Cameron Diaz. Personally I find the ripped skinny jeans with a red and black polka dot top a bit much. It seems to work for her, but only slightly.

Ashley Tisdale.

I remember when Hayden Panettiere wore this dress a few months back, I loved it then and I still do now. It's can be a DIY if you have the patience.

Miranda Cosgrove. I'm not sure how I feel about the bow them everywhere. (hair, belt, shoes and possibly the ring too.)

America Ferrera. This is a bit of a vampy look for her, but she manages to look so fresh at the same time.

Amber Valetta. You can't do wrong in Preen.

Miley Cyrus. it should have been a bit shorter, seems a bit much for a kids award show.

Megan Fox. I don't like you, and stop being so full of yourself because you don't have good style sense.

Keke Palmer. Loving her eye makeup, she looks adorable.

Zacquisha. Just ignore Vanessa and you have good eye candy.

Colbie Caillat. Cute, but it does look like she could have picked up the dress at Forever 21. There's nothing wrong with that, but sometimes you have to be careful with choices that look too mainstream.

Brenda Song. The upper half of this dress reminds me of Temberley London or Alberta Ferretti.

Italia Ricci. She looks so much like Ali Lohan, another long lost sister?

Demi Lovato. Wow she looks so different, not like her usual tomboy self. Apparently a lot of people didn't believe that she was latina at first (Not sure why, because if she says she is, then she is!), but it's pretty evident here. Where's Selena Gomez?

Paula Abdul. Horrifying us all over again.

Canadian girl Andrea Lewis from Degrassi. Someone has been shopping at American Apparel. I also don't remember her boobs ever being that big, is it the top or the bra or did she have them done?

Emma Roberts seems to have a case of Audrina Partridge's ceiling eyes.

Ana Ortiz. I had no idea she was pregnant, I wonder how that will play out on Ugly Betty since she has to wear all those sexy clothes on the show.

Venessa Williams. She seems to have just as impressive of a style sense as her Character on Ugly Betty. I hope I'm as cool as her when I'm her age, I can't believe she has 5 kids. Everytime I see pictures of her I think of the move Dance With Me with Latin singer Chayanne. They are so hot together in that move!! The thing is on youtube so there is no excuse, I highly recommend it. In my top favorites.

Tyra Banks. She's always a disaster with evening dresses on the red carpet, so I'm glad she chose a suit this time.

Jasika Nicole. Cute dress, but the shoes are WRONG on so many levels.

Heather Matarazzo. She really pulled herself together, dare I say her best look yet?

Devyn Simon from The Real World. I'm currently watching this online I'm on thE 5th episode so I have a long way to go. I wish they would send them overseas again, The Real World Sydney was sooooo good. It's was fun to see them walking around places I'd been and go to clubs I'd hung out in. I think it would be even cooler if they took a bunch of people from different countires and put the in a house together, now that would truly be THE REAL WORLD!

Canadian Makeup artist and Canada's Next Top Model host Jay manuel. His hair looks like frozen grass, I love you Jay, but it's a bit much this time.

Charlotte Ross. Wow she's gorgeous and that hair to me seems like a perfect shade of blonde.

Emily Deschanel. Normally I hate orange and black together because it reminds me of Halloween, but in this case it works. The gold earrings really bring the look together.

Katie Cleary. Prom?

Marg Helgenberger. I think she's too small for this dress, it needs to be filled out better.

Heather Mills. Is she wearing her left over outfits from dancing with the stars?

Ginnifer Goodwin. I love her earrings, definitely the best dressed there.

Claudia Jordan. Is she going to the prom along with Katie Cleary?

Persia White. She got a lot of new tattoos since Girlfriends ended. I really like the tribal look they have, so cool.

Gabrielle Anwar. Somebody stop the bubble dresses/skirts/tops, it's too bad because the this could have been a cute look. I'm not so sure about the shoe choice either...


arienette said...

i believe selena is in puerto rica

WendyB said...

America really looks good in that dress.

Marian said...

Keke palmer is so adorable!!!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

arienette - Doesn't that sitll make her Latina? lol

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Tyra's looking cracking these days! x

Shannon Teresa Boodram said...

Andrea Lewis did not have her breasts done, as a matter of fact it a lot of articles she's talked about how a big chest can actually make you self-conscious so she tries to hide them, that's why you probably didn't know. She's got an awesome blog :D www.thosegirlsarewild.com

Ms Fox looks hot Jay Manuel is bomb. lol @ paula abdul

city.swag.ger said...

I think fashion on a retail and mass market level especially in our country. is definitely becoming safer and sticking more so to re-inventing classics. in response to the recession.

But there are those artist/designers out there who choose to use this as an opportunity to be more creative and innovative ei: Gareth Pugh. Fashion is definitely becoming more innovative everyday because its a forward moving business in which we need change to be a driving factor.

I just went to see the Valentino movie and it was very bittersweet. It is really sad to see the commercial direction that fashion is taking globally. But i think there will always be those few innovators out there who will strive to keep it as true to the craft as they can.

Alya said...

In my opinion, I think Cameron Diaz always dresses appropriately for the Nickelodeon Awards. Its a place where you can let loose and have fun and dress smart casual.(Which is the opposite of how Vanessa Hudgens decided to look! How awful!)