Updating as the red carpet continues...
Rating: 5 being the highest 1 or less being the worst.

Shakira. RATING: 3.5 -I'm not really into her hair here, would have been sassier if she wore it down with that dress.

Rihanna. RATING: 4 - I'm giving her major points for effort and orginality, it looks like something cut out of paper.

Demi Lovato. RATING: 3.2 - This look reminds me of Katy Perry.

Paula Abdul. RATING: 3.0 - I think that fishtail is a little much for this event. This is actually a decent look considering we are talking about Paula.

Nicole Kidman. RATING: 3.6 - Seems like the dress should be a little more tailored to her body.

Colbie Callait. RATING: 2 - Although this is an improvement on last year 'snake skin' ? dress, it doesn't make it right.

Samantha Harris. RATING: 3 - I really like this halter dress, it suits her.

Kelly Clarkson. RATING: 3 - This is a really good effort for Kelly. I really like her hair and dress.

Shaun Robinson. RATING: 2.5 - She really should have worn black pumps! Her red carpet outfits always leave more to be desired.

Selena Gomez. RATING: 3.6 - She looks great, nice choice of shoes. I like the little details in this sequin dress, keeps it from being to ordinary.

Christine Woods. RATING: 3.8 - Impeccable.

Leona Lewis. RATING: 3 - She sure loves those Vivienne Westwood necklines & corset belts.

Alicia keys. RATING: 2.8 - I would have liked the dress on it's own, the rest seems a bit overkill.

Melody Thorton. RATING: 4 -This dress again? Interesting to see it in the white version.

Kayla Ewell. RATING: 3.9 -The big blow on the dress, nude shoes and red nails are a nice combination.

Carrie Underwood. RATING: 3- Her hair is adorable this way, I've never been a fan of her red carpet choices but this is probably the better ones.

Fergie. RATING: 3.8 - She's not messing around in that dress. I would have liked to see her hair slicked back with such a powerful dress.

Kristen Bell. RATING: 4 - It's all about showing a bit of midriff right now (Thanks Miu Miu). I probably would have gone for other shoes.

Keri Hilson. RATING: 3 - Better then some of her previous efforts.
Mary J. Blige. RATING: 2.9


WendyB said...

Kelly keeps getting bigger, doesn't she? I'd like to be polite and pretend I don't see it, but it's impossible to miss.


Jen jen jen!

I am thrilled to see you are back!
it is so nice!
How are you doing? What changed since we spoke to each other ?

I hope you are so fine,

all my kisses,


Pauli said...

i think that kayla and kristell are the only ones who cand ressed for this event