Now this is how you travel to the airport, I'm definitely going to take some 'cool' tips from Kate next time I go traveling. You know what I like the most about Kate Moss? The fact that she's only 5'6, makes her seem more normal and relatable in comparison to other models considering I'm only 5'2.

My nickname for this girl has been 'label whore' for a while now. I've never seen somebody with so many different Louis Vuitton bas. The last time I wrote about her she was dressed in Chanel with interlocking CCs all over her. Tacky. We already know your rich.

SJP rocking the new velvet trend look, I'm loving this more and more because it's so different from what we've had over the last few years.

No matter what Pixie Geldof wears she radiates coolness. I could never pull off that messed up outfit like she does. Glad she's keeping the leopard trend still in check.

Lily Allen is also continuing the leopard trend pairing them with her favorite Uggs. So the hair extensions are back again, they are just off and on! Make up your mind already.

I like this short sassy haircut much better on her.

She's taking the shorts and tights combo to the next level.

I really like Lalohan's studded purse here.

I thinks she totally rocked the plaid shirt in this outfit.

Fergie ferg is getting married in a day or two apparently, congrats to her for getting such a hot pieces.

Like mother like daughter, Sadba and her mother.

I love Jessica's new haircut, I think it's just what she needed and it looks very fresh.

Same outfit from mothering to Hollywooding.

I'm not use to seeing Nicole Richie wearing red, I'm not so sure about the whole red and black combination from head to toe. Looks too devilish, I have a thing about that also with Halloween and Christmas colors.

Wow this looks a lot like the old Nicole from like two years ago with the oversized sunglasses and head scarf.

Harlow's not walking yet? Didn't she just turn one? I guess were not all quick like me I was nearly running by 9 months go figure. It looks like Harlow is well on her way, but she's gotta start standing without any help first. I've been trying to teach that to my little cousin, I plan on having her cruising by her first birthday.

You know I really hate those metallic Louis Vuitton bags, they look cheap in my opinion. I think it's the shape of it.

Riri and Chris Brown getting it on in Dublin. God I miss Dublin, I can't wait to go back to Europe in April.

Ashlee has gone back to red, wow that's almost just as quick as Lily Allen's hair changes. I'm so relieved, blonde just doesn't look as go on her as this. Wow her chin is huge, it could be a weapon, I never noticed it like this before.

I love how similar the patterns are in Kate's two looks here and she wore this week. Except that one is casual and one is dressy.

I love Kelly's style, it's so close to mine if you ignore the hair and heavy lipstick.

Tyra has a new man! For some reason I always thought there was a possibility that she was batting for the other side from time to time. I liked it better when Tyra was a model and she would just shut and and pose, I had no idea how annoying she was in real life.

That is such a perfect shade for a coat, Taylor looks wonderful. Now if only we could fix her broken heart?

Does Dita ever dress down? They had pap pictures of her the other day at yoga class and she was in full makeup and gear. Crazy.

How does Rose get her hair so volumized like this?

Heidi, Seal and Leni. They are so cute! I really like Heidi's current hair cut.

Kourtney Kardashian and Adrienne Bailon from The Cheetah girls out on the town. I really like Kourtney's Fendi clutch and Adrienne looks like she just stepped out of a Marc Jacobs store.

VB wore her Marc Jacobs coat again yesterday while in Rome. it's amazing that she can wear such a thick coat but then go bare legged.

My favorite Canadian paparazzi lover Shenae Grimes. I really like that coat. I want it...

Dominic Cooper and Amanda Seyfried shopping. I had no idea these two Mama Mia co-stares were dating. Dominic looks a little less hunky here then he did in the movie though...


Angelina Jolie. She always gets slack for being too skinny, but I'm use to it now. That gown makes her look like a Goddess.

Amy Adams. there's always something not right about her outfits these days. Maybe they are on the side of boring? I do like the color.

Teraji Henson. Can you imagine if Victoria Beckham was wearing this dress? Her boobs would look like two tennis balls.

Katy Perry. Um...It's a little bit on the side of nightgown. I like the color and the concept, but I'm not really 100% sold on it.

Marisa Tomei. She's always one to take fashion risks. Maybe it would have been better if the skirt was a pair of pants instead?

Anne Hathaway looks amazing. She won best actress or something that night for Rachel Getting Married. I don't think Anne has ever won an award like this before. And she's on her way to a Golden Globe too. Her career is defnitely heading in the right path. I also hear there is another Princess Diaries movie in the works...should be interesting.

Kate Beckinsale. Nice.

Amanda Bynes. Quite the barbie look. I'd like to see her in a long sophisticated gown for once.

Angela Bassett. She needs to stop with the Oprah style dresses. She looks nice though, and they did a good job on her makeup.

Dakota Fanning. Another mini dress, big surprise.

