First off, you've gotta laugh at the title of this award show because there's nothing A-list about the people at this event, unless your looking at it from Bravo standards.

Padma Lakshmi looking gorgeous in Dolce & Gabanna. This is the shorter runway version of the dress that Marissa Miller wore to the Country Music Awards last night. Victoria Beckham has also wore this short version as well.

Milla Jovovich. Now this is Milla style all over!

Paris Hilton. Although she's looking a little less of a train wreck then the last few weeks, this dress is still terrible, it looks like something I would make in art class with paper mache.

Tori Spelling. I like the overall idea of this look, the toga like gown and blue shoes, but the girl needs to eat something.

Ana Ortiz. She's glowing!

Kelly Rowland. The dress is cute, but the hair I'm not so sure about. Did you hear about the rumor that she might be Beyonce & Solange's half sister? That her dad apparently an illegitimate daughter? I kind of believe it a little because I remember watching this episode of MTV Cribs years ago and Kelly said she's lived with them since she was young and they always talked about her she and Beyonce were so close, like sisters. I also think she mentioned something about her mom that seemed a little suspect, but I can't remember.

Kim Kardashian. I'm not normally a fan of this sort of bustline, but Kim pulls it off nicely. This dress reminds me of the Oscar one Beyonce wore on the red carpet a few years back.

Khloe Kardashian. She's still my favorite Kardashian sister fashion wise.

Kourtney Kardashian. Just no.

Shanna Moakler. I don't think she's looked this good in ages, and those smokey eyes are done to perfection!

Tila Tequila. I normally hate everything Tila wears, but this dress is cute. I would have liked to see more neutral makeup, but that's not very Tila.

Rachel Zoe. I think I saw her on the cover of Allure magazine while going grocery shopping yesterday, and it was full face! It scared me so I went to the next aisle. haha.

Aubrey O'Day. It's bad enough that the dress is wrinkled, but does it have to be ill fitting too?

Kathy Griffin. Nice!

Jenny McCarthy in Gucci. I'm really amazed on how this Gucci Spring collection has looked great on everyone that's worn it.

Emily Procter.

Kendra Wilkinson. I've never been a fan of this color combination.


Ginnifer Goodwin in Matthew Williamson for H & M. I have to say some of the pieces in this line are very expensive! I though the whole point was for it to be inexpensive? Although it's nothing compared to runway prices. People that can drop 2-300 hundred on one dress from this collection probably don't need to shop at H & M that often;) I'm a bit disappointed, but I know there will be some well priced cute items too.


Paul Pincus said...

love khloe k.!

Anonymous said...

padma looks fine. Love the milla dress (by herself?!). my fav remains ana ortiz!!!

WendyB said...

Kim K. looks divine.

Savvy Mode SG said...

love the gucci dress and tori spelling looks pretty good in the white one shoulder dress. wouldnt mind wearing it myself too!

Kira Fashion said...

This last dress is amazing, looks like a cool caftan :)

kisses Jen!