British Socialite Peaches Geldof has opened up her home to Theselby.com. She shares her home with two roommates, though I do find it strange that she doesn't live with her Husband Max Drummy. So far this union has lasted a lot longer then I expected...time will tell. I've always had a slight fascination with Peaches, mainly because she never seems happy and there's always a depressed air about her that doesn't seem to match her style.

I really dislike that tattoo, it runs nearly the whole length of her body. I wouldn't have a problem with that if I didn't find it ugly. Most of her tats are not my taste, I must prefer Kelly Osbourne's & Sienna Millers (I actually got one identical to hers).

Is that plaid scarf from Topshop? It looks very similar to the one I got in London (See below).

Peaches in 3.1 Philip Lim and Emma Watson in Flare Magazine (Canada). I really like the combination of soft and hard on Emma.

The pattern of the dress and skirt remind me a lot of the Thakoon dress Michelle Obama has on. As much as I like Thakoon's designs, I also find that he tends to rip off bunch of designers and throw it all on the runway. He works it out, so it's okay with me.

I guess she shares clothes with her roommate, I recognized the jumpsuit from the one Peaches wore a month or so ago.

Apart from hipster clothes and accessories, there doesn't seem to be anything too special to look at in her place....strange...

Peaches and her husband Max.

I definitely prefer her as a blonde to a brunette.

That first outfit reminds me of something Mischa Barton wore in London last year when she was going through her cowboy rocker phase.

I've heard and read pretty much nothing but bad things about these two girls so I guess they deserve each other. Apart from style, nobody likes a mean girl.


I bought this headband the other day at Urban Behaviour, and then when I was doing research for this post I noticed that Peaches pretty much had the identical one. So if you live in Canada, go get your hands on it it retails for 10.50CAD. (See mine below)

Who's idea was this? She's a terrible model! I think this was done on purpose just to butcher her, her hair doesn't even look slicked back properly. Somebody is having a nice laugh...

also wore the same dress earlier this year.

Peaches in PPQ

Agyness Deyn in PPQ



I love this cover of Pixie in the Miu Miu dress, she's channeling her late mother Paula Yates (R).

Personally I find Pixie's style much more inspirational then Peaches.


I took this picture of Parliament (Our version of Big Ben (Westminster) / the White House etc) while walking home the other day. I live downtown so it's convinent because of the current bus strike. http://www.fireottawabusdrivers.com/ thank you for a Merry freezing Christmas!

So Christmas blew in and left just as quickly and this was the aftermath...

I decided that I wanted all my birthday and Christmas presents at the same time.

I got the knew retro Nike's i've been eying in the display window for the longest time. I don't think this picture really does them justice. If you are looking for something similar, keep in mind this is a Men's shoe I just got a smaller size.

I got Influence, yay! I haven't really gotten a chance to sit down and read it. I also got the Guiness book of records to add to my collection.

Finally a new blow dryer, I've been in need of this for ages. I've not sure about that diffuser thing, isn't it for people with long curly hair? I have no use for it anyway.

I mentioned to my BF when we were at the art store how much I use to love paint by numbers, I had no idea he would take it so literally. What a fun gift, I've already started on one, but it's a lot more complicated than I remembered.

Beret & Umbrella from H & M

My boyfriend got this from his mom, we were skyping with the fam in Australia. It was cool they opened the gifts we had sent them in front of us. I felt really nervous, I've never been on Cam this way, and I haven't seen them in so long.

I got a bunch of sewing stuff at stocking stuffers, since I plan on getting back to it.

Birthday gift from my mother, a lovely brand new sewing machine. now I have to figure out how to work it. I'm so use to sewing by hand...

My friend from Poland that I met in Europe sent me this calendar. Now I can can brush up on my Polish.

The best gift of all that I got from my boyfriend was a brand new laptop. I was so use to using the beat up old crappy one that it was a bit strange to make the transfer to something so fancy with such a large screen (17"). Part of me didn't want to let go, but it was time. I took a full day to copy all my files etc accross...thank God he's tech savy.

I also got a printer (scanner, photocopier), I haven't had one of those in like 7 years!

