RATINGS: 5 is the best and 1 (or less) being the worst.

January Jones. This is one of my favorite looks of the night, however I wish she had worn the belt that the model has on, it would have given her a more polished look.


Cameron Diaz. She's one of those people that always surprises you in a good way. I really like this dress on her, but it's her hair that's bothering me. She needs to get her roots done.


Debra Messing. The hair and earrings go well with this gown. I love that she always looks fun and never boring.


Amy Adams. I think the dress suits the models body better, but maybe it's just the way she's posing in this picture. The chunky necklace that the model is wearing would have gone a long way if she had worn it.


Freida Pinto. Her movie (first movie ever) Slumdog Millionaire was the big winner of the night. I'm going to make an effort to see this film sometime this week. As for the dress, I really like the color against her skin.


Shaun Robinson. Terrible, just terrible. First off, I saw her on TV the other day and I couldn't help but notice how skinny she is, it's nearly disturbing. (Not quite Rachel Zoe style, but getting close) This gown is proof of that, it's just floating off her body, she needed something that fit her better. Okay maybe she doesn't look terrible, but it's not good either.


Beyonce in Elie Saab. (I forgot to label it). She sure loves to wear Elie Saab and Armani. The problem is, I feel like I've seen this all before from her. Boring.


Olivia Wilde. Stunning, one of the best dressed of the night. This lavender color is amazing.



Beyonce or Olivia Wilde?

Eva Mendes in what appears to be Christian Dior. That bow at the front does nothing for that dress, I don't get it. Maybe on the runway, but definitely not on her. It's like she's carrying around a fabric baby or something.


Tina Fey. She looks nice. Normally I don't like a plunging neckline too much, but it works on her.


Eva Longoria. She was another show stopper in this red dress. I love the simplicity of it, just stunning. Good enough to eat!


Canadian actress Anna Paquin. I always loved the oddness of Anna, it makes her more endearing. This dress maybe a bit boring, but it fits her nicely and it looks comfortable.


Amanda Seyfried. It's ok


Demi Moore. I swear she just gets younger by the day. this dress suits her perfectly, it looks like she's on vacation or something.


Madeline Martin. I love this Balenciaga esque dress on her, it suits her hair and frame so well.


America Ferrera. I really wanted her to win for one of my favorite shows Ugly Betty, but I knew it wouldn't happen. Oh well, at least she got nominated.


Julie Benz. Another dress that's in my top favorites of the night, the color is stunning.


Jessica Capshaw. A little risky for the Golden Globes but it seems to fit her nicely.


Drew Barrymore. A reader pointed out that this dress is John Galliano, it looks a lot like some of his cocktail dresses from Christian Dior's current spring/summer line. I guess he likes to re-use his ideas, go figure. She looks amazing, I love the floaty relaxed look.


Maria Menounos. Nice job, not mind blowing but definitely nice. I like the color a lot.I probably would have chosen a different hairstyle, it seems a bit mumsy.


Maggie Gyllenhaal. Lave it to her to take a fashion risk and pull it off.


Angelina Jolie. She looked stunning, only because she is stunning. Her dress was typically Angie.


Rachel Griffiths. Don't they have a steamer behind the scenes? Even if her dress wasn't wrinkled it couldn't save it, it's just not flattering.


Angela Kinsey. I like the color, but the seam going down the dress is distracting.


Christina Applegate. Another one of my favorite dresses, I'm a sucker for yellow.


Jennifer Lopez. She's back, and in full force. Finally, I feel like it's been ages since we've seen the JLo we all know and love. She looks stunning in this risky dress, I'm sure she turned the most heads at the Golden Globes.


Miley Cyrus. She wins the award for the being annoying and immature. I can't believe she stuck out her tongue when they called out her name for her nomination (A song for the movie bolt). I was totally disgusted and embarrassed for her, she's going to look back on this one day and shake her head with shame. She's young though, I can't count the countless mistakes I made at that age. As for the dress, way way too much boob for a 16 year old. I'm 24 and I don't even do that.


