RANDOM NEWS: Rumor is that Ottawa (Represent!) girl and R & B signer Keshia Chante has signed on to play Aaliyah in a bio-pic. I think this is a fantastic choice, Keshia looks so much like her. Here is her video for Been Gone. Aaliyah we miss you baby girl....

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY ON SUNDAY. The big 24...turning the corner slowly...*sigh* hehe

Lily Allen has given us such a large array of outfits this week. I still can't believe that she wore this to a business meeting. I wonder who she is trying to channel here? I love her music, but there is no doubt that Lily is a weired chick. I'm actually going to buy her CD when it comes out, I haven't bought a CD in ages. I'll get that and Coldplay maybe the new Death Cab for Cutie one while I'm at it.

So sheer....let's hope she's taken care of her lady bits.

Did she make this herself?

That hat is truly...err...something...

Nicole Richie. Loving The Sex And The City shoes. I hope I'm getting the movie for Christmas.

Oh I love this color, I want something similar to this for Spring/Summer.

What I love about Nicole and Mary-Kate Olsen is how they always re-use their favorite pieces.

Vanessa Hudgens. It's rare that I like what she has on, but this outfit is so me.

Try not to stick your finger down your throat. No doubt they are cute, but I really don't like Vanessa, she reminds me of snotty girls I went to High School with. Zack was looking hotter then normal, I should have posted a face on shot of him. Oh well too late.

Alexander Burke is the new winner of X-factor. She sang a duet with Beyonce which was amazing.

Filming the video for her new single Hallelujah.

Kate Bosworth. I feel like she keeps wearing the same look over and over again lately.

Whitney Port. This dress suits her well because she is so tall.

New Promo shots for "The city".

I have a feeling Whitney's show is going to be boring, because she seems that way on The Hills, but we'll find out soon I guess.

Teyana Taylor. A hipster Christmas?

SJP. She has such cute winter casual style, I've been looking for a coat just like this.

Penelope Cruz & Rebecca Hall. I'm particularly loving what Rebecca has on.

Christina Aguilera celebrating her birthday. Who is she going as? The one eye makeup thing is a little freaky.

Chrisanna. These two are too cool.

Rachel Bilson or Hancock?

Camerion Diaz and her model boyfriend. They must be doing well because they are already co-ordinating outfits.

Kate Moss. What is she hiding?

Michelle Williams. I really like this winteresque look. I want all of it.

Mary-Kate. This girl needs clothes that fit, but I love this coat so all is forgiven.

Jessica Szohr. That 'Muffin top' might be a little too high, it's hard to get it just right.

Brittany Snow. I like the dark hair on it, it reminds me of when Reese did it but Brittany is meant to be blonde.

Brandy and Monica together again. Apparently they haven't seen each other in years. Monica is still gorgeous, but I'm not into her hair.

Rose Byrne. Such a great dress, and I like the volume in the hair, totally goes.

Eva Mendes. I love this dress, I think it's Dior or Oscar de la renta.

Kanye West. At least he looks happy.

Kristen Ritter. Those bangs look amazing on her, very dramatic look.

Maggie Grace.

Maggie and her Boyfriend Blake Mycoskie CEO of Toms Shoes whom I wrote about the other day.

Taryn Manning. Love the skirt and velvet scarf.

Kim Kardashian. Modern Grecian Goddess. I like it. Kim has really cleaned up her look fashion wise.

Tierra Marie. What is she going for Hip-Hop superhero? It would have been better without the ugly gloves.

Kelly Osbourne. She shaved the side of her head, wow. I'd like to see her with her normal natural hair and long. Just to be curious...I remember seeing it once on an episode of the Osbournes.

Bai Ling. Going to the prom or something?

Leven Rambin. It looks like someone painted right on it, cool.

Nikki Reid. A little too plain for the red carpet. It looks too much like she just came from the gym.

Jessica Szohr.

Christina Milian. Not for me.

Lindsey Price. This is an incredible lace dress.

Kristen Ritter. I love this dress, especially up close. Probably one of my favorite sequin dresses ever.

Gabrielle Union. Normally I'm not a fan of periwinkle purple, but in this case it works. Gabby looks so fresh.

Brea Grant. I don't like this look, and that hair is just bad. is she going to a hipster funeral?

Kerry Washington. I'm really not sure about the fitting of those latex leggings on her, however the top half is very cute.

Rumer Willis. I actually don't mind her hair color with that outfit. Everything seems to be working. That's a cute little necklace too.

Diana Ramirez. All she needs is a whip.

Cameron Richardson. She's so adorable. How did she find such a perfect blazer? I'm jealous!

Jenna Dwan. I don't like this color on her, I loathe it actually. She needs to toss this dress ASAP.

Nikki Reed. What Jenna Dewan would look like if she wasn't so busted.

Olivia Wilde. Great dress, great color, but she could have picked better shoes. I'm all for mixing it up, but there's something off here.

Jennifer Morrison. I like it when people try to be original in a good way. Well done.

Kristen Bell. Wow those pants would be so hard to pull off, but I think they found their way to the right person.

Sanaa Lathan. The dress, hair and makeup go so perfectly.

Samarie Armstrong. She was so adorable as Anna on The O.C. (R.I.P.).

Jenny McCarthy. I'm a little 50/50 on the hair, but the dress looks stunning on her.

Zooey Deschanel. Like a modern show fairy.

Molly Sims. Nice. What I like about Molly is that she knows which colors work well for her skin.

Emily Deschanel. From far away it looks a little boring, but up close it's quite a well accessorized outfit.

