So on Friday I went to see The Pussy Cat Dolls and Britney in concert in Montreal. There were definitely some good points and bad points. Most of my bad points stem with The Bell center in Montreal, what a disorganized chaos! I've never been to a concert there before, but they seemed to have a huge problem getting people in, in an orderly way as a result the show had already started when we got in. To make things worse there wasn't any clear signage as to where you should enter depending on your tickets.

I've been to loads of concerts in Ottawa (even in Australia) and never have had this much trouble getting into an arena. So take note if you are going to see a concert in Montreal, make sure you are plenty early or know your way around because there are no signs!

We had general admission tickets which meant we would be on the floor close to the stage right? NO! They put the gates to the VIP section so far back that everyone in general admission were pretty much pushed pretty far from the stage. It would have been fine if the VIP section was full but it wasn't, the gates should have been pushed way closer to make it more fair. And I had a horrible view most of the time because there was a stupid security guard with a big head that did not move which makes even harder for us short people. I wish he had walked up and down to give people a chance of seeing what they paid for. The view ended up being better when we moved away from the stage out of the crowd I wish I had done that in the first place.

To make the whole thing worse, the concert was delayed an hour, but when we got there it was pushed back even more. The problem was the last bus leaving to Ottawa was at midnight or else we would have to stay till 6 AM for the next one which my boyfriend refused to do so we ended up having to leave early.

Positives, it was a good concert The Pussy Cat Dolls were full of energy, Kimberly (Short blonde hair) was definitely the best dancer of them all. Britney looked pretty much dead in the eyes the whole time (Like that horrible VMA performance last year), but she did say she was under the weather at the start of the show. I will also add that it looks like she took a bath and possibly her meds so good on her! I wouldn't bring young kids though, because halfway through the show takes a sexually 'explicit' turn, it didn't bother me but it might offend some others especially when she started to sing "The touch of my hand".

Also remember if you are going to see this show, it's not for the signing because she Lip-synchs through the whole thing. Ok I'll give credit, I do think that she sang the song everytime when she was on the umbrella, but I can be sure. The Pussy Cat Dolls do sing the whole time (mostly Nicole and Melody) and well.

She's coming back to Montreal May 5th

Perez Hilton opened the show with a pretty cool video, great choice, he did a good job. I'm surprised though, remember how much he was slagging her off? What happened to his whole "Fuck you Britney" bit?

Canadian designers Dean and Dan from Dsquared did such a great job with the costumes!

After the concert Britney made her way to a club to have drinks with her dancers, nice.

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WendyB said...

I like watching Pussycat Doll videos at the gym -- they inspire me to get through my whole workout.