Ashley Olsen! God I thought Mary-Kate had locked up up again so she could rule their empire. Clearly Ashley has been behaving well and Mary-Kate decided to let her out of her cage for the day.

I will never like those John Lennon sunglasses on her, sorry. I saw that they started selling them in stores recently. I honestly believe that these girls set trends, whenever they wear something, something similar turns up in stores a month later.

Reese Witherspoon. I have been waiting in anticipation for someone to wear Rodarte fall 2009!

ALL HAIL LIYA KABEDE! 31 year old goodwill ambassador and married mother of two opened up Balenciaga for Fall/Winter 2009. That is so ferosh!

Vanessa Hugens. I'm not normally into white jeans, but she wears them well.

Lindsay Lohan is apparently trying to get signed to IMG models. I guess she's given up on acting?

Here is her commercial for Fornarina clothing:

Speidi at a Lakers game. I only just saw those pictures of Heidi working out on the beach in the rain while Spencer is holding an umbrella over her head, so shameless!!

Fergie. Nicole Richie. Harlow definitely wants to be picked up! I wonder what they are going to name the new baby? Or babies as rumored, her bump has definitely grown quite quickly.

Rihanna, I know you want to show everyone that you are okay, but do you have to try so hard? I know shoulders and fur are trendy right now, but this is too much.

Rihanna or Jacquetta Wheeler?

Kate Moss.

Whitney Port. She can be a bit touch and go when it comes to fashion, but she's looking nice here.

Katy Perry.

Lauren Conrad. I love that Chanel, it seems to me like she has quite an impressive collection. I'm really thinking of investing in a Chanel purse maybe in a few months...we'll see. Either that Chanel or the blue Louis Vuitton that Alexa Chung was carrying last week.

Dita Von Teese.

Ginnifer Goodwin. OMG, where did she get those tights? They are so fabulous, probably my favorite look of the week.

Kate Bosworth.

Lucy Liu. Perfection as always.

Agyness Deyn. I really wanted those studded converses, but I hear they are a pretty simple DIY. I might have to try it out sometime.

Our favorite wax figure Genevieve Jones.

Courntey Cox. This outfit is amazing on her, the modern lines going down the front keep this look very fresh and young, but the cut of it keeps it age appropriate.

Paris Hilton. I still can't believe she's dating Doug...she's getting older now, can't she just settle down? After all the men she's been with, how could she not have found the right now? I'm sure most women haven't even been with a quarter of the men she's allegedly been with.

Fergie. I'm still not sure how I feel about that hair.

Sienna Miller. I have the feeling she's dressed in Twenty8twelve.

Halle Berry. Looking like a hot mama.

Eva Longoria.


Eva Longoria or Jessica Stroup?

The kids from Slumdog Millionaire modelling during India Fashion Week.

Kelly Osbourne and her model boyfriend Luke. He looks like he put his finger into an electric socket or something.

Anna Dello Russo. Wow. I've updated the Balmain collection style post.

Megan Fox or Kroutney Kardashian?

Mischa Barton. Does she really work out with all that jewelry or is she just hamming it up for the paps?

Chanelle Hayes. I want that dress!

Jessica Simpson. Say what you want, but she looks amazing here. I really admire her for the way she's handled all the criticism and flack she got about her weight.

Rachel Bilson. My second favorite of the week, I love the color of her velvet jacket.

90210 SEASON
AnnaLynne McCord. Dolce & Gabbana? This girl scares me a little...I get the impression that I would not want to get on her bad side.

Jessica Lowndes. The color and draping of the dress is perfection on her.

Shenae Grimes. I think she's trying to be the Canadian version of Mary-Kate Olsen, but sadly it's not really working for her. I like this look, but the skirt is a little too full.

Jessica Stroup. That broach keeps the dress from being too ordinary. She always dresses well.

Tristan Wilds who plays Shenae's adopted brother on the show. I'm really posting this picture because this girlfriend(?). I love those lace tights!

I'm so happy that she got to do a collaboration with an American artist, this is huge for her. This song is great, and I'll support anything that elevates Australian Aborigionals. (I do realize she's also part Indonesian) Go girl.



