I purchased this Marc by Marc Jacobs dress on eBay last summer, and I'm amazed by the popularity of it still. I have to admit I haven't gotten that much wear out of it, mainly because of the pattern it being so bold I had a hard time figuring out what to pair it with. I've never really been one for bright bold patterns so I've found the best solution for me was to pair it with a cardigan. I think the dress looks best on girl number 3, the pattern looks nice against her skin tone I also like the boots with leggings combination that the model (girl number 2) is rocking. I love girl number 1's chocolate boots!

Mahalo fashion,


Anonymous said...

that "model" would be GEMMA WARD!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

^ Sorry it was hard to tell because I only had a small image but now that I look closer I can see that it is her:)

Meg said...

I think I like no.3 best. Asian people have an uncanny ability to pull off everything and anything. They're just inately cool. I don't even like MJ.(sorry)

Re: Grace Jones = the sh*t. Nobody does it like her.

Jennifer said...

^ she does wear it the best, it's ok that you don't like mj not everybody has to! I wish I had a small body like hers, I'd look better in my clothes too!