Kate Hudson. That is one gorgeous dress and it fits her beautifully. Reminds me of paper cut outs stuck together.

Penelope Cruz. Not sure about that exact clutch, but I like this shade of blue on her. Ugh that clutch, yeah it kinda ruins it for me.

Nicole Kidman. Ok yes, it's a skirt suit, but she pulls it off with the shoes, hair and lipstick. Though Nicole looks great in evening dresses, would have been nice for her to step it up.

Natasha Kaplinsky from the Noisettes. I always look forward to her crazy outfits, her face is stunning.

Tamara Beckwith in Dolce & Gabbana. Wow those roots...she can't afford a suit like this, but not get her hair done? I don't get it...

Tolula Adeyemi. That necklace wasn't necessary, but she look amazing in this corset dress. She's been out a lot more lately it's nice cause she always dresses well.


DON'T SWEAT IT said...

The lead singer of the Noisette's is named Shinghai, not Natasha. Shinghai Shoniwa.


Marian said...

Hi darling,how are you?
delish post! Great minds think alike as just posted on all the yummy glamour from the do too. Think you meant Shoniwa and not Natasha from Noisettes. Shiniw
a looks rad in David Koma and Tolula totally shines in Dolce & Gabbana. Utterly beautiful.