Mini spoiler, yes you've been warned. I finally saw it, I wanted to see it originally when I was in New York last month, but all the sessions kept being sold out. When I first started reading this book years ago before it was so popular I had no idea it was going to grow the way it did and end up into a movie. What I loved the most about the movie was how visually stimulating it was. They did change a lot of aspects about the book like Becky's initial job and how she meets Luke etc not to mention the fact that she's no longer a Brit, but at least they kept the main characters intact, even Alicia bitch long legs was there. Although the movie borrows a bit from the second book, I was sad to see it end when I know that the story goes on. If you read all the books that can be a little frustrating, but maybe this means they'll be more movies in the future? In the end I would say that it was "Inspired" by the book only because they changed so much stuff.

When pictures were first coming in when they started filming the movie I thought the outfits looked outrageous, but now I understand how it all fits in. I also think the best looks in the movie are the ones pictured above. The movie was styled by Sex And The City stylist Patricia Field.

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S.Elisabeth said...

I loved this movie!! Of course not as much as I adore the whole book series. The relationship with Becky and Luke is definitely stronger in the books...
And I know! I thought the outfits were outrageous on first look, but I suppose that is Patricia Field's genius. By the time the movie came, I loved the outfits.

arienette said...

my acting teacher has the same macbook cover, only it's orange.
i want a closet like hers

The Seeker said...

Oh I'm so glad that when I'll go to mainland on April it's going to be on cinemas and I would see it, even if I have to go alone and leave hubby on some computer store :)

Hope you're having a great weekend, dear