Eva Longoria. I don't like that hair cut on her one bit, it's distracting me from her dress.

Penelope Cruz. It's ok.

Kristen Bell. I know that dress is probably suppose to look wrinkled, but I'm not feeling it.


Note: Please credit back if you save the polaroids from my site and publish them.

Molly Sims. As outrageous as Louis Vuitton clothes can look when they are styled for the runway, they always seem to translate well in real life. Molly looks stunning.

Brooke Sheilds. She looks nice and fresh.

Eva Amurri. I never liked this look on anyone that's worn it, but Eva wears it well in black.

Patricia Field. She helped make Sex and The City what it is today with her amazing styling. Patricia could never do wrong.

Chanel Iman. I like her play on the Korean side of her heritage with her hairstyle. She loks adorable.

Beyonce. I really like the look and color of this outfit, but B needs to get her roots done.

June Ambrose. I'm not sure about the clutch, but the rest looks good.

Cassie. Being Diddy's girlfriend has some advantages.

Faith Evans. She was married to Biggie, I can't believe it's been over 10 years since his death. I still don't understand how 2Pac can get shot on the Las Vegas strip and nobody knows what happened. It was the strip for God sake!

Tamera Braun. The bottom half is so wrong. That skirt is too long.

Ciara. I don't like those platinum blonde highlights, they look too ashy, her makeup is too lite and also makes her skin too ashy. When you have dark skin these are the colors you try and avoid.

Coco. This is for Wendy B, because I know she is her idol.

Angela Bassett. She looks nice, i like her hair, but I'm not sure about the way her boobage is sitting.

Mary J. Blige. don't match your jacket to your belt to your shoes! This is Mary J we are talking about so she looks tame here.

Antonique Smith. Stunning! I will admit though, I've been wrestling with my thoughts on the stop half.
Ginger Kroll. Another day, another trash bag dress. She looks okay.

Naturi Naughton. I think her weave needs a little help, but I really love that dress. She probably should have ditched the earrings and braclet and let the dress speak for itself. Remember 3LW? Their first CD was so good, too bad they started fighting and Naturi got kicked out of the group. Kiely Williams and Adrienne Bailon (Cheetah Girls) reportedly threw food on her in the final confrontation.

January Jones. She looks amazing here, this is defnitely something I would have worn.

Michelle Trachtenberg. I'm not sure about those jeans, but the tophalf is so cute. that's a great mini jacket.

Jessica Alba. Risky, but I really really like it. not anyone can pull off lavender pants, but it suits her hair and skin tone.

Jessica Alba. I'm sorry but I think Dolce and Gabbana missed the mark with these PJ looks.

Jamie King in Lanvin. Natalie Portman wore a long version of this dress early last year.

Nicky Hilton. Nice.

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon. this is one of those outfits where everything works, the dress, shoes, clutch, earrings, makeup, hair!

Olivia Wilde. I really like the combination of both of these neutral colors.

Freida Pinto. I want to go see Slumdog Millionaire tonight, I'm obsessed with anything Indian lately plus I hear it's a great movie with Oscar Buzz.

Andrea Bowen. She plays Terri Hatcher's daughter on Desperate Housewives. I love the darker hair on her, she should never go back.

Debra Messing. She knows how to compliment her red hair with the most perfect colors.

Ashley Greene. I love this shade of grey, not quite white and not quite steel. it compliments her hair and red lipstick so well, plus the leopard shoes are a nice touch.

Rumor Willis. Everyone dressed so well at this event! I love Rumor's dress if you ignore the top half, ugh that's too mean, I always have a hard time with her. I'm not really one for plastic surgery but if I was her and if I had her money, I'd consider it (At least the nose). Then again if she's happy with herself, then all the better.



I had more posts planned, but I am SICK.
My left tonsil seems to have blown up over night and it's very painful I can't swallow anything not even water. I'm off to the doctors, hopefully I will feel better in time for The Golden Globes.

You might remember this song from the scene where they kill Mischa Barton's character off on The O.C. I also like Alexandra Burke's version (She's the current winner of X-factor).

Photobucket Aparently it's -25 right now with Windchill. Ouch. It could be worst, I hear it's been close to -50 in Edmonton earlier this week.


AmyAdamsFanEAA said...

I love Amy Adams look the best at the CCA awards. Simple and blue

WendyB said...

Coco in shiny tight stuff! You made my day. I have a skirt version of Agyness's vintage Sprouse jacket. And LOL at "Sadba." It makes me feel bad for her though! Maybe she really is sad, and if she changed something about her life she'd feel like a whole new person!

alis said...

I always feel evil and guilty when I see Rumer Willis, I doN't like the thoughts that are crossing my mind :(

Awww I hope you get better soon, I'm sick too and so is everyone else I know. There's a flu epidemic.


