Micheel at the fifty-sixth Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service at the National Cathedral in Washington. She's apparently wearing Isabel Toledo again. Loving the 50s style here.

Like most as soon as I saw 10 to twelve on my computer screen I ran from my desk down to the lobby where it was packed full to watch Obama make history. Yes, like a lot of people here in Canada we are more interested in American politics lately then our own, especially considering we've had no government for the last two months and they are not due to resume till the January 26. The Govenor General suspended it because of this whole 'coalition government' that the opposition had decided to form in order to overthrow the current government in power. It was that or have our fourth election in 4 years (so ridic). Drama, but who cares Barack Obama is the president of the United-States.

Obama is rumored to be coming to Ottawa (my city, the capital) in the next couple of weeks for his first official visit as President. I just hope they can solve the transit strike issue before then so we don't look like a bunch of incompetent bums. Anyway, onwards to fashion!

I think this dress was a perfect pick for her tall statuesque body. Jason is totally freaking right now, I heard on CNN he had no idea that Michelle was going to wear his dress till he saw it on TV and started crying. Such a great achievement for only being 26! Don't expect to find it on style.com because it was made especially for her;) Michelle is still dancing as I'm typing this, they have 10 inaugural balls to go too and they have to dance their 'first dance' at every single one. Wow. I can't keep up with all these traditions.

Beyonce serenaded them with Etta James' At Last. Why didn't they get Etta James herself? She's still performing. The whole Beyonce thing just seems a little ill fitting to me. I think she's wearing the Gucci dress that Rihanna wore to the UNICEF benefit a month or so ago. I could be completely wrong because I haven't seen any upclose pictures. I just saw upclose pictures of Beyonce (See below), it's definitely not the same, but the color is flattering on both of them.

Dancing with service men and women.

(Chicago based designer)
Diamond Joe, that's my name for Joe Biden because he looks like he could have a gold chain around his neck and gaudy rings on his fingers. Love it. Jill totally wowed everyone with her dress, she looked amazing.


I think this goldish lemon yellow is a perfect for Michelle and it makes her look regal. Though I have to agree with the pea green gloves, they were a bit of a missmatch.

Isabel Toledo was born in Cuba, but now lives in Brooklyn, NY. "We had no idea. We hoped she would wear something because she has bought Isabel's clothes before. We never know what's going to happen," said her husband."It's just another shock, but a great shock"

Michelle also wore Jimmy Choo 'Glacier' pumps.

I love this "Good job daddy" thumbs up.

I'm not surprised that the girls are wearing JCrew because Michelle has been wearing so much of their stuff as well during the campaign. I hope JCrew are kissing their feet, because now everyone is going to be flocking there. They have a congratulations banner on their site for the Obama family.

Cutest first daughters ever!
Gosh darn, I can't believe how packed it was! How can you see anything? I guess just the feeling that you were there is good enough.

Kerry Washington looks adorable here in her Louis Vuitton camo scarf.

Kids Inauguration ball.

Malia looks great in white.



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this wheel's on fire said...

i thought michelle looked perfect & jill too! jill really surprised me--i thought she looked gorgeous!! i seriously adore these two couples. couldn't love them any more :)

Bex said...

I love that the Michelle and the two girls had matched ribbons on their suits, it's just too cute!! Jill Biden looked stunning!!

deep_in_vogue said...

oh wow, Demi looks AMAZING!

Nastassia said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh my God, I totally agree about the Etta James thing. I literally said, "Etta James is still alive, why didn't she sing it?" but everyone was watching the television all teary eyed, so they weren't exactly in the criticizing mood. Beyoncé was definitely a poor substitute compared to Etta.

I guess it's because Beyoncé is playing Etta James in Cadallac Records...at least that's the rumor.

Great coverage of the election, by the way.

Dreama said...
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Üdo Ümami said...

I said it before and I'll say it again, YOu always have the BEST Pics!!!!! THank you for the coverage!!! <3 Üdo

Anonymous said...

I was totally happy to see this inauguration. Also thanks for this post as the person above stated your coverage is really great. I loved what Michelle was wearing and also the girls looked really cute. And your right about JCCrew kissing there feet do you know what kind of endorsement that was ? Anyways really happy for change and I pray for Obama because there really is a heavy task ahead of him but also for all of us.

Alecca Rox said...

u are so good at reporting! the Obama sisters are so sweet.. great post!

Al said...

Can we talk about Lady Obama's ring? I liked it. Do we know anything about it?

WendyB said...

The girls looked so cute. And if Joe Biden wants some big rings and gold chains, I'll make some for him. ;-)

Hot Bot said...

Sasha and Malia are so cute, Mrs. O def dresses them well. I adored everything Michelle picked, especially the camel coat ensemble. But I must say that I also enjoyed Jill's Inaguration red coat.

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

That picture of the crowd is incredible, thanks for posting.

Savvy Mode SG said...

the first family looks so stylish and fab!

drinkupthefashion said...

thanks so much for another great entry! michelle has fab fashion sense and style. and she looked great in everything she wore yesterday and before. and jill did look smashing in that red dress. hot tamale. oh, i thought michelle's green shoes were j crew? guess they're jimmy choo...oopsy.

and malia and sasha are such sweethearts! they looked awesome.

J'Adore Fashion said...

the Obamas look so amazing, the kids are too adorable, love their coat. Jill Biden loved lovely in that dress!!! great coverage :)xx

alis said...

Obamas look flawless, so you CAN look respectable and stylish. The ball attendees also look quite good, especially J-Lo and Demi. I guess it's been a good week for fashion.

Make Do Style said...

I loved the clash of the pea green gloves and the outfits she wore were perfect. I wanted Maila's jcrew coat in the blue it is gorg!

Ediot said...

WHAT A GREAT post. i just LOVE all these wonderful dresses- i want to play dress up in all of them-- haha

michelle obama looks stunning in the white gown- like a princess.

take care

stilettostetico said...

Michelle Obama frankly exudes natural Stylishness with her Jason Wu Dress !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Puebla Chic said...

His daughters takin pics, thats soo adorable!

Penny said...

so glad he is president, good times ahead!
love the outfits, especially the jasmine de milo sequin dress

Winnie said...

Jasmine Di Milo looks awesome in that sequin creation!

Anthea said...

Wow great post. I haven't seen any other blog post as many detailed descriptions and photos about Obama's inauguration. Jessica Alba and Demi Moore are looking great. Congrats to Jason Wu..a Canadian! Can you believe it? He is actually from Vancouver. I hated Michelle's yellow get up but the gown was amazing :)