2009 BRITS


X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke. She looks fantastic, but I probably would have skipped the hoop earrings.

Alexa Chung. Can she do no wrong? I swear she and Keira have my style down pat.

Kylie Minogue.


Who wore it better?
Estelle. I need to make a montage to Estelle's variously shaped dresses.

Amanda Holden. I don't like it, and the shoes are a bit much.

Katy Perry in Hello Kitty.


Who wore it better?

Alesha Dixon. This is a fantastic look for her, I love her bangs. I'm tempted to cut mine again...

Girls Aloud.
Duffy. Another cute mini dress.

Little Boots. Fierce, but how can you not be in Alexander McQueen.

Taylor Swift. This doesn't do much for her shape.

Gabrielle Cilmi. It would have been okay without the purse and silver jewelry. I'm not sure about the tights either...

Katy White (The Ting Tings). I love it!

Fearne Cotton. Where can I get that blazer?!

Abigail Clancy. I love the color, shape and zipper on the dress.

Denise Lewis. She looks radiant, although I wish she had worn some fierce black shoes with thick straps it would have brought it to the next level.

Natalie Imbruglia. Dying her hair back Bown took ten years off her face. Love the bird necklace, I haven't worn mine in ages.


Üdo Ümami said...

Bird necklace? Hüh? Wha? Who? Where can you get one?! loooove it! <3 Üdo

Anonymous said...

I swear Gabriella thinks shes like Edie Sedgewick or something wearing tights like their going out of fashion. Pity she doesn't look good in them. Haha. Ok that's enough bitchiness for the day, I was thinking the same thing about doing a collage of estelles futuristic looks. Oh I was WONDERING where the hell that Hello Kitty Bustier came from? Do you know who designed it? xx

She said said...

Alexa Chung, I love her so much. She really can do NO wrong.... Where is that hello kitty bustier from? Its crazy! Gabrielle Cilmi... everything together is just too much... Fearnes blazer is just amazing, I'm not sure about how shes wearing it though. Katie White looks like a barbie doll, I want it! x

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Wow, that's Aleisha's best red carpet outfit ever! Stunning. I do enjoy your commentary! x