Sienna Miller. The slip is a little strange in the middle, but I do like this look and the color of this dress on her.

Andie MacDowell. She has not changed since Four Weddings And A Funeral.

Emily Blunt. She always looks stunning in jewel tones, purple in particular.

Mila Jovovich. She always brings her own spin on things, cute headband.

Marcia Cross. You can't go wrong in Elie Saab, except if you are Beyonce.

Eva Longoria-Parker. The way she's wearing her hair makes her look so fresh.

Melissa George. Stunning, she knows what her color is...well at least her stylist does.

Kate Mara. That is an adorable mini dress, I love the best. It's hard to pull this look off because it can often make your breast look saggy.

Dita Von Teese. Perfection as normal.

Reese Witherspoon. I was hoping she would bring it for 2009. It's cute, but not amazing.

Lily Collins. Adorable.

Terry Seymoure. I have a fondness for Simon Cowell's ex girlfriend I think it's that snarl she has that she can't help. I think she's cute as a button, love the dress.

Christina Ricci. Stunning dress, but her bangs look cut a little strangely...did she do it herself?

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Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

I'm totally blown away by Emily Blunt and Melissa George - stunning x