Post #900!

Keira Knightley at the airport in Calgary today. Apparently she's there to surprise her boyfriend Rupert who's filing a movie up here. I really like her Minnetonkas I guess it goes well with the Canadian theme;)
Keira in Regina. Regina! Of all places... (no offence, please;))

Nicole Richie. She looks a little sad here, but sweet. She should wear this color blue more often. It looks great on blondes.

She's wearing her headbands again? I didn't realize how much I missed this look on Nicole.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Proenza Schouler Pre-Fall shoes.

Lily Allen performing yesterday. I love this look, I wish I had boobs small enough to fit into a top like that without spillage, I'm so jealous.

Solange. Banana print leggings? Now I've seen everything.

Megan Fox. What's up with wearing lace tights out like that? They are not pants! First Shenae Grimes, and now her?

Brandy. I feel bad that her newest album didn't do well again because her songs are really amazing. She's suffering from the Mandy Moore syndrome.

Ashley Tisdale. I've said it a million times, I'll say it again she's such a label whore. Why does she feel the need to always cover herself in monograms?

Kate Moss. I like this simple sailor look on her.

Halle Berry and adorable Nahla. She's going to be a heartbreaker. I've lost all interesting in Suri, I can't believe it lasted so long haha.

Diane Kruger in a 3.1 Philip Lim skirt. Perfection as always, the fashion Gods should be bowing to Diane. She wears everything with such elegance and grace, I don't know how she does it.

Sophia Coppola carrying one of the bags she designed for Louis Vuitton.

Ciara. I wanted that belted top, would be so good for me at work because it's always cold there.

Tatiana Ali. That skirt has to be from American Apparel, I'm pretty sure I have it.

Lindsay Lohan really likes that jacket.

Lindsay in her Balmain blazer again.

Audrina in Sydney. If you are walking around Sydney do you really go around with just a clutch? it just seems a bit strange in the middle of the day.

Zhang Ziyi. She's so gorgeous, although I'm not sure that I like this Louis Vuitton number on her all that much.

Blake Lively outside of Letterman.

Blake ready for Letterman, she looks great. It's too bad she's had such a rough fashion year in 2008, hopefully some better looks from her this time around.

The KKK sisters. They all look nice, except I'm not too fond of Kourtney's top.

Scarlett Johansson in an American Apparel hoodie. I wore the same one in the same color under coats all winter, I just wish it was still as cosy as the day I bought it...time takes a toll...

Drew Barrymore wearing suspenders? Is she trying to bring this old trend back?

Doutzen Kroes. She's dating Lenny Kravitz's cousin. Nice.

Khole Kardashian. She's my favorite out of the sisters, I also think she has the most genuine style.


Eva Amurri helping kick off the metallic trend.

Jennifer Love Hewitt with her new boyfriend. I'm shocked that she seems to be in a deep relationship already after calling off her engagement a couple months back. This girls moves quick, I also know that's she's dated a lot of people in Hollywood, I don't think she likes to stay single long.

Jennifer Lopez lands in Japan.

Jessica Biel. I was watching Justin Timberlake on Oprah today and he says a lot of his inspiration for this label William Rast comes from her tomboy style. How sweet...

Delta Goodrem somewhere in Sydney.

Estelle. She has the most amazing eyes, they are almost fairy like. I want them!

Anna Kournikova. Is she going to marry Enrique already?

Shenae Grimes. It looks like she's wearing a Betsey Johnson dress on the left.

Kerry Perry. I actually really like this suede and zipper dress. I would not personally wear it, but on her it looks cool.

Paris Hilton. She seemed to be a lot calmer when she was dating Benji, now she's crazier then ever. Homegirl looks like a man in drag.

Fergie. This metallic dress actually looks great against her new hair color. I'm loving Metallics and the futuristic look right now, so fabulous.

Victoria Beckham. I don't have to say anything, because with Posh everything is obvious.

Mandy Moore. I want that necklace.

Nicky Hilton.

Heidi, Seal and Leni. I see Heidi has gotten into the ripped jeans trend too.

Katie Holmes. She needs to get her extentions back because she looked so much younger.

Papa Karl Lagerfeld and Freida Pinto. This picture is a little old, it's from Paris Fashion week, but I love it so much I had to post it.


This is a must watch, so interesting and Carine is adorable.

One of the outfits from the Viedo, only she could get her hands on Balenciaga Fall 2009 so quickly! I hear the beaded tops along cost 50,000!!

From the movie Confessions of A Shopaholic, such a cute song.



Anonymous said...

a lot of pics on this saturday! looks great.
Love the casual style of Keira.The jacket of Gwyneth. the skirt of Diane (i have the same style last week with a zara skirt and low boots). Love the lanvin delta dress, right?
And sure the carine roitfeld interview is grea but not so innovative.

The Seeker said...

Great post as always, darling

And yes, Nicole looks a little sad....


嘿嘿 said...

could you please tell me which series the gucci bag of Kate Moss is from ? thank you in advance.

Alya said...

I disagree on Khloe Kardashian. I think she tries a little too hard to look stylish.
On the other hand, Kourtney has a genuine and unique style. She doesnt try too hard to look sexy like Kim, and she doesnt follow trends like Khloe. She has her own thing going on.

copperoranges said...

nahla and harlow both are absolutely beautiful toddlers!