Salma Hayek. She looks stunning, she should give everyone lessons on how to dress their body. I think the dress would have also looked good if she got rid of he earrings and wore a chunky gold necklace, it would have brought it to the next level.


Hayden Panettiere. Here's a girl that's been dressing too old for her age for years now and she's only 19? Maybe she's turned 20 now. She does look lively in this dress though.


Madeline Zima. This bright burnt orange color suits her well, she's got the right hair and coloring for it.


Rumor Willis. She was the surprise of the night, I barely recognized her as the Golden Globes girl. Whomever fixed her up like this deserves an award!


Emma Thompson. When I first saw this picture, I actually thought what the hell? I don't even need to explain, I think it's obvious.


Vanessa Hudgens. I don't like the beaded necklace on her, if she was going for the 20s flapper look the she should have taken it all the way and not just half ass.


Evan Rachel Wood. Stunning. It seems like she's being herself instead of a Dita look alike thank God. This entire look works for her here, well done.


Heidi Klum. She keeps it fun with this 80s style dress, I absolutely loved it. She wins the award for making me smile.


Isla Fisher. Personally I don't like this dress, and even if I had the money I wouldn't pay for it, but it looks nice enough on her.


Mary-Louise Parker. I'm always drawn to blue, it's my favorite color, especially in this colbalt shade.


Alek Wek. It's nice to see her at an event like this, this dress suits her well. I love it.


Taraji P. Henson. It's no secret now that I loved the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, so go see it if you haven't. As for the dress, it suits her well. She reminds me of a bird.


Laura Linney. Ever since I saw her in Love Actually, I've loved Laura Linney. She pulled out all the stops tonight, even though this dress technically should wash her out, she stands out.


Lisa Edelstein. Now this is a gorgeous black dress, amazing.


Marisa Tomei. She's always one to take fashion risks so I'm not surprised. I'm not sure if this is appropriate for The Golden Globes, she could have done better.


Blake Lively. I really like this steal blue color on her, and the loose hair. She looks very mermaid like.


Kristen Scott Thomas. She looks great here in what looks to be Lanvin. that color compliments her well. She's aging so gracefully.


Penelope Cruz in what looks to be Armani. This color looks great on her, but she's a tad boring tonight.


Anne Hathaway. I love it, midnight blue is one of my favorite red carpet colors.


Giuliana DePandi. Simple and chic, but it's been done before.


Renee Zellweger. I'm not sure what to think, I know she has a long relationship with Carolina Herrera, but this is just...I dunno


Kyra Sedgwick. She really impressed me tonight. I really love this extra soft shade of red and her makeup is flawless.


Megan Fox. I have the feeling nothing this girl wears will ever impress me. I just don't like her, and she's so up herself that I don't think she could ever be freed.


Sally Fields. Remember the Mrs. Doubtfire days? She looks so good in this mini dress, I swear she took 10 years off her age.


Jennifer Morrison. She never ever gets it wrong. She's like a more modern version of Diane Kruger ( I consider her more classic in style) .


Lisa Rinna. Why does she keep getting invited to this stuff? I dislike this dress, and her accessories are wrong.


Kate Beckinsale in what else? Her favorite color white. This dress looks impeccable on her.


Kate Winslet. She was one of the big winners of the night, I can't wait to go see Revolutionary Road. It's about time Kate win something. She and Leo have made so many great movies since Titanic and have been nominated for so many things, but they never seem to win anything until now. Time will tell for Leo...Anyway her acceptance speeches were so adorable! As for her dress, it may look a little boring here, but it was stunning on strage.


Elizabeth Banks. She looks good, again I'm not blown away though.


Sandra Bullock. Everything works with this dress, the hair, the great makeup and the turquoise clutch. Well done.


Melissa George. This dress certainly is unique, I'm not sure what to think about it, but it does suit her.


Samantha Harris. This dress is pretty average to me, but I do like the detailing around and under the bust.


