Taylor Swift. I never really imagined her in this kind of red dress. I think she look nice, but she would look even better if she fixed her roots.

Miley Cyrus. She always dresses too old for her age, but this dress is an improvement. I think she was actually one of my favorites at this event. I know, shocking.

Carrie Underwood. *Tow claps for her* she finally wore a decent dress on the red carpet.

Kellie Pickler. Definitely a mermaid look gone too far.

Julianne Hough in what I'm pretty sure is modified Zuhair Murad. She looks like a barbie here! My second favorite look of the night.

Reba McEntire. I like that the shape of the dress is flattering on her.

Emily West. The snakes on the dress is just too much for me.

Jennifer Love Hewitt. Boring dress as usual, she always rides such a fine line on the red carpet.

Lee Ann Womack. This dress reminds me of the Christian Dior one Olivia Wilde wore not long ago.

Martina McBride. Nice detail at the top.

Nicole Kidman. I think it would have been better maybe without the slit at the back? Just makes it seem a bit much.

LeAnn Rimes. I like this look, I've noticed a trend of bright pink lipstick and nails lately.

Camilla Alves and Matthew McConaughey. I really like the collar and the back of her dress, it gives it some character.

Miranda Lambert. Average dress, she could have kicked it up a notch with edgy black heels and a black clutch.

Marissa Miller in Dolce & Gabbana. See who wore it better below.

Hillary Scott. This dress is wrinkled, it also looks like it needs another fitting. That being said, I love the color and jewelry.

Kaley Cuoco. It looks a little too summery for an award show, but I love love love this dress and the shoes she paired it with are perfect.




J'Adore Fashion said...

love camilla's dress!!!

嘿嘿 said...

i dont think that dress suits Miley Cyrus,besides,her hair is so messy

WendyB said...

I find all of these interesting to look it, whether in a good or bad way doesn't matter!

Anonymous said...

julianne hough/marissa miller are beautiful by the face/make up. Love the dresses of carrie and camilla alves!

Allie said...

Julianne Hough is unbelievably pretty. Barbie like, indeed.

Brigadeiro said...

Camilla's dress is the winner for me, stunning! :)

|ME said...

I totally love Miley and Kaley Couco's look here!
I didn't know Kaley was such a risk taker...