Kany Garcia - RATING: 4.5 - I love the heart shaped bodice on this dress, I'm in love.

Eva Longoria. RATING: 4 - I love this dress, there's a lot of detail yet it's simple. I'd love to own something similar, it goes for that bang factor, but it's classy at the same time.

Mayra Veronica. RATING: 3 - I'm not so sure about the hoop earrings...

Arlene Tur. RATING: 3.7 - Great makeup, great dress, great shoes!

Bebe in Zara. RATING: 3 - I really wanted that jacket when I was at the store, but it was a little too steep for me.

Natalie Jimenez. RATING: 2.7 - Does she need an iron? That purse is the wrong color red. This is an example of a potentially good look gone bad.

Nuestra Belleza Latina 2009 Greidys Gil. RATING: 3.9 - I know it's a pegeant dress, but I really really like it!

Cucu Diamantes. RATING: 4- That's one bold necklace! I love everything about this look, it really caught my eye.

Debi Nova. RATING: 2.8 - Looks like something you could throw together at Forever 21.

Charytin. RATING: ?? - I'm not sure what to think, I can't keep my eye off of it though.

Jimena Angel. RATING: 2.9 - It's not really for me, but she still looks cute.

India Martinez. RATING: 2 - It's like a wedding dress gone bad.

Kate Del Castillo. RATING: 3.2 - Really cute dress, but she loses points for the slightly 80s hair.

Teresa Interiano. RATING: 3.9 - Well you've got to have a body to pull of this look, and that she does. Definitely going for the sexpot factor.

Shaila Durcal. RATINGL 3.9 - She reminds me of Natalie Portman here.

Lucia Parker. RATING: 2.5 - This dress is just 'ok', maybe she should have pulled her hair up.

Ana Maria Canseco. RATING: 3 - Her makeup and earrings are really nice up close!

Claudia Brant. RATING: 1.5 - I just don't like it at all, sorry.

Maria Vasquez. RATING: 3 - it's alright.

Miss universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez. 4.7 - Without a doubt the best overall look at this event.

Paloma. RATING: 0.5 - It's trashy, pass the dress to Katie Price, she might have better use for it.

Daniela Mercury: RATING 2.7 - The structure of this dress is strange, it would have been way better short.

Kika Rocha. RATING: 4.2 - One of the best looks on the 'green carpet', nicely pulled together. I like that she still went for simple jewelry.

Laura Pausini. RATING: 4.4 - I actually really love the structure and the look of this dress, keeps it from being another ordinary black dress. Big props!

Rita Ribeiro. RATING: 2.8 - It's not erally for me, but she looks put together.

Natalia Lafourcade. RATING: 3- The nude shoes save this look.

Barbara Palacios. RATING: 3.5 - Kind of looks like an Oscar dress, I like the color it's different, but it works.

Maite Delgado. RATING: 3.5 - The shoes are a bit much, but I like that the dress is unique.

Violeta Martinez. RATINGS: 3.7 - Love the colors, it's a great look for her.

- The train keeps the dress from being too simple.

Barbara Bermudo. RATING: 3 - Her boots look like they are in pain.

Lilia Luciano. RATING: 3.5 - This is a great color blue, I love the print under the bodice. This dress fits her well, she's glowing.

Lucero. RATING: 3.8 - This dress works well with her skin tone.

Luz Rios. RATING: 3.9 - She gave it a good go with this dress, the ruffles are gorgeous.

Athina Klioumi de Marturet. RATING: 4.1 - She looks like a younger Marcia Cross here. This look reminds me of an updated Grecian goddess.

Alicia Keys. RATINGS: 2.8 - I'm not really a fan of her fashion choices, but this dress looks much better up close. The leather bodice is cute.

Marina De Oliveira. RATING: 2.5 - Because of the awful hair.

Paulina Aguirre. RATING: 2.8 - It almost looks like a maxi summer dress. It's cute, but I'm not sold in the effort department.

Marlene Favela. RATING: 4 - The words Princess and glam come to mind when I see this dress. Stunning!

Melissa Marty. RATING: 3.9 - This dress is quite unique.

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