Danii Minogue. I'm not sure about the biker gloves, but I this is how you do the futuristic look in a sophisticated way.

Duffy. This girl is adorable, and she makes great style choices for her look and body. I would love to raid her wardrobe. She always manages to keep it simple, but interesting at the same time.

The Wentzs. I really don't like that cape thing.

Jessica Mauboy. I featured her no long ago in 'Today's Song'.

This was her first look, I think the second one is much better.

Lara Bingle. This girl certainly has a love/hate relationship with the press. Personally I think she's a bit of a tart, but she was seriously pulling out all the stops with this head to toe Louis Vuitton look.

Caffie Davis. I'm not sure how I feel about the Alice Dellal esque hair on her.

Sia. She's one of my favorite artists, if you don't know her just listen to some of her music on Youtube and I'm sure you'll say you've heard it before in a movie or TV show.

Audrina Partridge. I was wondering what she was doing in Australia, but then I realized it's the MTV Awards and she's on The Hills haha. I wish she and her ceiling eyes would go away already.

Ruby Rose (with Audrina). Rudy is apparently dating Jess from The Veronicas.

Delta Goodrem and Brain McFadden. ( Delta's fiance / Former Westlife member & use to be married to Kerry Katona from Atomic Kitten / They have 2 kids) What happened to Brian? He use to be quite cute, but that beard is just making him fug especially next to gorgeous Delta. She looks great from the neck up, but that dress if fug along with Brain's beard.

Maude Garratt. I don't like bubble dresses, I'm sort of sick of seeing them. They've popped up in so many mainstream stores that they are starting to look cheap to me. That being said, the color is fabulous on her and she accessorized it well.

April Rose-Pengilley. My favorite of the night here, although that's not saying much.

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WendyB said...

Duffy looks so huggable.