- New Louis Vuitton Store Opens At Chadstone
- Giorgio Armani Welcomes Cate Blanchett & the Sydney Theatre Company to NY
- Cinema Society With Screenvision & Brooks Brothers Host A Screening Of "Me And Orson Welles"
- 33rd Annual Saban Free Clinic Dinner Gala
- The 37th International Emmy Awards Gala
- London Evening Standard Theatre Awards
- The Cinema Society With Details & DKNY Men Host A Screening Of "Brothers"
- 17th Annual Diverstiy Awards Gala

Laura Dundovic. I like that she didn't overdo it with a fancy purse or necklace. This is a great fitting dress.

Natalie Hunter. I like the metallic dress paired with the colorful matte clutch. Nice look all around.

Natalie Hunter. I'm not sold on those shoes and clutch with that dress. I know she was going for the 'beachy' look, but there's something a bit off.

Kasia Z. YSL shoes to a Louis Vuitton event? For shame! At least she has the rest of the look down pat.

Cate Blanchett. PERFECTION!! I love those earrings with that dress too.

Rose Byrne. This dress is quite short, but it works. I like that the hem isn't just one straight line, the added detail gives it a pop.

Fabiola Beracasa. How not to wear lace.

Olivia Palermo. I really like this alligator skin inspired coat. Gives the usual black coat a nice pop.

Emma Roberts.

Lydia Hearst-Shaw. Wow she got it right for once, love the shape of the dress and the creamy color on her.

Amber Rose in Dolce & Gabbana. Her skin is perfection, especially highlighted by that dress.

Claire Danes. The dress is OK for me, the shoes give the look a nice pop.

Cat Deeley. Fantastic color on her, I also like the dual straps.

Kara DioGuardi. Seems like she should have pushed the look a little more.

Stephanie March in Prada. Nice nice nice! I think she should have parted her hair better to look more 40s though.

Katherine McPhee. This is the most high fashion I've ever seen her.

Alexa Chung. She mixes trends so effortlessly.

Anna Friel. She has the ability to pull off bold looks.

Natalie Portman. Liking the combination of these jewel tones with just a bit of shine.

Oliva Palermo. I have to give this girl credit, she has the most amazing eye for fashion.

Katherine McPhee. White bra with a black top? Especially when there's camera flashes involved? Hmm well maybe she was going for that look.

Jennifer Meyer Maguire. Adorable dress, I'm assuming it's Azzedine Alaia.

Emma Roberts. If she keeps dressing like this, who knows what the future holds. Although she dresses nice, I don't think she's found a particular style yet.

Agyness Dyen. Is it a boy? Is it a girl? lol. She can pull off anything anyway.

Erica Hubbard. She kind of reminds me of the old Rihanna here.

Rhyon Nicole Brown. I don't think the earrings and shoes are right for this dress.

Taraji P. Henson. Nice velvet dress, but what's going on with her eyebrows? Over plucking? That's why I never pluck mine, I've only had it done once for prom. mine are bushy and messy, but at least I've got 'em lol. I dunno she just always looks surprised.


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