- MTV Europe Music Awards 2009
- The Emerald Ball
- AFI FEST 2009 Screening Of "The Road"
- AFI FEST 2009 Screening Of "Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans"

- Stella McCartney For GapKids Pop Up Store Event
- 2009 HUG Award Gala Honoring Victoria's Secret

Katy Perry. She always looks good enough to eat on the red carpet but I heard her hosting the Ryan Seacrest show a couple months back and it really put me off. She was so cheesy and fake, I'm not sure I get the whole appeal, but her music is fun.

Beyonce in her usual fishtail dress, I must say though out of all the ones she's worn this is my favorite. She seems skinnier too, but I guess touring for so long would do that.

Joss Stone. The girl has a great voice, I like her music (even though she gets a lot of flack), but she can't dress.

Juliettle Lewis. She kind of looks like a man here.

Pixie Lott. Cute dress, but I'm not sure about the big dress big hair combo.

Leona Lewis. Bring it girl! I love that she went for something different and pulled it off.

Bar Rafaeli. You think with all her money she could have worn something better then that.

Shakira. Her outfits are never co-ordinated well. First off, those shoes don't go...

L'il Kim. At least her boob isn't sticking out this time.

Miranda Cosgrove. Love that dress, looks like something you could get at Topshop.

Elizabeth Hurley. The bodice of the dress could be better here.

Eva Herzigova. This D & G dress again? I've already seen it on Beyonce & Rosario Dawson and I believe a couple others. She looks great, but she really needs to ditch the soccer mom hairstyle.

Sophie Ellis Bextor. My eyes just zone in on her shoes, WOW!

Kimora Lee Simmons. I know she's post baby, but that dress just isn't doing it for me. She needs some hot mama tips from Heidi.

Charlize Theron. She always pulls off the 40s Hollywood look well.

Mallika Sherawat. Stunning dress, I love the striped print, makes it a bit different.

Eva Mendes. I hope she keeps pulling off looks like this, she's been quite impressive the last couple of years.

Cameron Diaz. I almost don't recognize her with her hair pulled back like that.

Melanie B. There's short and then there's short...!!

Liv Tyler. Nice!

Miranda Kerr. Again this is the kind of print I call simple yet effective.

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