Ever since 'hit me baby one more time' I've been planning Britney's demise and who knew all my dreams would finally come true? But in the end you've gotta give this chick credit for having the courage the wear the stuff she does. What happened to her? She use to dress normal so she's obviously lost a few screws over time either that or it's a big publicity stunt, I guess it's working because I'm writing about her right now.

Don't wear a neon swim suit, especially a lime green and pink one
Don't wear a short white dress that has nasty stains all over it
Don't leave the house without brushing your hair
Don't wear a cheap necklace from the dollar store
Don't wear a bandanna that doesn't match the rest of your outfit
Oh and big sunglasses are over!

Don't wear a towel over your neck if your not at the gym
Don't wear soccer socks if you don't plan on playing any
Don't carry around a small cheap looking gold bag
Don't wear all cotton, pink super short shorts, I'm sure they are crammed up her butt
Don't wear kids graphic tank tops from the gap
Don't try bringing Von dutch back, it's been done

Mahalo fashion,


ambika said...

the train wreck that is her life just exhausts me.

etoilee8 said...

Poor Britney. . . I realize it's hard to feel sorry for her sometimes, but how can you not? The girl's a walking fashion disaster!