I've really grown to love and admire Keira's sense of style, I believe that hers is the most fashion friendly, and she's always reusing her favorite items! Though I wish I could dress like an olsen, her style comes the closest to mine.

Keira has been rocking the coat in the third picture since 2005, and it still looks great on her. I love her collection of messenger/sling bags, I'm currently looking for one similar to the one in the picture.
Another keira sling bag, I also adore the headscarf she's wearing in the second pic.

Has anybody tried the tights/leggings under shorts look? I think it's cute but I always feel so uncomfortable in tights they always seem to drag down.

The last three are some of keira's most recent outfits, she's really loving the fedora hat. I love the bold summer print dresses she's wearing.

Some of my recent purchases, vintage purse (now a clutch) because of it's missing strap. I also bought this long white fabric that had been painted on with this beachy Fijian pattern and I thought it would make a great scarf. I also purchased these cute striped Marc Jacobs gloves from eBay, there perfect for the mild winter weather were experiencing here.

Mahalo fashion,

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Andrew The Asshole said...

quite sexxxxy

The Stiletto Effect said...

ahhhhh I like Keira very much, she's one of my favourite actresses(love her style).
I always like what she wears :) The bags are great but I adore the dresses.
Your new vintage purse is adorable, I saw a very similar one on ebay the other day but it was purple and brown (also very cute). The fabric is very pretty and the gloves?!!!! oh my God, love them :)
You really have a great sense of style :)

Anonymous said...

i love Keira's style XD.. Kiss

glamour girly said...

Keira and Reese Witherspoon are my faves! I especially love that red and white dress you posted. Adorable. I fell in love with Keira's acting ability after her role in Love Actually. Now I love her fashion, too!

Naki said...

Hey there! my good friends were in Paris in Feb and tights and shorts are apparently the hottest trend (at that time anyway!)...love the stiped gloves! Did you see Keira on the cover of this month's vogue?

Elle said...

i love keiras boho/haute/sometiems trendy/grungy style

Hill said...

love keira! she's so classy yet laid back in the coolest way.

molly said...

i hate it when magazines diss celebs for wearing the same thing twice...uhh hello its so wasteful to buy something and wear it ONCE!
keira seems soo normal

modelbehavior said...

She has fantastic style. I personally dislike MK's style but all the london girls are so carefree in dressing themselves yet it all seems so pull together.

Jennifer said...

The Stiletto Effect - Thanks for all the compliments, I absolutely love my new gloves!

Naki - I love Paris, I went there in 2004, everybody is so trendy! yes I did see her cover of vogue the clothes were amazing!

Molly - That's why I love keira so much, if you look at her pictures you'll see that she wears the same stuff over and over again!

carina said...

I love Keiras style! She is my favourite <3

Naki said...

Jennifer, I was in Paris in '04 too! Summer...where were you? What'd you do? I spent too much time in Printemps and Galleries Lafayette ;-) But I'm sure you understand!

I plan to do a "Globeshopper: Paris" post to follow up with Spain...but alas, Italy is still in draft form and I am too busy to contemplate anymore anytime soon...ttys!

Jennifer said...

I went May 2004, i spent a lot of time at on champs elysee and I went to H & M a lot because that was before they had opened the stores in Canada so it was my first time going ever. I went to les galleries lafayette a couple of times but it's really expensive in there. And of course i spent time lounging around the eitffel tower it was amazing can't wait to go back. Oh the globeshopper idea sounds amazing! I use to watch a show like that on the fashion channel where the guy went around the world shopping it was so awesome!

Shaz said...

Kiera is becoming one of my favourites. What isn't there to love? great face,great acting, great body, great style, great job and she has great co-stars!