Lourdes Leon. This girl is serious about her style, gotta love those studded Louboutin loafers.

Kerry Washinton. Not sure about the length of the jeans but she's looking good otherwise.

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden. Joel's really cleaned up lately, getting dressier and dressier!

Love the heels!

Tierra Marie and Bow Wow on the set of a music video. I like those high waisted shorts and the Louis Vuitton scarf is a nice touch.

Gisele Bundchen. She sure can rock a baby bump, she's gonna be the hottest mama ever.

Vanessa Hudgens. She makes me want to dye my hair super dark again.

Sienna Miller. Still tugging along her favorite Prada bag.

Ashlee Simpson. Love everything, especially the booties.

Amber Rose in an Alexander Wang jacket. This girl fascinates me.

Rachel Bilson. I love that top, I always have a problem with wrinkles in blouses like this!


Ashley Tisdale. I'm surprised she doesn't have a huge brand name glaring at us here, it's rare to see her not glad in LV or CC logos.

Rihanna. Love the outfit, but the hair...something has got to be done...

Kristen Dunst. I have got to have those shoes!

Shenae Grimes. That clutch is such a nice touch, probably one of my favorite looks from her. She's come a long way since her red carpet disaster days.

Lo Bosworth. This looks like a DVF dress to me, nice print.

Lauren Conrad in a very Lauren Conrad outfit here.

Kristen Cavallari. This is exactly something I would wear.

Kim Kardashian. I think she probably should have passed on the necklace.

Leona Lewis. Nice to see her smiling again.

Kate Bosworth. I love the combination of her hair, red lips, neutral dress and leopard print shoes. Whoever styled this did a great job.

Beyonce. That's some lipstick. I think she's being paid to carry around that metallic bag, but I'm not a fan.


Chloe said...

I love Rachel Bilson. Love her. Even though I always have to ask Husband who in the heck she is (er, where she came from). The OC or something? Doesn't matter. SHE IS TOO CUTE AND FABULOUS FOR WORDS.

And a petite little one, like me!

hiromix said...

i <3 kate b.'s outfit/ look, too~ she also looks a bit healthier than before. i love the understated luxe of skin-tone dresses & suits. ^^

rachel b.'s blush blouse is cute~ i have the same problem with creases... but in my case is that i'm a bit iron-lazy ^^


Senorita Fashionista said...

Rachel always looks incredible, especially in the dress! I agree Joel Madden is looking much better these days!

karunagirii said...

you're back!