Some things I've picked up the last couple of weeks.

I got his draw string hooded dress from American Apparel. All I can say is it looks great on, definitely suggest trying it on if you are in there. I also got these mesh leggings there, I love them. I realized I had an extensive legging collection the other day, I don't think there is a type of legging that I don't already own. I hope they are not planning on going out of style any time soon.

I made some shocking purchases at Sirens the other day. I say shocking because I usually hate that store and all the trashy cheap stuff they sell but occasionally there are gems!

I also got this peacock top there, remember when I said peacock prints would be trendy?

These bandeau tops are very trendy right now, you can see them on the Balenciaga Fall 2009 runway. These are great for wearing under long American Apparel tank tops. I got this one also at Sirens.

I got this nice loose summer dress from Elizabeth and James.

New bag from Aldo, I've gotten lots of complements on it already. I really like the gold details and zipper that goes around the flap although it's not too visible in the picture.


Janelle said...

Hey hun
Can I ask where you got your Elizabeth and James dress? because I live in Ottawa too!

Rizzo said...

cool stuff

Puebla Chic said...

hey great shopping!