Savvy Mode SG said...

Ms. Palthrow is just too gorgeous. I saw Zhang ZiYi years ago at a party and she looked much prettier in person.

Marian said...
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keira antoia rose said...

Keira looks great in her Minnetonkas. I like the lace leggings! Kate Moss looks so refined and older, in a positive way. Diane Kruger probs my favorite look of this post. Lohan's long hair makes her look so...cool. I love it. It made me realize just how long my hair is. I like Shenae Grime's style. Not digging the Uggs with the possible Betsey Johnson dress though.
Lovely post :)

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen

Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! And also thanks for posting the CNN thing on Carinne I wanted to see it but I didnt know when it would ear in my country and I will reply tp your comments on myblog I dont know if thats handy or not :P anyways one more question could you mabye link me?


Eden said...

hi jen,

you're right about the lace tights under shirts or cardigans--i don't get that either! i agree with you about diane--she gets a lot of flak from the press for being avant-garde sometimes but i personally love her style.

great blog you have here! hope you could check out mine and link me up as well?



jessica said...

cnn , how i love thee .
and for far more than just this carine feature :)

& i neeeever realized that the kardashian sisters = KKK . haha , funny funny .
did you hear about the prono flick about them ? it was called 'keeping it up with the kardASSians' .. who thinks of these things ?!?

Dooder City said...

Lindsay really needs to gain some weight. I think the reason why she wears that coat over and over again is because she is broke (well, broke celebrity standards). Nicole looks awesome.

nikky said...

thanks for the lovely comment!

exchange links?


Denise said...

you are my everyday happy pill, hihi. i feel good reading your posts, it's like an everyday supply of free magazine. hihi.

keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Solange again! I love her tights!! All the Kardashian girls are cool, they seem genuine and unaffected by 'Hollywood' I guess it's because they have a good family thats tight nit. xx

alis said...

Hey Jen,
You asked about shopping in London, well the sales were already over so everything was full price, I couldn't really stray from the usual Topshop-H&M-Urban Outfitters(we don't have the last two in turkey). Topshop alone took 3 hours of my limited time, so freaking big, so I would rather explore the city than spend time in a shopping mall. There is a Yumi store in Notting Hill if you like that sort of thing. I went to Portobello Road Market on Saturday, nice but no clothes, mostly knick-knacks. Also went to the East End; Columbia Rd flower market on Sunday, that was awesome if you're into flowers and cute gardening/home shops. After that I hit the Spitalfields Market which was lively and had a lot of vintage stalls, some cheap, some not, seemed nice. If you're really into vintage continue on from Spitalfields market towards Brick Lane, vintage shops are all over the place. It was very crowded and smelled of fried food, I didn't like the area as it was rather slovenly but it was the main hangout of the London youth :P
Oh by the way Covent Garden had a couple of cute shops too. But if you're into cheap&efficient shopping like me I would stick to Oxford/Regent streets. I didn't have time to explore Selfridges, which I regret, I hear the home section is very good.

One good tip could be not to depend on the tube so much, I realized after a few days that sooo much walking/stair climbing underground and changing trains is a loss of time, buses are better if you want to see the city, they're easier to use than it seems.

ps:If you are there on Saturday do not miss the Borough Market, it's such a nice experience and the food is AMAZING. Buy coffee from Monmouth or you'll regret it :)

ps2: You might want to buy Elle UK this month because it has such an AWESOME high street buys guide, it's so good, don't go shopping without checking it out!

alis said...

Oh commented way too long but I just wanted to add that the East End is not on the free central city maps, you might want to print a little map of the area. I really liked www.londontown.com for finding out what shop is near what.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is THE best, I´m obsessed, it is my daily essential ;) Love all the celebrities you write about, you give me so much inspiration! Have a nice day =)

Anonymous said...

"without spillage", haha you're really funny. i love drew's outfit. so cute. she reminds me of my cousin. solange is tired though. ugh. a pale version of beyonce. what has she ever done besides being beyonce's sister to get this recognition? blaah.

Juliet said...

Now I can watch Carine while I eat breakfast :D

juliet xxx

Daphné said...

Great post! I love the pink dress Blake Lively was wearing at the Letterman Show, really edgy.
(And thanks a lot for your nice comment on my blog, I'm flattered!)

Barb. said...

nicole looks really sad! =(


[***Fresh&Fab***] said...

fergie looked hot, Lindsey is toooo skinny,

daisyamy said...

love this post :)


dapper kid said...

Keira looks fabulous, those Minnetonkas are so great! Halle Berry and Nahla look sooo cute :) And Jessica Biel and Delta Goodrem look fantastic. Oh and I am totally loving Heidi Klum in the ripped jeans and sneaks!

Anonymous said...

another great post--I love all your commentary with these images...so much eye-candy :-)

J'Adore Fashion said...

love kieira's causal outfit--the blue looks great on nicole!! x

WTF said...

I loove Keira look--I also really like that neon green sweatshirt that Ahsley is wearing--I need one--It would be perfect for spring.

Penny said...

Nicole Richie does look really, really sad!

Winnie said...

Yay, I love your posts.

Lily looks great lately. I do like her style. Megan Fox's tights look ok to me, but maybe they would be better as thicker leggings?

ellesappelle said...

Thank you for posting Carine on CNN. I've just watched it - she's amazing!