I hope you feel better Jen! Thanks for a great post :)

Alecca Rox said...

what a post! I must say I prefer Lily A. withought the extentions too.

God it's so cooold where u r! hope u feel better soon. Maybe now is a good time to start knitting, I swear it's therapeutic:)

*You are already on my blogroll, x

Allison said...

Oooh, I adore Victoria Beckham's coat - how pretty!
And Kate Moss is very inspiring (minus that little coke habit) - I also love that she's only 5'6" and such a fantastic model!
Thank you for your sweet comment, dear - your blog is fantastic and it's obvious you put a lot of time and effort into it :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for such a great post! I really love Olivia Wilde's dress the most. I like the combination of the two neutral colors, too!

Hope you start feeling better! ;-)

J'Adore Fashion said...

hope you feel better, love rihanna crop top and Beckham's coat!!!

copperoranges said...

i thought kate was 5'8''!! 5'6'' is tiny!

your posts are always so epic, i really appreciate the work you put into them - especially when you do collages (like of dakota's mini dress collection)!

lorenabr said...

thank you for the nice compliment! Makes me feel much better as a designer

Thank you, and by the way you have a v nice blog

yiqin; said...

Wow, WHAT A GREAT POST! I love Chanel Iman. She awlays looks great & seems great!

kathrynsky said...

the coat from Shenae Grimes is from zara, last auutum collection :-)
greets from germany

Demi said...

thank you :)
I think kate moss and nicole richie look great. and I love ashlee simpsons hair red!

coco said...

I missed those SJP pics, so I hadn't seen that blue coat. I'm so glad you posted the pictures becuase I think that coat is my soul mate! ha ha

Ediot said...

hon, i just posted about you please check it out.
i didn't go back as long as i should've to see your entries.. was on blogvacation for some weeks-- so here's making up to it :) have a great weekend

Make Do Style said...

I loved the SJP pic even though she looks a bit too thin and pointy chinned - talking of chins when Demi Moore slated people for being mean to Rumer I thought she was talking to me and you!

Susan said...

Haha her chin could be a weapon. Your commentary does make me laugh. Jessica Alba looks like a 90s mum in with her lilac trousers and her hair, in a really really good way though.

Penny said...

i know what you mean, i was talking at a really young age - and i haven't shut up since! haha!
i think Pixie Geldof always looks cool. she looks like she would be really fun to hang out with.
hope you feel better soon too xx

ellesappelle said...

So many looks that I love in this post. Kate is great isn't she?! I'm reading 'Kate Moss Style' at the moment, it's made me see her in a whole new light! You should check it out and thanks for your comment on my blog!

Winnie said...

Wow, -25?? And there is me complaining about it being -8 in the UK! I really like Kelly Osbourne and Lily's style.

Fashion Carnival said...

there are just so many things going on!

saray said...

your sooo right, ashely is such a 'label whore'!

I really like lily allen looks, don't know why but it looks right on her..

all the girls that came to DIAMONDS FASHION SHOW PREVIEW looked great..

Dooder City said...

Wow, I just felt like I had a eight course meal in fashion.....so amazing. Ok, I always love Nicole Richie and Kelly Osbourne. I don't think Lilly Allen is ever that interesting. Kate Hudson's dress for the Bride Wars premier was a little much. And also, I put you in my links on the side of my blog:)

Savvy Mode SG said...

oh my gosh, what informative post. i am all caught up now. i am with you on the lv metallic alma... it's just not on my fav. list. angelina always look stylish. too skinny or otherwise.

Udo Ümami said...

great blog. über fun! <3 Üdo

ginny said...

ouch! i feel bad about your cold temps. we're about 20 degrees here, and it's FREEZING!

nooo! dominic cooper must break up w/amanda seyfried. even though she's gorgeous, my friend and i love dom more. :D

and i share the same shoe pains. i have tiny feet (i'm size 6...and i'm 5'3!), but they're skinny in the back and are wider as you move towards the toes. they're near impossible to fit.

She's Dressing Up said...

Ahhh SJP...!
And Rumour looks quite nice for once!!

atelier said...

Poor Kate, at the airports she is a normal human being! and SJP velvet coat is amazing! I love it

Eelie said...

Hun, i think i must link you. Its like a one-top site for everything recent with celebs and their style. It appeals to the voyeur in me. Hope ye don't mind :P

I don't know where to start. The whole post was just a wonderful insight into your critiques and thoughts. Just wonderful :)

victoria.. said...

i love jessica's new hair. and ashlee's looks way better red-hair

Juliet said...

I love this post and hope you're getting better soon! The velvet trend on SJP looks very cozy and chic.

juliet xxx

layersofmeaning said...

Not really a fan of Jessica Alba but I'm really loving the new hair on the other hand I hat Adrienne Bailons hair... way too dark!

are you sure the is Christina? it looks like Heather Mills to me...
but I might be wrong