Jenna Fisher. This dress isn't really my cup of tea, it seems a little too boho casual, maybe if she had worn her hair down it would have helped.


Sally Hawkins. Now this is how you do a trash bag dress. Normally I hate them, but in this case everything is right.


Nancy O'dell. This grecian look is great on her, but it seems a little too young for her, Nancy has a habit of doing that. It would have been intersting to see Miley pull off that look.


Lara Spencer. Did she get this dress at the back of a sale rack at Forever 21? First off, I hate this color especially when it's not done right. This is all bad, right down to the hair. One of the worst of the night, if not the worst.


Pierce Brosnan and Keely Smith / Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. I don't know what's going on with Keely, but I think the British press should just leave her alone. She's obviously happy with herself and Pierce loves her. As for Rita her oufit is out of control, what is she going for?

Seal and Heidi Klum / Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez. Seal's outfit is a bit of a disaster, but Heidi saves the day with her super cute dress. I can't even look at Marc Anthony, my eyes go straight to Jennifer in that dress.

Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Levin / Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham. Susan looks gorgeous I really love her hair, she's got that natural Natalie Portman look down pat. Rhea's dress is amazing I like the way the shape hugs her body, she's in my top ten of the night for sure.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Hot.



Sophia Bush. I'm not sure how I feel about that necklace, but I like the dress.

Jennifer Esposito. those sholder pads are crazy, looks like a bunch of tampons stuffed inside. I'm sorry, but it was my first thought.

Molly Sims. If there is anything she is good at it's picking the right dress for the right occasion.

Joanna Garcia. This dress suits her well, her hair color is really gorgeous. I think the blue belt in the middle keeps this whole look together.

Minka Kelly. She's one of those people that normally always get's it right, but this dress is just trashy, too much exposure and not in the right way.

Brittany Snow. Unflattering.

Jessica Stroup. Great choice of shoes to go with this dress.

Ginnifer Goodwin. I hear she and Chris Klein broke up, I guess she got tired of being his new Katie Holmes.

Taylor Momsen. Those bangs are too long, how can she see? I guess she's making this bed hair look her signature? Well it doesn't go with this flapper style dress.

Paris Hilton. I never thought I would say this, but that dress is just too blue! Everything is so shiny, it looks like some sort of Americana thing.

Vinessa Shaw. All I can think of is the unique spelling of her name.

Emily VanCamp. Electric blue was definitely a big color choice for the GGs. I like this dress, because the ruffles and cut makes it flattering for all figures.

Amanda Righetti. I'm a sucker for an asymmetrical ruffle neckline, always a good choice.

Kristen Bell. I like this look a lot, the tophalf fits her nicely. This is probably one of my favorite and well put together red and black combinations that've seen.

Emma Stone. I did a post on her a while back, she's impeccable on the red carpet.

Amanda Bynes. I don't really understand her style, besides the fact that she only wears mini dresses. I do like the white on her though, crisp but not boring.

Rebecca Mader. I like the purple and gold earrings against her blue eyes and red hair.

Bai Ling. Our favorite fashion train wreck! She has a thing for prom style dresses lately.

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon. The lipstick is a little severe for me, she's on the right path, but maybe just a shade down. She looks great, one of my favorite looks from this after party.

Adrianne Palicki. Wow this dress is just full of different combinations of embellishments and fabrics and it looks amazing.

Sheane Grimes. What's gong on with this dress? It's like flapper gone wrong.

Lacey Chabert. What has she been doing since Party of 5 and Mean Girls? I just checked her IMDB, it seems as though she's been busy, but I haven't heard from her in ages.

Malin Akerman. My favorite after party look of the night, the fact that the dress is yellow makes it all the more stunning in my eyes.

Joy Bryant. I love her style, it reminds me of someone else, but I can't seem to put my finger on it right now.

Emily Deschanel. Again, another outfit that works completely. I love the dark red shoes with the gold belt and bold red dress. The shoes especially were a great idea.

Rachel Zoe. I guess she deicded not to expose her scary chest to us again, good idea.