WendyB said...

I don't like those Olsen girls biting my sunglass style. Lock 'em both up!

Biru said...

Hmm... Fergie's roots are brown. Creepy.

Marietta said...

I have so many favourites from this, i cant choose!

Lesley said...

I love the Olsens! Even if Ashley's bag is bigger than she is!

ph said...

I've always felt that way about Rihanna. I love Vanesa's white jeans!

J'Adore Fashion said...

LOVE the olsens, Reese looks great in the rodarte--am really loving vanessa's white jeans, and top!
ps: thanks for the wishes :) xx

Cris Lazoru said...

Loved the olsens! and your comments were funny! reese looks amazing in rodarte


Winnie said...

You're right about the Olsens, they do set so many trends!

That Lindsay Lohan advert makes me laugh, its so bad!

S.Elisabeth said...

Ahaha the Ashley Olsen comment made me crack up. And yeah I didn't even like the glasses on John Lennon, let alone Mary-Kate.
And Fergie! Ahh blone again, pleassee. At least don't middle part it.
And maybe Mischa just changed back into her jewelry after? Cause that would be funny if she worked out in all of that.
oh! Ginnifer Goodwin, ah I love her. Ever since Mona Lisa Smile, I fell in love with how she can play the victim, and yet still pull out strong without being a damsel in distress.
AH and last, Jessica Simpson looks STUNNING, that dress is beautiful. Yay for her =)

Secretista said...

I am in love with Fergie's new hair color! Although... people usually go lighter for Spring...

Maverick said...

Thanks for the updates! That pic of the two from slumdog millionaire is SOOO adorable!! :)

Anonymous said...

I really like Jessica Maulboy shes so talented. and seems like a genuinely nice person. Lindsay and Mischa are so disgusting these days, Im so sick of seeing them/reading about them. Pretty much everyone else looked great, especially liked Reece's look. xx

Juliet said...

Reese in Rodarte looks great!

juliet xxx

coco said...

I didn't see these pics of Nicole, she looks really good.

LML said...

i am currently OBSESSED with reece's rodarte dress!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post--couldn't agree more with the commentary that goes along with the images...love it!

Vintage Tea said...

Great post! Loved the picks this week

Click here to visit me at Vintage Tea!


dapper kid said...

I am not too keen on those Lennon glasses, but she does look amazing otherwise there. And Reese looked absolutely gorgeous in the Rodarte!! Aggy's outfit looked pretty cool, and yup, the studded converses take about a half hour to do at home :) Oh and Eva definitely wore it better!!

Alya said...

I dont like Fergie's hair at all! Especially now that the lighter roots are showing.

I also think you should invest in the Chanel. I have one and it is a classic! You can wear it forever, and even give it to your grandkids and it will still be stylish.

Jackie said...

Awesome post. Crop Top is back! Love the way Kate Bosworth mixed simple casual with the heels and minimal jewelry!

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

I love that Ashley's bag is bigger than she is! x

city.swag.ger said...

i really like Jessica Stroup. and the length on her I'd have to say beats longoria by a long shot. and OHMG. GOOOo reeese!!! this has to be the most non calvin klein and fashion forward ive EVER seen her in!

clouds of tulle said...

hi thanks for your comment on my shoes. Really? Rihanna would want them? haha.

i love your blog, keeps me updated with the celebs. <3

Summer said...

I kinda like Rihanna.;D
But i love the most Lucy Liu..;D
Thanks for sharing us those great pics..

Barb. said...

i don't like MK's sunglasses too!!


mode.ulation said...

Awesome post!! I love Reese Witherspoon's Rodarte dress, it's beautiful. You have a wonderful blog, would you like to exchange links?

Kira Fashion said...

hi jen!

How are you doing?
I am so fine :)

About those John Lennon sunglasses, I agree with you...they only worked for Lennon...just him...

a kiss for you!

ijaw girl said...

dayum! reese looks seriously bangin'.love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Nicole Richie and Harlow are so cute, I think she has an amazing style. As for Lindsay Lohan, I like what she wears, but not a big fan of her Commercial. Hey I'm also going to link you to my page. I love your Blog.