Will be updated as the red carpet continues... (No more updates)

Carrie Underwood. Wow, she looks like a barbie doll. She'll always be on my goodside since she's dating one of our Ottawa hockey players.

Taylor Swift. It looks like an ice skating dress, just longer. I do love it, it's like she's saying "bam I'm here!".

Jennette McCurdy. Adorable girl, adorable dress.

Miranda Lambert. Her hair color looks good enough to eat, this dress looks great on her.

Michelle Branch. This is the girliest dress I've ever seen on her, I'm impressed.

Katie Armiger. The tophalf is nice, but I can't say the same about the bottom half. Too much volume...

Ashley Monroe. I like this velvet dress, but the velvet shoes are overkill.

Jennifer Nettles. Wow this dress is could be at the Oscars. Everything is working for her here, PERFECTION.

Leann Rimes. Divorce is doing her good! I like that she went for a dress that wasn't safe, I'm gaga for allt he details. I will keep this picture for future reference.

Martina McBride. I'm seeing a lot of Indian inspired beading and dresses.

Kellie Pickler. I didn't even recognize her in this dress! This whole look is a step up for her.

Nicole Kidman. More Indian inspired dresses and beading. What's up with her boobs though? They look kinda fake with the space between them, is she taking tips from Victoria Beckham?

Diana DeGarmo in Versace. This look is drop dead gorgeous!! One of my favorites at the CMAs.

Jessica Harp. Another Indian insprired dress, the beading is amazing.

Faith Hill. I think it would have had more of an effect if she had pulled her hair back.


UberOriginal said...

WTF IS up with Nicole Kidman? She has definitely had some work done on her chest, it looks weird. Unnatural. Taylor Swift's dress reminds me of the one anne hathaway wore during her oscars song and dance performance, but longer. xx

Sarah Mendelsohn said...

aww i loe taylor swift's cma dress, so cute!

Jaeve + Things said...

taylor swift is my fave! she's so gosh darn cute! and such a great person (it seems)!

hiromix said...

i gotta hand it to you, jen, you are SO fast with your updates & commentary. you're WAY better than people.com when it comes to celeb style updates :)

Juliet said...

I love Nicole's outfit, but there is something wrong with those boobs. Definitely.

juliet xxx

Ginger said...

Great post!

p.s. It's Carrie UNDERWOOD (not Washington).