Emma Roberts. Everytime I see pictures of her she looks like a lost puppy, I thought she would be use to the paparazzi by now?

Marie Anderson. I really love this look, one of my favorites from the After Party.


hettieashy said...

Love the globes coverage, alot of relaly great dresses.

The Drew Barrymore dress is Galliano... I only know this because the red carpet coverage was on repeat on 121 in Aus


Shelly's Style Shop said...

Jennifer Lopez looks stunning! I love her dress the best!!!

giggleness said...

some of those dresse are stunning!

Udo Ümami said...

You always find the greatest shots! <3 Üdo

Anonymous said...
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Cate said...

Kate Winslet in the first pic! I think she is so beautiful!
I think Amy Adams‘ dress goes really well with her skin tone.
I agree. The bow at Eva Mendes‘ dress is really weird. I don’t dig the jewelry either.
I don’t really like the colours of Amanda Seyfried’s dress and make-up against her skin and hair colour.
Drew Barrymore’s hair shocked me at first, but she looks cute.
I don’t like all the frills at Maria Menounos‘ dress.
I like the short, runway version of the Lanvin dress better than the long version on Maggie Gyllenhaal.
I like Angelina Jolie’s dress a lot. A LOT!
You’re right, Rachel Griffith’s dress is really not pretty this way, when it’s wrinkled. I noticed that a lot of celebrities leave their dresses wrinkled – or maybe they are supposed to be like that? It’s not beautiful, in either case.
I can’t stand Miley Cyrus. I really can’t. But I like her dress. But not on a frickin‘ 16-year-old. It would look good on J.Lo!
The Gianfranco Ferré model wearing Hayden Panettiere’s dress on the runway looks very green in the face.
Rumer Willis‘ look was definitely a pleasant surprise!!
Emma Thompson is so beautiful! Why does she need to make herself look like a 50-year-old hag?
I agree, Vanessa Hudgens‘ necklace has a weird length, but I like her dress, the colour suits her well.
I like Heidi Klum’s dress, but Heidi Klum, the person, never makes me smile, only cringe.
I loved Love Actually, but I don’t really remember Laura Linney.
I don’t like Marisa Tomei’s look much.
I like the colour of Penélope Cruz’s dress, but not the shape of it. It looks like a bedsheet.
Anne Hathaway looks great!! I love that colour too!
Renée Zellweger? Just no.
I don’t really know who Sally Fields is. But at least her dress isn’t wrinkled.
Lisa Rinna’s striped dress is weird, and the first photograph of her is an unfortunate shot.
I love how Kate Beckinsale always manages to pull off that huuuge jewelry.
I like Jenna Fisher’s dress, although I don’t think the colours suit her pale skin and red hair.
Lara Spencer’s dress really looks like she got it at Forever 21.
I don’t think Rita Wilson’s outfit is that bad, but „a bit“ too much cleavage there.
I would have liked Rhea Durham’s dress better if it was floor-length.
I normally love bangs, but I agree with you that Taylor Momsen’s bangs are too long. A face without eyes is scary.
Not only is Paris Hilton’s dress too blue, she is too tanned!
Sheane Grimes‘ dress looks nice at a distance, but not so much after I enlarged the picture.
Lacey Chabert was in Mean Girls? She was Gretchen, wasn’t she?
Joy Bryant? Reminds me of Chanel Iman.

yana said...

Thanks for all the images - only saw half on another site and none of the after party pics!

BTW, Anna Paquin is a New Zealand actress, she went to school with my older sister..

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Born Anna Helene Paquin
July 24, 1982 (1982-07-24) (age 26)
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

is an Academy Award and Golden Globe-winning, Emmy-nominated, Canadian-New Zealander actress.

LML said...

it was a pretty good year for GG red carpet!

Juliet said...

Angie looks fabulous, through the dress isn't. Nice fabric I mean, but the cut makes me think of a towel.

juliet xxx

dapper kid said...

