I was just watching I Am Sam the other day, Dakota was so young in that movie and now she's nearly grown up. I noticed that she had a thing for cute little mini dresses, perhaps I will do a collage of this at some point. Ice blue is a nice choice for her, combined with those shoes she looks like a modern Tinkerbell.

Although Amy doesn't look bad, she's boring me a lot lately.

Mira needs to lose that Shawl because it makes her look like she's in her golden oldies. I feel like watching Romy and Michelle's High School Renunion now.

Freida Pinto looks amazing in this look, I love the richness of her gold shoes and clutch combined with this aqua blue. Strong black accessories would have worked well too.

Taraji looks nice, but the trash bag look is never a stunner look. That being said I loved her in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button which I saw last week. Go see this movie, it's amazing, but then I expected. I probably will watch it again and that's rare for me. Oh and teenage Brad Pitt is so hot, I don't know how they made him look so young! Good makeup and CGI I guess.

Suzanne Summers is having a mid-life crisis or is she just like this? She's trying to steal Betsey Johnson's look here.

You can go wrong in Balmain this season, good job Anne.

The 80s meets 2000s?

Kate Hudson can be a little boring sometimes in real life, but on the red carpet she turns it out every time.

There's something almost very Balmain about this look, but I love it. I really like the way it was styled on the model as well as Kate.


WendyB said...

I think Kate Hudson's looks are great.

Juliet said...

Omg, gorgeous! I love hudsons's OdlR dress! amazing on her!

juliet xxx