Sienna Miller. I love this entire look. I'm really wanting a similar Chanel shirt, I'm checking eBay right now.

Normally I would walk past a jacket like this because it seems like it would be for someone older, but sienna makes it look so cool.

I've got to get a denim vest like this for the summer.

I'm not really liking Rihanna's oversized hair at the moment, but she does know how to rock some serious shoulders. Probably because she's tall she doesn't look as ridiculous. I hear she missed out on a Vogue cover because of the nude picture scandal...sucks.

The Cheetah girls Sabrina Bryan & Kiely Williams. A little smallish, but they are looking good.

Mischa Barton. Those yellow shoes are overkill in my opinion, she reminds me of a sundae.

Daisey Lowe. I chose this second picture because she's working some serious Audrina Partridge ceiling eyes.

Emmy Rossum. I like this crisp nautical look a lot. She should wear her hair straight more often.

The Osbournes. I'm still getting use to Kelly's new blonde hair. I do wish she would grow it out for once, just for curiosity factor.

Naomi Campbell. The dress is cute on her, happy 39th birthday.

Audrey Tautou. This is the kinda dress that can get you through everything, work, party, dinner you name it.

Amber Rose AKA Kanye Wests ladyrobot. Those leggings are probably some of the best leopard ones I've seen so far.

Whitney Port. Normally I'm not a fan of pairing two loose items together, it's kinda a rule. Whitney has loose cropped jeans and a top, but the form fitting leather jacket pulls it all together.

I like this modern take on a 70s look, the pink shoes are a nice touch.

Ashlee Simpson. That top is perfect for a night out, I really want it.

Madonna. She's look nice here and quite age appropriate.

Michelle Williams. She looks adorable in that fedora and dress, Matilda looks like she's well loved.

Stephanie Pratt. She was definitely trying to make a fashion statement with this look, I love those shorts, they way they sit. I really want to get a similar pair for the summer.

Jessica Alba.

She looks very inch the hot mom here, I love the color combinations of the purple bag and green dress.

Mary-Kate Olsen. Well what can, I'm a bit tired of her grunge phase.

Kim Kardashinan. Tulip style skirts are very trendy right now.

I really like the leopard swimsuit Khloe Kardashian has on, I wouldn't mind it myself.

Queen Latifa. I think this is probably one of the best dresses she's worn, it suits her perfectly.

Keisha Cole. I'm normally not a fan of her style, but she looks cute here.

Vanessa Hudgens.

Kate Waterhouse bringing the oversized shoulders to Australia. She pulls off the look quite nicely, she's really on my fashion radar as far as Australia is concerned. She's setting the bar down there.

Michelle Obama. What can we say besides stunning as usual?

Ashley Tisdale. I need boots just like that, my life isn't complete without them hehe.

Nicky Hilton. I like how she always finds a balance between edgy and girly.

Lauren Conrad. That fringe scarf is quite cool, I wonder what chances she'll make to her clothing line when it comes back?

Diane Kruger letting loose at an after party in Cannes.

Christina Aguilera. I'm not really a fan of the supershort bangs on her, but she pulls them off. I like this classic Christina look and her clown makeup seems under control.

Peaches Geldof. She actually pulls off this futuristic look quite well if only she wasn't a stuck up spoiled brat.

Great outfit, quirky but put together. I wish my boobs were small enough that I could wear a corset like this.

Audrina Partridge. I'm still getting use to this new blonde version of her.

That skirt reminds me of Thakoon and Marc Jacobs two seasons ago.

Nicole Richie. I had so many looks of hers to catch up on when I got back from my trip.

I watched her on Larry King Live yesterday, I was so impressed with how much she's matured. It's too bad we can't say the same for Paris.

I love the colors of this dress, it's like a water color painting.

That long circle pendant must be new in the House of Harlow line.

Lindsay Lohan. I have the feeling she gets up everyday, chooses an outfit and hams it up for the paparazzi. I just can't believe how many pictures there are of her out there...

Nice shoes.
Nice corset and jeans, but I think you need to eat.

I wish we had Topshop here in Canada, surely I would find similar jeans.

Beyonce has never really been on my fashionista radar, but she's been stepping it up lately. Trying to give Rihanna some competition?

Solange Knowles. I'm really into her new bangs, I'm thinking of giving myself bangs again too.

Genieve Jones. It's been one hot look after another this past month.

Kate Moss.

Rachel Bilson. As much as I love her, all her outfits are starting to blend into one for me.

That scarf reminds me of the one I bought at Blanco in London, but hers looks nicer.

I'm assuming Hayden is required to be at the French open as part of his Lacoste endorcements.

Julia Roberts. I think she's looking great for having three kids. Cute bag and scarf too.

M.I.A. That jacket just won't stop, she looks great in it though.

Jennifer Lopez. This is a great color on her, I hope she can salvage her career somehow.

Cameron Diaz. I hear she and Paul broke up, shame they seemed happy together.

Toni Braxton. I normally don't like anything she wears, but this dress is cute and it suits her well.

Estelle. I'm going to see her this summer at Bluesfest I can't wait. She's like an older British Rihanna with her funky style.

Sarah Michelle Gellar. Can't wait for that big baby bump.

Courntey Love. Dare I say she looks cute here. I hear she's getting suied by Amex or something for 350,000$ ouch...



Debbie Shiamay said...

OMG it must have taken you ages to compile this amazgine post! I love them!! Makes me want to run on a shopping spree altho im completely broke now.

Silver said...

is it just me or has emmy rossum lost weight? she looks stunning there.
audrey tautou is devine. can't wait to see the coco chanel movie.
at least mk isn't wearing lennon's glasses. i do wish that audrina would go back to being a brunette and that lindsay would put on a little weight.
so glad to see you're back, lots of love.

LML said...

hahah celiling eyes... i love it!

jayne said...

sienna's chanel nautia t-shirt is amazing, she's been looking fantastic lately

audrey tatou dress is just perfection, i hope to find something that timeless, unique, and wearable sometime!

lindsay lohan is such a mess, and not a hot mess, just a mess

WendyB said...

Rihanna stole my '80s hair! Well, it looks like she's taking good care of it, so that's okay.

Alya said...

Audrey Tatou is just the cutest thing ever!

by the way, I've got an awesome watch to giveaway at my blog. The contest ends today, so join in while you can!

stilettostetico said...

So I vote for Naomi Campbell because She's truly THE "HOTTest Psycopath
on the World" !!!!
ps: I don't know who Kate Waterhouse is BUT her style is very "Fashion Week-esque", both Sexy,sharp and sophisticate . . .
re-ps: Oooooooh YES Michelle Obama = sculptural Stylishness at his Best !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Marian said...

amazing post. great looks all around. loved the stripes,prints and patterns best!
muah x


thank god ur back i was missing u so much!!!

Eyeliah SS said...

oh yes, I lived in my denim vest last summer and there is no change on that for this year.