Olivia Wilde, Anne Hathaway and Maggie G all looked stunning!!

Ediot said...

i dig camerons dress. just lovelY!

Molly said...

madeline martin looks gorgeous, although ashamedly i dont have a clue who she is

WendyB said...

Salma sure has a bodacious bod! My favorites were Maggie and Marisa for daring to stand out. Loved them and would wear either of their outfits. Other gowns were very pretty but too boring for me.

Make Do Style said...

Well done fabulous post and how shocked was I by Rumor Willis - unbelievable!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing Blog, Just the right blog to
come see what celebrities are wearing.

fashion herald said...

Olivia wears it better!

Allison said...

Oh, I didn't even recognize poor Emma Thompson! Honestly, even with your caption saying it was her, I looked for a good few minutes still in shock!
Miley Cyrus is just gross...I can't believe she was allowed to have her boobs popping out like that - she is only 16.
I thought Laura Linney's dress was just beautiful...from the color to the style, it was an all around great pick!
I was also a big Kate Beckinsale fan - her choice of the dress, no necklace but those fabulous earrings was perfect :)
Great post and recap on the night!

copperoranges said...

great coverage!

my picks:
maggie g.
anne hathaway

Anonymous said...

what a great coverage; it was very detailed! i agree with all of your opinions!

La C.

penelope said...

God, I cant imagine the amount of time you take to do this! It's amazing!

Love the Versace and Oscar De La Renta dress! It's amazing!

Love Salma Hyak! She looks so so gorgeous! AND AJ & Brad Pitt is the most amazing couple ever!

WIWINNY said...

Ar... Your comment on 2009GGA fashion report is so elaborative.
Thanks Babe !!

Hot Bot said...

Yes! All hail J-Lo! That's the girl we love.

Song of Style said...

My favorite is Olivia Wilde! She totally blew it! looooove that dress on her and she looks as gorgeous as her dress. for other celebs, it looks like they are going to a high school prom. Madeline Martin looks nice too!
and that comment abt tampons stuffed inside shoulder pads.... hahaha u r super hilarious! lol

alis said...

Hooray, love the coverage! Now me:

-January Jones: I LOVE that dress/color! One of my faves.

-Debra Messing: Raccoon, much?

-Olivia Wilde looks like a cupcake, in the best way possible. Beautiful.

-Eva Mendez, what is that thing I thought it was a shawl. I love that necklace on her though.

-Eva Longoria, va va voom..

-Anna Paquin dye your hair dark and wear dark green to the next awards show please..

-Demi Moore: Another favorite, flawless.

-Drew Barrymore, did the blowdrier explode on you? Wtf is up with your hair?? I wouldn't want to sit behind you. And that make up is too harsh, I like her pale and natural..

-Maggie Gylenhaal: Another favorite, I adore this chick.

-Rumor Willis? Is that you? Hell might freeze because she's one of my favorites!

-Vanessa Hudgens, mallrat on the red carpet. Why does her face look hairy?

-Evan Rachel Wood??! Is that you?? Gorgeous!

-Sandra Bullock, another favorite; I love the clutch with this outfit.

-Nancy O'dell looks like a very sun burnt sun goddess. That is not a good thing.

-Kristen Bell's dress is youthful/fashionable/sexy/girly/modest at the same time. Even though my computer makes it look like a terrible orange instead of red, still a hit.

-Why does Rachel Zoe bother being so skinny if she's gonna wear sack-like dresses all the time?

Hehe long comment but I'm done, I loved all your suggestions and hilarious comments throughout the post:) I wish you would say something about Emma Thompson because words escaped me :/

coco said...

I agree with you about Beyonce. All her red carpet dresses kind of just blend into one. She should try something new.

Harvey Simone said...

I agree with everything you said! LISA rhina needs a new stylist asap. so does meghan fox. she is so hot but her looks are always outdated. Jessica Stroup wins in book for wearing Brian Reyes! it seems she is getting on the "it girl" bandwagon by wearing the up an coming desinger's frock.

Carl said...

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