Boots made out of plastic bags? Who would have thought? Well somebody did and her name is Camilla Labra. The boots are named after the Bangladeshi city of Dhaka, which banned plastic bags in 2002 after they overwhelmed the city. It takes Camilla around 8 bags to make a pair of shoes and she also combines them with a cotton lining.

Camilla from Santiago, Chile, came up with the idea while studying design at Universidad Diego Portales in Santiago. As part of an exam, the student was tasked with creating something from unusual materials. Now your feet can always be dry!

You can buy them here.

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2008 has definitely been the year of the American Apparel for me. It's probably the place I've shopped the most this year besides H & M. I love how comfortable and functional the clothes are and you can mix and match them so easily. I can't believe how much of a 'collection' I've got and I still crave more.

So a couple of days ago I got this long sleeved navy T-shirt but it can double as a Long dress. I wore it to work today with black tights and a black cardigan.

Finally, how come I didn't know they had these? I've been searching for the perfect black cotton/spandex bandeau style mini skirt for ages. I actually feel a bit relieved.

This was my fun purchase faux denim leggings. They actually really look like skinny jeans except be a bit careful because they are skin tight so they can look like too tight jeans especially if you have hips and butt like I do. I don't think I'll be wearing them high waisted though.

Megan Good rocked these American Apparel pants earlier this week. These are a bit risky high waisted, but they would be great with an appropriate top. They are on the upside for American Apparel retailing for 123.00 CAD.


Anonymous said...

those boots are awesome! eco chic can be quite cool

alis said...

The boots are brilliant, perfect alternative to wellies.
I love the stuff u got from AA.. Faux-denim might be interesting to play with.. But I don't think those pants on Megan Good are very flattering, she seems slim but they make her look completely misshapen(or maybe it's the shadow??), I'd say steer clear of them..

Rachie-Pie said...

I have some faux denim leggings too! I got them from bik bok and absoloutly love them! they are the perfect skinny jeans

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

Love the shoes, I wonder how long/well they last?

nv said...

I love those plastic bag shoes. I thought they were some kind of crinkly leather, great idea.