Eva Longoria Parker and Santa Clause.

VB. OMG, their kids are gorgeous. Future heartbreakers for sure.

Alicia keys in Perth Australia. Oh god this is making me want to go back to my second home so bad. The weather has been absolutely bone chilling, -30 for the most part of last week. Were probably looking at moving back for sure in 2 years max when my boyfriends visa runs out.

Donatella Versace looks like she's been roasted on a BBQ. That sausage is ready to eat!

Jennifer Lopez. That sweater seems a bit much, but it's passable.

Hilary Duff. I know that nametag isn't part of her outfit, but it kinda fills in what's missing.

Sadba, even on Christmas.

Ashlee Simpson. Oh no, she got rid of her gorgeous red hair, it suited her so well...now she just looks blah.

Rihanna. Yes this is our favorite 'non-couple'. I really like her peace necklace.

Designer Rachel Roy. She's one of my favorite fashionistas.

Rachel Bilson. Wow her sister looks just like her, even though I think it's her half sister. I can see that Rachel gets her coolness from her mom.

Lauren Conrad at the airport.
Melanie Brown and her family at The Grove, dint' they look cute? I never understood the appeal of The Grove, I found it pretty boring last time I was there.

Katie Holmes shopping at The Gap while Suri puts on lipchap. I remember that Katie did some modelling for Gap, I can picture the advert in my head...it was a holiday campaign years ago, but I don't seem to be able to find a picture online.

Delta Goodrem ringing the bell for boxing day clearance sales at David Jones. I didn't go to boxing day this year, I've been sick with a cold. Plus I think I've spent too much during the holidays.

Lindsay Lohan hugs it out with her girlfriend Sam Ronson. Remember Samantha song Built This Way from the Mean Girls soundtrack?

Pamela Anderson. She's been forgetting her pants all week.

Barack Obama shows off his toned body in Hawaii. Americans have chosen quite the president! Can't wait till it's official!


Mariah Carey is scary in her Dior snow boots. She and Nick Cannon just crack me up, I will dedicate a post to them if they make it to their one year anniversary.

Paris Hilton. This could rival Mariah for the ugliest winter outfit ever.

I can't beleive she got herself a customized pink Bentley, just crazy.

Nicole Richie. I like how they both co-ordinate. I remember her saying that she use to do this with DJ AM.

I love the shape of this top and the color.

Vanessa Hudgens. I can't really fault her much, it looks like she just cam out of some sort of practice. Those boots have seen better days though.

Stella McCartney out in London with Gwyneth.

Gwyneth is a friend to all! I had no idea she and Pene even knew each other.

Leona Lewis. She's not getting arrested, she's filming a new music video. I'm currently in love with her cover of Run by Snow Patrol.

Katy Perry. I want to know where she does her shopping.

Claudia Schiffer. That's an interesting hat thing she has on. I like the color of her coat, but I always have a problem with colors that boarder on diarrhea brown.

Whitney Port. Cute all around, very Bilson of her.


Jennifer Stoddart said...

I want that white coat that Whitney has on. It's adorable!!

WendyB said...

I was confused as to whether that was Donatella or the Donatella lookalike from the D&G ads?

jL said...

thats not michele Trachtenberg, that's the other girl from Gossip Girl. the one who was a model "Agnes"

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...
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Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

I was just gonna say that, it's Willa Holland. :-)

Hot Bot said...

Oh yeah, good 'ol MiserAlba.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

oh yeah that's true, they remind me of each other.

Puebla Chic said...

i got sooo afraid of the Donatella pic!! OMG, she is so rediculuos ugly!!