I've just spent the last couple of days at a hotel with my boyfriend for our one year anniversary getting much needed relaxation, and now I have to come back to reality! I've been missing the shopping back home so much! One of my favorite stores in the whole world is Urban Outfitters. I never got to go very often because there isn't one in the town that I'm from in Canada so I always had to wait until I went to the bigger cities like Montreal or Toronto. I've put together a collection of some of my favorites from their current collection.

1. 29.99 2. 14.99 3. 16.99

I love the look of a flowy top like the middle one, you don't have to worry if your feeling bloated!

1. 34.99 2. 19.99 3. 39.99

I've been digging around on eBay for an off the shoulder top like the middle one, can't seem to find anything yet.

1. 68.00 2. 48.00 3. 38.00

I often wear a bold pattern on a casual shirt like the third one, you can throw it over jeans and it looks great!

1. 24.99 2. 29.99 3. 58.00

I've gotta have that black shirt, enough said.

1. 48.00 2. 24.00 3. 48.00

Jersey dresses (I'm assuming) like the third one are great for comfort and style!

Did anybody use to watch a show called Madeline when they were younger? It use to be one of my favorite shows, I'm currently bidding for a Madeline doll on eBay. Ahh childhood memories! I couldn't resist the Madeline Tshirt, I wish they shipped to Australia :(

-Thanks for all the sweet comments that were left on my blog at various stages, I adore visiting all your pages!

Mahalo fashion,

I'm selling a Marc Jacobs dress and a See by Chloe Tshirt on eBay if you wish to bid click here! and have a piece of me:)

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Photo Credits: UrbanOutfitters.com


Barbara said...

one year?! wow ^^! really nice. I add you in my links ok?! bye

molly said...

wow what awesome t-shirts, i wish we had urban outfitters where i live too!

Bella said...

I love the half jacket plaid thing...i almost bought it and then i ran out of $$$ :(** and I love the Madeline shirt..I used to LOVE Madeline, like serious OBSESSION...i need that shirt...I love urban its my love :)

Jennifer said...

^ I know I want that tshirt so bad I might look for it on the internet since urban doesn't ship here, couldn't find anything on ebay either.

Mash said...

congratulations for your 1 year :) love the clothes unfortunately we don't have Urban Outfitters where I live .

Bojana said...

Thanks!!! You have a nice blog too :D

Mrs Fashion said...

Hi, You didn't show up on Technorati so I didn't know you linked me - how long's it been there for?
And the reciprocal link? It's there.
Mrs F x

Little Miss Sunshine♥ said...

hey, i didn't comment this one yet! Love your picks. I've never been in Urban Outfitters before, but, I love that green top in the 4th row... : )

-S said...

LOVE the madeline shirt (i too was obsessed with the show) and the blue button up strapless dress (how summery!)

coco said...

great choices
i like pretty much all of these clothes youve shown
and would buy a lot of them

glamour girly said...

jen, love that first gauzy white shit, I might have to have that one! Congrats on one year. My boy and I are going on three and a half. It's crazy how time flies!