After opening our gifts, we sat down for The Queens message. I never normally listen to this stuff, but it's worth it for a few fleeing shots of the hottest red head on earth, my darling Prince Harry. I guess this stuff is only broadcasted in commonwealth countires so I'm sharing it with America.

Oh William has just gone down ten points for me, first he's balding and now the beard? Oh Well

I really wanted a leopard scarf, so when I spotted this at Wal-Mart the other day for 5$ I bought it. But than...

I saw this absolutely gorgeous one at Le Chateau, I just had to have it...It looks very similar to Keira's except I'm sure her's is Louis Vuitton.

I got this supersize tank at American Apparel, I think it will look amazig in the summer and at the beach.

I can't believe I bought this locally, it's so rare that I get stuff in Ottawa, but Urban Behaviour has been turning out some really cute pieces. I love this shift dress, I wore it out to dinner on my birthday.

I bought this really cute top (well more like a long dress) from fellow blogger Ediot on Etsy. She's personalized it herself, it's really cute, but verylong on me. It's definitely one for the summer.

I also got this really nice Marc Jacobs sweater/jacket for my birthday, it's sooo cozy.

I wasn't really planning on spending, since I've been uber generious this year which had dented my wallet, but I had to have this top when I saw it at Arizia the other day.

Really good bargains at Old Navy, but then again when is their not? These long sleeved tops were only 5.99CAD each. Bargain!

Lights - Drive my Soul
I've featured this song before by Canadian artist Lights, but now I'm posting the video because it is so cute. You might recognize it, because it was used in an Old Navy commercial. Enjoy!


WendyB said...

Peaches always looks to me like she needs to be hosed off and dipped in some disinfectant. I admit to having been perversely fascinated with her mother for many, many years.

iñaki said...

There is something definitely cool about the Geldorfs. Maybe too cool, which makes me wonder whether that coolness is genuine or a pose.


Mimi said...

I adore Peaches&Pixie.Their style is so cool and inspiring.

Your leo scarf is such a good find. I own 2 since a few years and love them.They give a boring outfit always a great touch.

Anonymous said...

oooo peaches & pixie!? definitely interesting posting fodder, personally I loathe what they stand for, but I will admit Peaches flirty style is cute- except she could do with less headbands. but what I find more disturbing than how washed out she and cory look is that she oddly doesn't live with max, hmmm, such a mature marriage haha

what a lovely xmas you had, yay! and cute plaid shirt!

Weekly Blogette said...

awww socialites have all the fun

copperoranges said...

pixie looks so much happier than her sister! i wonder why!

jL said...

we have the same BIRTHDAY?! December 21!!

K.Line said...

Beautiful shot of the Parl building. It's my fave of all political architecture!

Dooder City said...

I feel totally blah about Peaches. I think she is super boring and she lives down the street from me. Pixie I think is totally cute and looks like white trash (which is not cute). I love that you showed Be Here Now! I love that book:)

Eelie said...

Wow. THAT is a collectionj of photos if i ever saw one. I agree Pixie' stylings are far more experimental and influential for me to. :D

Looks like you had a nice surprise for Christmas too!

Anonymous said...

emma looks gorg! & i love that leopard print scarf!

La C.

Bex said...

i much prefer pixie to peaches, peaches is just trashy to me.



dapper kid said...

I never got a chance to listen to the Queen's Christmas Message, I was cooking and ended up watching Channel 4's alternative Christmas Message instead! I must say I do adore Pixie's style, and I definitely prefer it over Peaches. And I absolutely love that Philip Lim dress that Peaches and Emma wore! Annnnd I so want to get a sewing machine, I just can't afford one!

simply.steph said...

wow peaches on the runway was reallly bad, poor girl. but you on the other hand look like you got uber lucky this Christmas with all the loot. lucky girl

Demi said...

thank you honey! and yes I love the skirts so much! i went out and brought another one today, so I know have 3, they're so addicting!!

I don't really like the geldofs, but I think I prefer Peaches style more than Pixie's...I love boho and Peaches seems to be wearing lots of it, I want her clothes!!

and cool birthday and christmas presents! you're very lucky


Big City Bumpkin said...

