*Rubs my eyes* I'm finding it hard to believe!
I'm even more excited that I'm going to be in London (Also Dublin, Marrakesh, Rome and Berlin I'm going on another one of my quick adventures like I did back in September) next month for Primark! I'm going to shop so much and ship it all home, I'm going to buy like 5 packs of undies because they are only 1.5 pounds and so comfortable! Can you believe these dresses sell for only 10-15 pounds? It's insanity!!!!

This dress is only £12.72 from Primark. Herve Leger style for 1000.00 less!!

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hippyhippychic said...

as an english reader just thought i'd let you know, its super hard to spot the good stuff in primark amongst that crap so be prepared to do some searching! i never see anything in store that i do in their promotion shots, but i wish you good luck bargin hunting!!!

also when you go to oxford street make sure to check out Beyond Retro, just off oxford street, the ultimate place for vintage. cant remember the street name but if you google them it and find the address its really worth a visit.

M said...

awwww is there anyway to buy it online and have it shipped ot the states?? =[

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ no they don't, they hardly have a website it's completely bare apart from basic info.

alis said...

Last time I went to Primark it was a disaster, people were wild, there were so many piles of random stuff, and the cashier queues were very long. Couldn't find anything in that mess. So in this trip I didn't want to spend my precious time and skipped it altogether.

God, just barely scanning through Topshop took 3 hours! The shops on Oxford st. are ridiculously big :)

By the way the H&M on Oxford circus is full of crap, the best one is the one to your left on Regent Street when walking towards Liberty from Oxford circus. There are like a gazillion H&Ms in the area so this is valuable info my friend ;)