashionyou's Molly said...

I wouldnt feel right in them. I would maybe tie a thin scarf into a haf turban, half headband type thing.
Thanks for commenting!

coco said...

the third to last picture is so cool
i love the girl in the middles hat

Jennifer said...

Fashionyou's Molly - I think the half turban is really cute, that's about as far as I'd go with it.

glamour girly - I've seen a lot of celebrities wearing the arafat scarfs, i love the patterns etc but I coudln't wear it knowing the power it holds.

la petite fashionista said...

love the insightful post on two sensitive fashion pieces! i have a "turban" headband that i like to wear but it doesnt resemble a full turban. and the kafiyeh scarf (sp?) has become really popular, i saw people wearing it all over while i was in europe. i hope the stores pull it from their racks before it becomes even more of an issue.


fashionistakay said...

I totally respect your opinion. And recently I've been learning about Arafat and the Middle East what not. Politics and religion can reach fashion isn't that amazing?

Jennifer said...

la petite fashionista - I hope the other stores follow urban outfitters and stop selling the stuff, i think it's an isult to their religion for it to be used as a temporary fashion fad.

fashionistakay - It is amazing, designers need to be careful where they take their inspiration from it's not always appreciated.

.m. said...

personally, i think its good that turbans have reached the runways and gained mainstream exposure, instead of being ridiculed and judged. i really like the prada ones, and the ones from UO. It IS a strong political statement to wear one, but a positive statement. There's no disrespect meant by wearing one. The one Ashley Olsen wore as more of a headband is really nice and something you may like more. Good post though, and I really want to hear the opinion of a muslim person now to see how it's perceived.

Jennifer said...

.m - I respect your opinion, i didn't mind seeing it on the runway i just thought it got way out of control when they made them in bright colors like it was a 'joke' but i can see how it gives it a positive spin by it becoming mainstream though people don't have any idea of the cultural significance that it represents. I love ashley's headband, that's about as far as i'd go with it, yes i'd like to hear the opinion of one aswell:)

Anonymous said...
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CHIC NOIR said...

I love Turban but not everyone can wear one because it takes confidence.