Vivian Bang. What a last name. This color green is stunning and for that I love this look, but there is no doubt she could have chosen better shoes and that the dress is a little shapless.

Bijou Philips. No doubt this is a gorgeous dress, but I'm really not sure about the gold dress with the gold hair, she seems to get washed out.

Courtney Cox. I've always liked this Marc Jacobs dress from his resort collection and it looks great on her, but I probably would have passed on that particular necklace.

Keri Russell. Simple and beautiful. I like the fabric choice too.

Teresa Palmer. Love this dress, it's like a better version of that ugly thing Scarlett Johansson wore to the CDFA gala.

Aisha Tyler. The dress can stay, but that hairstyle and makeup have got to go.

Rachel Weisz. Oh I am crazy for this dress, and I really like the simple round pointed shoes she chose.

Marissa Tomei.

Maggie Grace. It's nice, but I've seen it all before.

Dita Evan Rachel Wood. It's ok.

Bai Ling. She must be having an off day, because she looks semi normal here.

Ciara. Wow she really pulled off those high waisted pants.

STILL POMOS IN JAPAN Jennifer Connolly is one of those people that can pull off any look.

Jaden Smith. He's just as suave as his dad, what a cutie.

I'm going to try and go see this movie over the weekend, but I'm a little nervous because I know it will be heartbreaking. It's nice to see the cast of The Fresh Prince together like this.

Rosario Dawson. Always in solids.

Gabrielle Union. this dress suits her, and the makeup is gorgeous.

Michael Ealy. I had such a big crush on him when I saw Barbershop. Did you know he dated Halle Berry for a while? I was always debating if those baby blues were his or not, so I looked at a close up and they seem legit to me, (I've worn colored contacts many times) but then again you never know.

Vail Bloom. She plays an idiot D.A. on Y & R. Her character is sooo annoying.

Sarah Jane Morris. Ok.

Sanaa Lathan. God she is everywhere lately, how does she do it?


I couldn't find the video clip for So Over You that I could embed (Strange because it use to be here a while back), so here is We can try. Paulini was a 4th runner up on Australian Idol. She's was part of the pop group Young Divas for a couple of years, but she has now left to focus on her solo career. Good, we need new stuff from her.



AusAnna said...

This post has so much great work put into it, i love it. you took such care with everything and i agree with all your comments.
esp the nicole reusing things one, i love it. :)
i really respect your blog girl.x

Lulu said...

Christina Aguliera is dressed up as Alex from a Clockwork Orange. A really good movie. :]

henriettalucia said...

the eva mendes dress is michael kors


Anonymous said...

wow so many amazing looks, lily has really been hot this week!

jennifer connely has this ability to really wear high haute fashion, wow

rose bryne really pulled that fun dress off

zooey does look like a snow fairy

love love love rachel weisz's dress

and i actually love the color on evan's dress

Daphné said...

I love Lindsey Price's lace dress!

Carolina Lange said...

WOW! Amazing post!
Love Nicole's looks!
Vanessa and Zack look soooo cute!
SJP is always looking good!
Rose Byrne is gorgeous!
Keri Russell is looking amazing, love her hair like that!!!!

WendyB said...

Lily's abs look surprisingly good in that totally inappropriate sheer outfit.

zoe aka drinkupthefashion said...

all of your entries are so fun to read and chock full of information. i can tell you put so much work into this entry. you did a great job. and thanks for introducing me to kristen ritter. she has such an amazing face. what exactly does she do?

Petra said...

HAPPY BRITHDAY!!! Have the most wonderful day, full of all your favourite things xxx

Song of Style said...

olivia wilde is super hot.
and happy birthday gorgeous!
post some birthday pictures!! =)

gone niqqahs said...

I'm speechless! This must of taken you quite a while! I love everything about this post! Ahh prefect!


keira antoia rose said...

I like all of Lilly's clothes. I think her style is evolving nicely. Shoot! When did Zac Efron grow up and actually become attractive?! Mary Kate's coat is such a lovely color. Cameron Richardson is so pretty, such an angelic face. Olivia Wilde also gorgeous, and I adore the color and shape of the dress she has on. Zooey = Love! Woahhhh Evan Rachel Wood! Didn't even recognize her.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Babi said...

happy bday!!!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday sweetie! and WTF is Lily Allen wearing? homemade Chanel T? O_0

ZET Fashion said...

Hey, I love Vanessa's black tshirt and bag,, Do you know how can i found them ? i hope u do :)

kokostiletto said...

fab post as always!!
omg Keshia would be a GREAT ALIYAH!!!
i tagged you on my blog today check it out :)

Lauren said...

i saw seven pounds the other day and HIGHLY Reccommend it! its was great! yea it was heartbreaking, but it was inspiring at the same time :)

Alya said...

I wasn't such a big fan of Nicole Richie before because it always felt like she puts so much effort to look 'natural'. Now, however, she looks so put together, and even if it took hours to do, she looks naturally stylish and effortlessly chic.

Kassandra said...

Bai Ling. She must be having an off day, because she looks semi normal here.

lol true that

Baybay Mama said...

Happy birthday darling. I love when I go to your blog that I am g oing to get a boat load of entertaining pictures! My favorite is of course the grey boots that nicole is wearing.

Fashion Tidbits said...

Yay! Paulini! i like that song

saray said...

Happy Birthday!!

Candace said...

Oh yes!! I too had a crush on Michael Ealy when i saw barbershop LOL

Susana Rodrigues said...

Nicole looks great in that black dress! Maybe Kate is hidding a baby belly lol
Merry X-Mas

Shes Dressing Up said...

Rose Byrne looks so pretty!

this wheel's on fire said...

Happy Birthday!! xo