Bar Rafaeli. I never thought I would like a combination of neon pink, periwinkle shoes and ruffles, but bar looks great. Like a tanned barbie doll.

Rumer Willis. Something about this isn't working for me.

LaLa Vazquez. I wish that jacket didn't have black cuffs, seems a bit much with the black details on the bustier and black pants.

Joely Richardson. Out in public already? Well, I'm not going to judge how someone chooses to grieve.

Patricia Clarkson. I hate to say it but this look reminds me of an older Jessica Rabbit. She does have the body for it though, vava voom!

Bai Ling. Why is she looking so demure lately? Where is the entertainment?

Monique Coleman. I like that she's wearing her hair natural, but she needs to put some products in there. I think she's a bit confused as to how to take care of her fro.

Jamie Chung. Very nice! I'm crazy for those shoes.

Shoshana Bush. I actually saw similar dresses to this at American Apparel except they had them stocked in the most ridiculous neon colors. No thanks.

Phoebe Price. She wins the award for the worst dressed at this award show, I'm not sure who or what she's trying to be.

Katharine McPhee. I don't think she's ever looked better. She nailed this look completely, and the gold cuff brings it all together.

Kiely Williams. I'm not liking the heavy makeup and the streak in her hair. Adam's family?

Katie Chonacas. I really love this dress, I can see myself wearing it to work.

Kayla Ewell. You've got to have the body to wear a hot little dress like this. Losing points for the hair though, looks a bit overdone.

Katie Gill. The necklace is a bit cheesy with this dress, but I like the rest of this look.

Brittny Gastineau. Upscale boho look.

Marketa Janska. Well, someone had to bring the trash.

Shawn Johnson. She may be a great gymnast, but the girl can't dress. At least it's a step up from her previous disaster, that image will forever be burned in my mind.

America Olivo. I personally would never go for a dress like this, but on her it's gorgeous. Like a Hawaiian angel hehe.

Nina Dobrev. It's been done.

Chelsea Hobbs. I'm not sure about that exact belt, cute look though.

Lara Spencer.

Christina Murphy. Messy hair, stunning dress syndrome.

Kay Panabaker. I think the necklace cheapens the look.

Evan Rachel Wood. She was definitely bringing the glam factor, one of my favorites at this award show.

Madeline Zima. It's not really doing it for me, something is off. Maybe it's the center of the dress, or the low cut of the bust.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood. Stunning!!!!! I could not keep my eye off of the pictures of this dress. To me she's the best dressed of the night along with Katherine and Evan.

Ashley Rickards. Eh...

Eva Marcille. Looks like the dress needed to be hemmed a bit, but this is one of Eva's best looks.

Bree Turner.

Naturi Naughton. Cute, I like the combination of the two colors.

Candice Accola. Normally I would walk by a dress like this, but how great does it look on?!

Lauren Storm. Another great look. Strapless dresses with fabric coming up on one shoulder is all over the red carpet lately.


I know I never said this but thank you so much for all the welcome back messages and positive feedback, I read everything you guys say. It's good to be back, I miss it too much when I'm not blogging. I'm also way behind on email, I will catch up to the messages sometime this week.


Natalie said...

Lauren Storm's dress is great! And it is unfair how Bar always looks so gorgeous...

Lexie said...

lauren storm is gorgeous! i would like E R Wood's dress better if it wasnt cinched at the waist like that.

noirohio vintage said...

LOVE Candice Accola's dress & Jacqueline MacInnes Wood looks stunning!!

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog and i visit it daily.

I have a VERY big question, do you know what is the brand of the dress of Jacqueline MacInnes Wood?

Thank you very much!