There is something really fascinating about Peaches and Pixie - although Pixie really does have far better style than her big sis. It probably also helps that she actually smiles once in a while too!

pastelpeach said...

Thank you. Your site is really lovely. And I too feel like Peaches and Cory are not the best pair of friends. I think they may bring out the worst in each other. But I still find myself wanting to read about them.

coco said...

Influence is really good I'm sure you'll really like it.
I have to say I think Peaches is an idiot, I cannot stand her, Pixie is far better - though if I'm honest I'm not that into her either.

Penny said...

i think peaches looks too moody, she's always got a pout on. i much prefer pixie, she looks a lot cooler and nicer too!

Allison said...

I read (on Perez, naturally), that Peaches and Max were going to end things...but who knows!

I'm not a huge fan of Peaches whatsoever.

And, Influence is amazing.

I have also been searching everywhere for the perfect black and blue plaid flannel shirt!

Alecca Rox said...

ey! i have asked for a sewing machine myself! when i get it i think we should exchange notes on how to use it - so far i've been hand-sewing too.

*i like this blog! is it ok if i add u to my blogroll? add me too if u like. xA

atelier said...

your MJ sweater is soo cool! I prefer Peaches' style though! Lovely presents you got, in Spain the tradition says presents are on the 6th of january... so we've to wait! I hope you're doing well too;)! and Happy New Year

Dooder City said...

Hey Jen,
I was wondering if you wanted to exchange blong links?
Let me know.

keira antoia rose said...

Peaches and Pixie must really live the life man oh man. I'm jealous. Emma Watson looks gorgeous. Drive My Soul is a good song.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

keira antoia rose said...
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zsya said...

you're right.. i think pixie has better style....


i love peaches! but i do think pixie has a a more distinct style, and shes alot more riskyy with her fashion choices, but regardless love them both!
pixie also sometimes looks like mischa barton it freaks me oout!

alis said...

I love the skirts and dresses peaches always seems to wear. I wish she would change her hair style though, it's making her head look big. I love pixie's hair, it's adorable.

Jen (althogh it has passed) merry Christmas and happy birthday :) You got some great gifts, and I love the gift you got yourself; the leopard scarf(#2), it's gorgeous.

Fashion Tidbits said...

wow! awesome gifts!

Make Do Style said...

Love your pressies and purchases can't same the same about peaches and pixie tho!


love dthe style of the late paula yates. like you i prefer Pixies sttyle to peaches. I think style wise Pixie rocks.from her hair to everything.somehow her clothes and the way she wears them seem so much more natural on her. Peaches always looks like shes thought too hard about her outfits.
shes not liked much here by media due to her alledged mean behaviour and for her obvious desperation for fame.
you got some lovely gifts,perhaps take a lessoon or two for the sewing machine?love the scarfs.

Cate said...

It's amazing that Peaches is married already, she's only 19. But maybe married life isn't so boring when she doesn't live with her husband!
I don#t like a tattoo which is that big as Peaches's either.
Emma Watson is really gorgeous in that magazine shot. I really like the pattern of the dress too.
I like the dress that Michelle Obama's wearing too!
Peaches definitely has a lot of nice clothes.
But i really could live without Cory Kennedy.
I wouldn't have expected Peaches on the runway. I definitely prefer her with a fringe.
I think the third 'Just No!' outfit isn't so bad at all ^^
The fourth is pretty deathly though.
I def, def, def like Peaches more than Pixie though.
Pixie takes more risks with her clothing though.
Your Nike shoes are cool!
Influence should be interesting.
William looks horrible! Harry's my guy ^^
I like Keira's look with the leopard scarf a lot.
You've done a lot of shopping, girl! :) Good purchases!

Molly said...

ive also had an fascination with peaches.
i think its because i followed her articles in british elle girl and liked her then but then my opinion has kind of changed when she went off the rails for a while

chauss said...

ooooooooooooh, i am sure you will put that sewing machine to good use! have fun. :)

fashion herald said...

i'm with you on the peaches v. pixie style debate, sans pixie's frighteningly short cut-offs.