I've made it no secret that I love Nicole Richie, though at first she started out a little rough even when she was going through her transformation I've grown to really love and admire her style.
I've put together a small collection of some of my favorite Nicole outfits.

I love this colorful dress Nicole wore while shooting the opening segment for the simple life 5, though I seriously think she could lose those sunglasses...there ridiculous and belong to Elton John.

A lot of people didn't like this dress on Nicole, I love it. I'm going to assume it's buy Pucci because of the pattern.
I love this dress, I know the assumption was that it was vintage because of the tattered looking sleeves but Kate Bosworth wore the same dress in Australia.

Casual Nicole, the blue on her looks great and how cute is she with the dark hair? I wish she had kept it that way.

Ahh the roach dress, I love it. I was in Sydney the same week Nicole was there it's too bad I didn't run into her!

I need a black bandanna like hers, it's cute.

You can never go wrong with a pea coat, I love the shoes she paired with the tights it's so 1940s

Nicole's latest outfit to surface on the web, I don't know how she wears those heels there huge. I understand the need for them though being 5'2 myself but unfortunately my feet could never handle them.

I love those shoes. End of story.

Credit: http://justjared.com/ for pictures 1,5 & 8

Mahalo fashion,

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Chic Freak said...

I love herrrr(full stop)i especially like the first pictur coz the dress makes her seem really tall.(well maybe if paris hilton wasn't sitting next to her__xD)