I realized while looking at pictures of Olivia Palermo from The City that I'm pretty sure she has the same vest I just got from Zara the other day. Of course since I was in Montreal to See Britney I had to make an obligatory stop at H & M. (By the way they are finally going to open a Forever 21 there in August, right across from H & M on St. Catherine go figure)

I got this ruffle dress, I just tired it on for fun but it actually really comfortable and suited me well I can see myself wearing it lots for the summer. I also tried this polka dot swimsuit for fun and was really surprised by how cute it was on so I bought it too.

I have to say for the price H & M makes the best coats!!! I just bought one when I was in New York and I was a bit hesitant about getting another, but this is the exact coat I've been looking for since I saw something similar at Topshop. The pictures don't really do it justice haha.

I'm really liking this black dress I ended up changing into it for the Britney concert. I was only 14.95, a steal in my opinion.

Remember the faux denim high waisted leggings I bought at American Apparel a couple months back? Probably not, but I was pretty disappointed with them. I found something better and more comfortable for half the cost at H & M. They look so much more like jeans that they even fooled my boyfriend, not bad for cotton!

I picked up the lace top at Urban Behaviour and the childlike Cardigan at Urban Outfitters.

The hoodie is from American Apparel, I've kinda gone off hoodies the last year or so in favor of more dressed up looking sweaters, but I couldn't resist this one. The distressed Tie-Dye look makes you feel so cool.

How does Urban Behaviour do it? I remember when I found the exact same headband that Peaches Geldof has ( I didn't know till after I bought it) a while back. I notice that they seem to turn over celebrity looks very quickly. Let's not forget though, the quality there is completely subpar, you get what you pay for.


Amanda said...

the vest is amazing! how much did it cost if i may ask?

xoliquoricexo said...

love your vest!!

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

great items, I really like the leggings.

interruptedbeauty said...

All the clothes and accessories you bought are amazing. I love it and I am sure you know what its all about and how to collaborate the look. I am going to a tea party and have no idea what to wear. I should go and slap myself. Great post!

Hot Bot said...

Great haul Jen!

Ediot said...

great finds. i watch the city. great way to get away from everyday.. haha

alis said...

I just got back from London, ppl were soooo nicely dressed! Gathered a lot of style inspiration from there.. I bought a pair of amazingly comfortable denim leggings from Urban outfitters, they are actually denim but are very thin and stretchy, with an elastic waist. You would like it! I also got the Aztec studded ankle boots from Topshop(it's on their site) which is my favorite buy of the year!

One big trend there was this: girls were carrying mid-size or small handbags, and a large fabric tote as well, for the excess stuff and for shopping. So everyone had at least 2 bags! Cheap, patent ballet flats were a hit too, I did't see many people in heels or platforms.

TLT said...

AH ha! I ALMOST got that vest from Zara a couple months ago! Now looking at it again, I regret not buying it! It's such a great versatile piece :)