Z100s Jingle Ball 2009 Presented by H&M:

Leighton Meester. She can pull off anything, but I still don't like the dress. She's really into the whole futuristic look ins't she?

Ke$ha. What can I say? I like the sequins.

Nicole Fiscella in H & M. I should have bought this dress when I had the chance!

Kelly Killoren Bensimon in Herve Leger. Well you can't really go wrong in Herve Leger.

Miranda Cosgrove. She should have gone for brown oxfords.

Principales' Awards 2009:

Nelly Furtado. This is quite a high fashion look for Nelly. I guess Lady Gaga syndrome is kind of making celebrities take more of a risk. Nelly looks good.

Pixie Lott. I feel like there's something missing here.

Alesha Dixon in Christopher Kane for Topshop. This is my favorite shade of yellow, she looks amazing.

That's a great fishtail dress, well done again. She's been impressing me lately.

Shakira. It looks like an ice skating dress gone punk.

Paulina Ribio. Too matchy matchy with the blue boots.

Mika. What's not to like? That jacket is a nice touch. It's great when you find unique pieces to complete a look.

Rachel Bilson Kicks Off Target To-Go In New York City:

Rachel Bilson. It's obviously colder there then it is in LA. That's such a stylish downfill (?) jacket.

Roland Mouret Launches Rainbow Collection For NET-A-PORTER:

Heidi Klum. She certainly has her body back, the grey tights and shoes look good against this purple mini dress. It just shows that sometimes you have to mix up unexpected pieces.

Demi Moore. So I wonder if they are going to admit that they replaced her body with Anja Rubik's in W Magazine?

Devon Aoki. She's one of my favorite models, I just wish she smiled more. I can't stand it when people always look upset when they are so blessed.

Amber Valletta. This could look like an older woman's dress on a hanger, but she looks good.

Olivia Wilde. Navy is one of my favorite colors when it comes to clothing. It's lux and easy to wear.

Lily Cole. she's like red headed Rihanna with that cap.

Rachel Zoe. How does she stay so thin?

Nobel Peace Prize Concert:

Jaden Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith and Willow Smith. Jaden's hair is huge! They all look amazing and Willow has grown up a lot.

I always wanted a dress in mustard yellow, it's so flattering against her skin.

UNICEF Ball Honoring Jerry Weintraub:

Angelina Jolie. Cute dress, at least it's not her standard black. Sometimes she does surprise us.

Selena Gomez. I don't think I've ever seen her that dressed up. Somebody definitely styled her, it just reeks of a stylist so to say.

Bruce Willis and wife Emma Heming. She could double for Demi here, the hair, the dress.

Christina Zilber. She looks like she could be getting married on a Greek island! I feel the need for turquoise jewelry.

Victoria Rowell. They need to bring her back to Y & R, the show has not been the same since she left. After all they never found her body. Not a fan of the barettes & necklace, looks a little childish.

Suzanne Somers. She needs to get rid of the gloves, belt, tan & 50% of her makeup. What a hot mess.

Cindy Crawford. She looks great, but there's nothing special about the dress.

Alyssa Milano. I can't fault it, that's a great red dress.

The 3rd Annual amfAR Cinema Against AIDS:

Mandy Moore. What's going on with her? Has married life made her frumpy?

Christina Ricci. This organza dress has such a wimsical quality about it. It's perfect for her petite stature.

"Avatar" World Premiere In London:

Zoe Saldana. She's really starting to make a name for herself this year in Hollywood. Love the structure and details on this dress.

Michelle Rodriguez. Shouldn't she be in jail? okok yeah I know she got out ages ago. She looks okay.

The Cinema Society Screening Of "The Young Victoria":

Emily Blunt. The dress isn't really my style, but she's working it.

Rachel Roy. It's nice to see her hair pulled up like this, and the dramatic makeup suits her.

Jessica White. There's somethign so unclassy about her...

Friends Without Borders First Annual Los Angeles Gala:

Ali Larter. That dress is very 90s.

Paula Patton. You can hardly tell she's knocked up, she and Robin are going to have one hot baby.

Jennifer Morrison. Welcome back!

Katerina Graham. I've got my eye on her, she's been wearing some great looks lately.

Busy Philipps. Nice, I like the different strap on that dress, it makes it a little more unique and qirkty.

Nicky Hilton. I wish she got more credit for her fashion sense, maybe the fact that Paris is a netorious fashion disaster is weighing her down?

Anne Hathaway. Really cute dress, I like that it's a play on a shirt.

Diana Ramirez. I'm not a fan of that dress.

Gotham Magazine & Paladin Hosts NY Premiere of "The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond":

Bryce Dallas Howard. What is that? It looks like it's swallowing her.

Jessica Collins. Fantastic styling all around.

Twinkle By Wenlan Pop-Up Shop Opening Night Party:

Alexis Bledel. Something is off, maybe it's the flats? She could have chosen better flats.

Veronica Webb. I dont't hink she needed that necklace.

Lulu Kennedy & Tatiana Anatoly Host Champagne Party At Tach:

Thandie Newton. You look so yummy I just want to eat you up.

Flavor Magazine & Friends - Plasticines For Selector At The Ritz Bar:

Louise Basilien, Anais Vandevyvere, Katty Besnard.

"It's Complicated" New York Special Screening:

Lake Bell. She should be way up there on the fashionista list, I did a celeb style on her a while back, you can check it out by searing on the top right corner.

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